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26 minutes ago, bustamente said:

Never seen a guy knocked out by being slammed onto the mat...................I did tonight

Doesn't happen often but they aren't unheard of.  The one tonight was very reminiscent of one from Gerald Harris where he uses his forearm across his opponents throat while slamming him.  Harris has actually done it a couple times like this.


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I watched the fight card.... it was very dull with exception of the Main and Co-Main event.     

The McGregor brand definitely will take a hit tonight.   

I'm not sure if the casual fans realize or not that Connor is the ultimate showman but the illusion that the UFC and his own marketing made it out as him being the best in the world is starting to fade.   The guy is entertaining and very good... but he is no GSP , Khabib, Anderson (in his prime)  type of fighter.  

At this point though he's made so much money it probably would be wise of him to stop calling out the elite and just take fun fights where he can win.  

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1 minute ago, FrostyWinnipeg said:

I miss the old days when the champs used to fight couple times a year.

It's been a mess since Covid. Wilder has legit claim and the Gypsy King should have given him a 3rd fight. 

Canelo, the P4P King, fights everyone and fights every few months. 

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