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  1. Fajardo threw that one away to avoid a sack- may be getting rattled after the previous sack.
  2. A march downfield leading to another TD would help decide the game right now.
  3. Their confidence has to be fragile. One more quick Bomber TD ought to rattle them.
  4. Kongbo a complete non-factor so far today and did not look good last game, either. He ought to be lot better.
  5. And that is what happens when your passing game loosens up the linebackers.
  6. Nelson's return game has definitely not deteriorated. Or improved, dammit.
  7. Ack! Briggs blew his assignment. Taylor blew a shoe in that game.
  8. Riders look to be ready for Harris. Seven men in the box.
  9. Biden-Supporting Texas Lawyer Murdered in Twisted ‘Satanic Abortion’ Ambush: Cops -El Paso Police Department A man accused of fatally shooting an El Paso lawyer and injuring her husband was arrested this week after hunting the couple down at their home in what he claimed was an effort to root out “satanic activities” including abortions by “magic” at a nearby park. Police are now holding Joseph Angel Alvarez, 38, in the El Paso County Jail under a $2.5 million bond after a SWAT team and detectives arrested him outside his job at a Papa John's Pizza, they confirmed in a news release on Wednesday. Alvarez’s arrest came in connection with the shooting of lawyers Georgette Kaufmann, 50, and Daniel Kaufmann, 47, El Paso Police Department officials confirmed. According to an obituary, Georgette worked in the Texas Attorney General’s Office as an assistant attorney general in the Child Support Division in El Paso for seven years. On the evening of Nov. 14 of last year, officers responded to a shooting call and found Daniel Kaufmann suffering from gunshot wounds at a nearby residence. After a search of the area, police discovered the dead body of his wife. According to court documents obtained by the El Paso Times, Alvarez said he was “executing and exterminating the pro-choice Jewish Satan worshippers” when he descended on the Kaufmanns’ home, ambushing Georgette Kaufmann before trying to enter the home and shoot her husband. Alvarez allegedly targeted a group of four houses that included the Kaufmanns’ because of their proximity to a local park. Police said in an affidavit the suspect committed the crimes based on his belief that the four houses were involved in “satanic activities” associated with Memorial Park. After the murder, police investigators said they uncovered a message that Alvarez had apparently penned to a U.S. Army email address describing extremist beliefs, that included photographs of houses near the park, and images of his victims’ driveway, the affidavit states, per KFOX.
  10. Nah. The wind tends to die down as the sun sets.
  11. No one is saying but he's entered in the third at Assiniboia Downs next week.
  12. The Icelandic parliament sent bank officials to jail for the same practices US financial institutions used that cost the global economy trillions in 2008.
  13. In pure, unadulterated irony, Fox news and network has mandated COVID double vaccination as a condition of continued employment. Murdoch is like a drug dealer, profiting from the ignorance and gullibility of people and caring not about the deaths and misery inflicted.
  14. It must have taken a herculean effort by Pallister to not fall in line with Kenney and Moe considering the cretins in his caucus- I will give him that.
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