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FNF Al's and Arblows


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1 minute ago, Booch said:

gotta give him props....he was a fan thru the suck....hahaha

true, true- most Bomber fans can relate. 

2 minutes ago, Noeller said:

**** other teams fans coming on here blathering about their team and thinking we I should care.... you'll never change my mind. 

FIFY, so you can speak for yourself. 

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15 hours ago, Booch said:

gotta give him props....he was a fan thru the suck....hahaha

It comes back to visit every few years... But then we win a Grey Cup and it's all better.


Actually forgot to add to the rundown that the Als had us so dead to rights that we were going for it on 3rd and long inside our own 10 yard line! High stakes stuff.

15 hours ago, Noeller said:

**** other teams fans coming on here blathering about their team and thinking we should care.... you'll never change my mind. 

You ought to... Presuming we both can make it to Hamilton in late November.

I have a keen interest in who we may play on 11/11 and 11/19


...also, if I wasn't supposed to offer opinions on this game, why was there a thread several pages long before I even got to it?

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2 hours ago, bluto said:

Finished my Re-watch. It was a lot less of a gut-wrenching rollercoaster the second time through it, thank Flutie.

Montreal found some ways to successfully attack the Argo D and to slow down our offence... No doubt that OCs & DCs around the league were taking notes.


  • The game started the way pretty much every single game has for us. We were moving the ball easily and it looked like we'd cruise out front to a solid lead and lock up the points... but then after we were up 7-3 our offence went stone cold. Like, glacial.
  • We set up to play them on D in what pretty much looked like a reaction to how we'd seen them before: we tried to take screens and deep balls away from them. Largely, this worked.
  • Best I can figure is that Montreal switched to having 2 Mikes. Sankey came in. Sort of a jumbo package?
  • This neutralized the Argos run game and without that being as reliable as it has been, we started seeing a lot of 2nd & longs.
  • And The Chad started missing targets. Pretty bad misses on a few. 
  • Still had a 10-3 lead at HT and figured like the half came at the right time so we could figure this out...
  • But it was the Alouettes who benefitted from the break. We got a quick FG, but they finally started having some time for Fajardo to operate. In the first half he had no time at all. Couldn't set himself, no chance to read the D before he was flushed or brought down. But now he had time and they had a new plan:
  • They took the time which they'd found for Cody and went after the receivers who had HBs and CBs laying 7 yards off of them. (That's a typical setup for the Argos, and when we have a two TD lead, like normally we do, we can sit back and go after them aggressively and force a turnover while they are rushing to try catching up to us.) Once the Alouettes changed their focus to just taking the free yards that were on offer, they marched downfield at will on us and Fajardo went on a crazy completion streak.
  • And then we were behind. And it felt a bit Playoff-y. Nobody has pushed us yet or forced us to dig ourselves out of trouble.
  • Peters' interception (and he needed to do something for us after that stupid misconduct he took for flexing over a player) happened because of the hit on Fajardo's backbone by Pickett who, yet again, had a monster game.
  • And yeah, the blocked kick (Sorry if it triggered any PTSD) we actually had two guys come through that gap... shame on their blocking.

 The Chad:

  • our "rookie" QB looked deadly in the No-Huddle. I wish we'd do that more, but maybe it is so effective for us because we only break it out now and then. 
  • He basically came out with the game on the line and engineered 2 straight touchdown drives (not his fault that the first one was called back by a senseless, unrelated to the play penalty). Poise & confidence. Particularly on that 2nd TD throw to Coxie (the one that counted). That looked like it was his third read and he launched it sky high to let his man run his way underneath it.

The Takeaways

  • It was a really good weekend for the Argos overall.
  • We lock up 1st on September 15th and don't have to play a game that matters for almost 2 months.
  • Great news for a team with some key injuries/niggles that need to be given time to heal. No more Bye weeks, but we can strategically "make" a few of them.
  • conversely, the Als and Tabbies are 6-6 each and will be killing themselves just to win the right to come play us.
  • and the West is still a fight for top spot too.
  • Bonus Takeaway: Tommy Nield is gonna be good. Already is.

 I enjoyed this read,  that being said I hope they lose from here on out :)

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