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Game 14 : @ Sharks

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54 minutes ago, captaincanuck12 said:

I'm not holding out much hope for this game.   Schiefele and Wheeler need to show up tonight and dictate play.  We need to start stringing some W's together soon.  We don't have the personnel or depth to pull off a St. Louis miracle this year.

Not saying it should happen cuz tough hand dealt but St Louis did have to fire the coach first. 

Fix the damn PP and PK and we win more

Happy for CJ.. We just got better at faceoffs if he plays. 

Wheeler hasn't been good so far.. Putting him with Little for more than 1 period could help

Peeps weird tho with the whole Fire or dont Fire the coach.. I honestly am not sure cuz line up decisions PK PP system is on the Coaches.. All are pretty awful and looks exactly like last year with 3 less "big name" RHD on the team and 1 less Chiarot. 

So.. Should coaches, notice the S be fired? Probably. Does it solve anything? Im not sure. 

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1 hour ago, Brandon said:

Dreger was raving about how much better Wheeler has looked this year as a complete player and that the points will come....

Hes a turnover machine who looks slow? Dregs prob watches him and the Jets in Fast Forward mode

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