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Useless stat of the day:

Bombers are in rare air with their current possession of the Grey Cup. Due to the pandemic and the repeat, they will be in possession of the Cup for 1093 consecutive days by the time the next Grey Cup is held in Sask. That ties them for the 5th longest streak in CFL history going back to 1909. Only 7 teams in total have ever held the Cup for more than 1,000 consecutive days.

1. Hamilton Tigers - 1842 days between 1915-20 (1 Cup, held possession through World War I and league dispute in 1919) 

2. Edmonton Eskimos - 1827 days between 1978-83 (5 Cups) 

3T. Queens University - 1100 days between 1922-25 (3 Cups)

3T. Edmonton Eskimos - 1100 days between 1954-57 (3 Cups)

5T. University of Toronto - 1093 days between 1909-12 (3 Cups)

5T. Winnipeg Blue Bombers - 1093 days days between 2019-22 (active streak, 2 Cups)

7. Toronto Argonauts - 1092 days between 1945-48 (3 Cups)

FYI the Saskatchewan Roughriders have had the Cup in their possession for 1454 days total in their entire existence. They also have the longest gap in possessing the Cup at 20529 days between their inception in 1910 and their first Cup in 1966. The second longest drought was 11322 days for the Toronto Argonauts between 1952-83. The Bombers recent streak from 1990-2019 covered 10591 days. 

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