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  1. I'm just going to throw this in for people to think on: I read a book on the Great Depression this winter and alot who went through it talked about how everyone was depressed, had given up hope ,saw no future, no way out.It was a general feeling throughout the hard hit west . It has occurred to me that right now we are suffering an equal mass psychosis ( not sure if that's the right word ) But this time it's anger. Left is furious with right, right with left, vaccinated angry with unvaccinated and vise versa, non maskers vs masked, ......It seems to be in every country, every where. I find myself thinking " You deserve it if you die unvaccinated from covid " which is stupid because I know some real good people who aren't vaccinated. Where does entire angry societies take us ? I don't know but the BEST case scenario is now where.
  2. Thats good to hear. The RM beside me may be an anomaly as it has one small town around 4 or 500 people and multiple colonies that aren't vaxxed. Im glad to hear many Hutterites are getting vaxxed. We have a close association with the closest one to us. They are awesome people and I've been worried about them as they have chosen not to get the jab .
  3. Stanley's low numbers are legitimate but I wonder about North Norfolk. There are some municipalities whose Vaccination rates show as low are due to the number of Hutterite colonies . The Colonies I know are not getting vaccinated and I doubt any are. While the percentage shown is true it's not quite indicative of the communities in those RMs. In the RM beside me the Colonies owned %60 of the land 10 years ago and it would be much higher now. Population wise it would be close to close to %50 now as a wild guess. I'm not sure about North Norfolk but I've been surprised about their numbers all along.
  4. Now, I'm not one that has ever been prone to public nudity but I'm pretty sure if I was at that meeting I would have jumped up, yelled " You are right " and stripped completely naked.
  5. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2021/aug/22/larry-elder-california-governor-recall-election American electoral systems border on inane. It's hard to believe he has a legit shot at becoming Govenor of California of all places. He's more Trumpish than Trump.
  6. You might note I mentioned the way we played ? But whatever.
  7. I can't believe it's this close the way we played, the bounces, the refs. I suppose that's a good sign ???
  8. Where was the spear ? Because the helmet never made contact .
  9. You can't call a penalty BECAUSE he was hurt.It wasn't late or dirty. Just a big hit
  10. That was a late flag, I didn't think they were going to call it
  11. How the heck are we only down by 2 points ? That's got to be a downer for the Argos
  12. Nelson isn't exactly a star returner is he
  13. We need a time consuming drive that puts at least 3 up
  14. So from looking like being down by 20 to down by 6. What a huge play.
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