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  1. I got a concussion 2.5 years ago from falling on curling ice and am still feeling the effects. I have a whole team of health care people helping me get back to normal, including rehab for vision disturbances. I have to say that it is less fun to watch football now because it really bothers me to see to head hits.
  2. Since when does anyone wear #6 on the Bombers?
  3. I saw the mini-camp interview with O'Shea wearing this shirt and at first thought it was for the Argos. Why in the world would the team produce shirts in another team's colours?? http://store.bluebombers.com/mens/next-ss-polo-metro-blue.html
  4. Hey, here's something fun for you to try. Print out a picture of the Bombers helmet and ask 100 Winnipeggers which team's helmet is in the picture. Then, if you have a bit more free time, try doing that at various points elsewhere in Canada. See how many say U of Washington. Get back to us on the results, would you? Sounds like a fun study To clarify, I think the W makes perfect sense on the helmet, but on a hat or shirt, doesn't mean anything to me as there is no context and not enough brand recognition to make the connection.
  5. The Bombers had the "W" logo before the University of Washington. Interesting, I didn't know that. But, my point is that there is nothing about the plain W on a hat or t-shirt that makes me identify with the Bombers. I love the W on our helmet, but outside of that context, it doesn't make me think of Winnipeg, the Bombers, or football. I get that the point of the W is to connect it with wins. But the logo is three steps back from our 80's logo of the W emerging from behind the football, with the words Blue Bombers. There is no way anybody can misinterpret that logo and what it represented. Not to mention that logo had our team colours nice and bright. To each their own, but I won't be spending any money on merch with the new logo or the navy colours.
  6. Thank you for the explanation Kim. As a hardcore Blue Bomber fan since the 1990s, I've been to the Bombers store three times in a row in the past year wanting to spend my money, but simply will not buy anything that is navy blue, or that has the generic and empty "W" logo we have now. University of Washington, is it? Despite some of the logistical hurdles, I just cannot understand the resistance to giving the team the classic, classy, and distinctive look that the fans really want.
  7. Very sad news. I have such fond memories of Ritch, and his kindness and enthusiasm.
  8. If the jersey switch is true a 20-year wrong will be righted. Those royal blues are simply the best. I remember talking to Walby, who was a substitute gym teacher at my high school in those days, right when they went to the navy jerseys and we both lamented what a shame it was.
  9. Oooops accidental post during my usual lurking!
  10. That was my first game! I was just a teen and was never a Bomber fan before that, but after that night it was love at first sight. Can't believe it's been 20 years!!
  11. I am also really disappointed by this arrangement - CFL is making a big mistake, whether they have control or not now, they gave it away. I would also be willing to pay someone to use their Rogers or Bell login. Message me if you're interested.
  12. Saw him with a walking boot on at the bomber store today.
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