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  1. Lordy Leggio. I would guess the other kicker in camp will get a shot at kicking
  2. I'm getting nervous because everyone is saying we should win this handily. That being said, we should win this one handily.
  3. It's one of the reasons I quit paying attention to the name of the party I vote for. I try to vote based on their current form and the leaders ability to balance economic and social issues. I guess I would add environmental issues to that now.
  4. You are right. Perhaps better put the it's more the Liberals TALKING left and having no I mention of governing that way. And that's what frustrates me about the current Libs and Trudeau. They talk left and spend money on that talk without real movement to the left. Often some of the movement left requires full commitment to work and even make economic sense. An example ? If you are moving away from oil wouldn't it make sense to take the massive subsidies paid to the oil industry and put it into green infrastructure ?
  5. The trouble with TPR is the Southern Health bunch won't test till they are violently ill. I'd love to know the real numbers.
  6. If the set up is done right, cut off the Mic at exactly the aloted time. Then they are a tiny annoying voice in the background which won't be appealing to voters.
  7. Very true and I am no DR. But I still have my doubts.
  8. Exactly. I really don't think a single vote moved anywhere. Possibly a few more will stay home .One of the reasons maybe is because there is no real reason for this election at this time. No burning issue that took the standing government down . Lots of things to vote on , economy, environment, records,...... but all of that was in the last election and will be in the next election. It's hard for people to focus on when most are wrapped up in the 4th wave, kids going back to school, just getting by day to day......
  9. My take on the debate : Trudeau - " No really, this time we will ACTUALLY live up to our promises. " O'Toole - I'll bet he was an awesome Dodge Ball player as a kid cause he's still doing it on multiple important subjects. NDP - Still struggling to be seen as a real alternative to the major 2 parties. Block - Why does everything always revolve around Quebec for them..............Oh yea, right. It was interesting to hear him actually voice that he didn't care about the rest of Canada or what happens there. Green - I really didn't hear anything concrete. Or any reason to vote green other than the ideal of a Green party. On the whole a pointless debate just like the election.
  10. This would be funny as all heck, Darwin strikes again, but I highly doubt this one. I suppose it's possible but I've seen a awful lot of it put on extremely expensive breeding stock and have never heard of it.
  11. ......adopted a "disparaging and accusatory tone" toward the unvaccinated. "People refusing COVID-19 shots were painted as culpable for creating challenges to the health-care system," he wrote in a letter to constituents posted to his social media. And in other news people who run Stop signs may be culpable for creating accidents. Lol , these anti everything's are such bunch of entitled, whining wimps. Buck up, get the shot and shut up. It's a pandemic, do your part.
  12. And the next question is how stupid do you have to be to post that. Any legitimate party would bounce his ass to the curb.
  13. Well heavens to Betsy put Demski in. That stutter step Nelson does gets him tackled every time.
  14. I was just going to ask hasn't SOMEONE on this team returned kicks before, at least in college ? It's the biggest issue on this team right now in my opinion. Every time Collaros takes the field he's looking at acres of turf between him and the goal line.
  15. If that doesn't echo the Nazi experiments in WW2 I don't know what does.
  16. It is a divided party for sure. PMs do/can carry alot of weight and control the party ( Harper ) but I doubt if OToole can pull it off. Also if he loses he will probably be one and done. It's always been the biggest issue for PCs, controlling that far right. But I still believe the only way they get elected is to appear more centralist and pull votes from the Libs. I really do think they lose a bunch of votes west of ONT. to the PPC.
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