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The Simpson's "Classic Moments"

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Any time I'm at a restaurant with any of my brothers and there are blintzes or corn muffins on the menu, the obligatory 'those blintzes/corn muffins were terrible/lousy' line comes out, followed by 'paint my fence/chicken coop',  followed by 'make me'.

Never gets old.

After school in the late 90s it was standard to flip on the old TV, turn it to CBC, wait for Diana Swain or Jennifer Rattray to tell us what was coming up on the 6:00 news, and then veg out to the Simpsons. Blew my mind ten years later when I was taking classes in grad school with Jennifer and constantly thinking 'shouldn't I be watching the Simpsons now?'

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16 minutes ago, bigg jay said:

You need to up your tonic intake then.


I can do without a "party in my mouth" and suffer from gigantism 

Image result for baseball player after taking burns nerve tonic


**fun fact about this episode, while it's revered as one of the simpsons all time best, it was the first episode to finally beat out the Cosby Show in rating back when it originally aired

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23 hours ago, bigg jay said:

This one or the Frank Grimes episode for me.  I'm pretty sure I use quotes from both on a daily basis. 

Grimey was okay but you can't have a discussion about faves without Homer Goes To College being in the conversation. A Conan write (as the best ones tended to be) with so many unbelievable lines. 

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