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Hello Everyone. My name is Doug and I am a new Blue Bombers fan from Belen, New Mexico USA.  This is my rookie season for the Bombers and the CFL.  I have become fed up with the NFL and I am enjoyi

New to this site. I’m just here to stalk Goldie. 40 year Bomber fan and 35 year season ticket holder. Section 105. Been to 23 Grey Cups. 

Hello all. Decided to join after reading this forum as a guest for the past couple of years. Likely won't post much but I noticed game day conversation seems to have moved to the chat room rather than

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Fawlty Towers was the best mini-series sitcom ever. It was wildly popular but crashed when Cleese and his wife (who was Polly the maid) fell on hard times in their relationship and refused to be on the same set at the same time. I have the series on DVD and it never fails to make me laugh so hard that my sides ache.

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Never got around to this before but was bored at work


semi-regular poster on other boards, was on the original OB site wayy back when


Former NCAA player, bumbled around a couple camps north and south of border but 2 knee reconstructions and and 5 other surgeries derailed that life


Coached and did clinics north and south of the 49th, am a trainer and post mainly from personal experiences, first hand knowledge and the occasional tidbit i fel like tossing from people in the

"know" ;)

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J5V here. Some of you may know me from another board I used to post on but I have since moved on from there. Hoping for a friendlier crowd here. 

Welcome to this sometimes fractious and usually impatient gathering.


Thanks. Not a lot of newcomers here I see. 

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