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  1. A time crunching drive for a TD please
  2. They said he looked good in practice.
  3. Holy F**k That's 9 points off the board.
  4. How odd that we are all thinking that ,lol
  5. Whoa what a run by Demski. TOUCHDOWN !
  6. Adams again and this one will count !
  7. Simple indeed. %80 of the province is vaxed. If you want to win an election your position on vaccinations and masking needs to reflect that. Plain and simple.
  8. It would be tricky to do. It's a big district with RMs like the one I'm in that are right up to snuff with the rest of the province. I guess you could do it by RM and Cities. It would be like targeting St .Boniface.( just an example ) Tough to do and I'm not sure it would work. An example is to look at the different vaccination rates of Morden and Winkler. 7 miles apart driving, but completely different vaccination rates. I would really really like them to crack down on enforcement in specific areas of Southern Health.That wouldn't be hard and I believe it would be effective. I share your sentiment though. Its sickening.
  9. I'm getting off the Covid subject a bit but I've always been impressed with leaders who can set aside their personal or party idealology and do what they know to be right for the good of the country or province. I think what we are seeing in Alberta is what can happen if a leader can't or won't do that. In this case it is deadly .
  10. Unless he weaseled his way in as leader of the Conservatives. I'd prefer he just disappears with epitaph of the Premier who failed the worst during the pandemic.
  11. To be honest I wasn't following what or how things were going to closely in Alberta pre Covid. My years of heading west to work in the winter are far behind me. So my impression of Kenny and crew is based mostly during the pandemic. It's pretty hard to say anything positive other than this should kill any rumors of him entering Federal politics.
  12. It's got to be one of the stupidest things I've seen any government in Canada do in my 60 some years. This wasn't only predictable but it was guaranteed to happen
  13. This is a story from a ICU in Ontario. In it they are talking about using an ECMO machine. It removes the blood near your groin then removes the CO2 and adds Oxygen and pumps it back into you at your neck. I haven't heard them talked about before and I'm wondering if Manitoba has them and how many. They said Ontario has a limited number. Only for the most desperate with nonfunctional lungs. https://www.ctvnews.ca/health/coronavirus/inside-an-ontario-icu-where-the-covid-19-patients-are-largely-young-and-all-unvaccinated-1.5587419
  14. I don't want them " sold off " or privatized. But, yes they need to be accountable. They have gone from the news that everyone watched to the news no one watches. That hasn't happened overnight because of cuts. It seems to be an untouchable subject around here. Apparently I am not a thinking person now because I don't think the CBC is up to snuff lol.
  15. I'm not exactly sure what you are alluding to in your last comment. I am discussing CBC news . As far as the the other programs you mentioned, I've never watched a single episode of them or anything like them.You are blaming a cut in government funding on a lack of quality news broadcasting. Their competition doesn't get that government funding. Yet most Canadians prefer the nonfunded news .They prefer CTV and Global National news. They prefer CTV and Global local news. That is not the fault of a %10 cut
  16. Harper cut their budget by a little under %10 over 3 years I don't call that slashed. People talk like they decimated the CBC . It was less that %10. Trudeau has also added at least some of that back. And that's not why they have such a poor viewership. There are local station news shows that have better ratings every single week. Since I have started checking it out they have never made the top 30.. 1.2 billion is a massive, massive budget. Their local or national programing is unwatchable because of damn poor management not because of Harper lol. So Global,and CTV can get " watchable news " using the same amout of advertising money as the CBC and CBC can't because they had their "extra budget" reduced by %10.You hear over and over how at news events CTV and Global roll in with a couple of vans and trucks then in roll CBC with 10 or 12. They are a top heavy, poorly run organization that rarely has to answer for either their spending or their ratings. To claim they aren't biased against the CPC especially during the 1st few years of Trudeau is ridiculous. Even during this debate when the CBC had their chance to ask O'Toole a question they 1st made a long recital of what the Liberal platform was on regarding her question then said " so what is yours " . That was utterly deliberate. All they had to do was ask how his differed from the Liberals. And just to frame this I have no intention to vote CPC I'm voting NDP. in this election.
  17. If you dance on a tight rope enough times , sooner or later you fall. It's going to happen if they don't stop the silliness. And when it does things won't be silly at all. It will be downright ugly, perhaps for more than the USA.
  18. It would be helpful if alot of Christians would read a book titled The Bible.
  19. Now this is a great discussion on the election by a public broadcaster.
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