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  1. Besides the fact that that entire area disgusts me one of the reasons I avoid the area is that I'm afraid if I'm confronted I'm going to lose it and it will get violent. I really don't want that but I've just had it with all the crap. I'm way to old to be drawn into that kind of thing. I'm also a 4th degree blackbelt. I'm not supposed to do that.
  2. Why in heavens name wouldn't you destroy whatever you couldn't take with you. That's pretty basic strategy. It always has been.
  3. Yes , I can maybe argue philosophically against abortion but it's not my choice. Very very few women take that decision lightly or use it as a birth control method as claimed by anti abortion groups. Simply ,I can't get pregnant so it's not my decision. What's going on in Texas is bizarrely draconian. The only way to go further back is to call them witches and start building fires.
  4. My opinion on abortion : I'm an old man. I will never be some young girl who is alone, pregnant, scared , in a bad situation, and unable to raise a child. It's not my choice what she should do.
  5. And yet they fear socialism, universal healthcare, people of colour voting, Muslims, .........
  6. There were a couple of the protestors that were found to be working on a PC candidate's campaign. They immediately got the boot . Both O'Toole and Singh have made public statements condemning the actions of these people. This is the difference between the USA and Canada.
  7. Indeed it has been used on humans in some situations and places. As I said its a pretty awesome product for what it was designed for. But as you say self treating with if is nuts. I actually know someone who wiped out their farm cats by trying to use it on them. As a treatment / preventative for Covid my understanding is there was ONE preliminary study done on it . It MAYBE showed some effect. But that study was never peer reviewed and the results were for some reason released before it was reviewed. I've never seen or read anything that would suggest it would remotely compete with vaccines. I would suggest the reason they haven't researched it more is because vaccines work so well.
  8. For those not all that familiar with Ivermectine. It came out in probably the 80s sometime. ( If I recall right )It was an awesome tool in raising various livestock. It kills pretty much all parasites internal and external except Tape worms. They have a different nervous system and it doesn't work on them. One of the issues that came up with its use in cattle is there is a little bug called a Dung beetle that live in pastures. They take bits of cow manure and carry it down into the ground. This both aids in breakdown of manure and takes fertilizer to where it is needed. So think about that. This drug is powerful enough that an external dribble on the back of a 2000 lb cow passes into the body, then into the manure and kills beetles that eat that manure when it has sat in a pasture for a while. Lots of cattleman restrict it's use or alternate it's use or don't use it. It's a good product used with care when needed. In what world is that safer than a well tested vaccine ? Not mine anyways. Edit :I will add in that I know for a fact that an overdose on smaller animals will kill them
  9. I can feel sorry for some unvaccinated who suffer and die from Covid. I have absolutely no sympathy for those who have promoted, pushed, broadcasted..etc anti - vaccination and anti mask. They are responsible for alot of deaths and suffering. To bad, so sad. You can't do any more harm now. It's harsh but I just don't care anymore.
  10. And those numbers are in all likelihood far worse.The same anti everything crowd will only get tested if they are very, very sick. These aren't contentious people that want to know if they are sick so they don't spread Covid and get tested early . I absolutly had to go to Winkler today for things I just can't get elsewhere easily. I had trouble getting what I needed so I went to 4 buisnesses. No employees or customers other than me had a mask on. Not one. I finally went to The Bulk Barn and saw a masked customer going in and their workers were masked. Good on them for being the lone business that cares about their staff and customers.
  11. It's nothing but an article that dances around the periphery of anti vaccination/ anti passport/ anti mask. Look at the state's in the US that embrace this mentality , they are the worst hit by the 4th wave. Look what is begining to happen in Southern Health where less then %20 of the population has half the cases. Nothing makes us safe but vaccines, masks and passports make us safer. Articles like that are nothing but fodder for covidiots.
  12. As someone who votes for various parties ( sometimes in the same election 😁) I'm really hoping they pick a competent, decent leader. I'd love a difficult choice between 2 good leaders rather than picking the one who I think will do the least damage as has been the case in many of our recent elections.
  13. I really feel for the health care workers, over worked exposed daily, frustrated..... I include those in charge of Southern Health. How frustrating would that be ,trying to beg, plead, bribe ......All those idiots to get a vax knowing what's coming and the inevitable result.
  14. 41 cases in Southern. And so it begins.
  15. Often the target of dislike/ blame / anger has been aimed directly at Pallister himself. This could really benefit his replacement .Especially if they come across as more central, less hard line right wing.
  16. There us no record of an actual Antifa person killing anyone. Far Right organizations and individuals have killed multiple hundreds. How many goverment buildings have Antifa broke into and taken over resulting in the death of people.-0 To suggest that Antifa is as big a threat as the far right groups in the US right now is ludicrous and without basis.
  17. I look at it this way. I could worry about Antifa, a loosely ,goosey not well organized some what of an organization that hates fascists, isn't generally well armed,and generally protests against violent acts. OR I can worry about groups like the Proud Boyz , Boogaloo movement, etc.......who are violent, well armed, racist, white supremacists, have a history of blowing things up ( Mcvie) , occupying Gov. buildings, shooting people, etc.... It's not a tough job to figure out who is the threat at this current time.
  18. You missed my point.. Anyone who fought fascism in WW2 was an antifascist. Obviously they weren't part of the current group that names itself Antifa.( Note the capital) I personally don't care one iota about Antifa. They are no threat to anyone. Except maybe the Proud Boyz
  19. Great news on the vax and mask mandate. I came across this article about people getting Covid after being fully vaxed. It a real good reminder of just how transmissible this virus is and why we need the restrictions announced today. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/aug/23/what-does-getting-covid-feel-like-for-the-fully-vaccinated It's also possible that this has something to do with the change in leadership.
  20. I was having a conversation with a young man who was really ragging on Antifa and I pointed out to him that both his grandfather and my uncle were antifa in the 1940s. He didn't seem to appreciate my observation.
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