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  1. Gonna get a 3-day head start on his vacay.
  2. This area is the heartland of unquestioning PC support, so harsh restrictions are unlikely.
  3. I do wonder how many more people are going to have to get sick or die before we clamp down again. It seems like the PC government believes that these are just collateral damages to their wish to keep their core voters happy. Mao Tse-Tung once said that 600,000 dead is not too high a price to pay for 10 years of peace. This feels like the same sort of thinking.
  4. Maier wasn't ready to step in, but Mitchell was? Huh. Well, if Maier had played, he could have caused the Stamps to lose the game, but everyone and their dog knew that Mitchell sure as spit wasn't going to win.
  5. I think we should not get excited if the Riders are still in the game at the end of the first quarter. The record of our team this year and 2019 is that they get stronger as the game goes on. It will probably take a few plays to figure out the soft spots in the Rider defence and offensive blocking schemes- then its open season. I do not wish ill for anyone, but if Fajardo gets laid out a couple of times, I will live with that.
  6. The history of fanatical groups tells us that no matter how much incontrovertible proof there is that gainsays their belief system, they will not change. They will simply deny the validity of the evidence, attack the bearer of the news or ascribe the information to an hostile, malevolent entity- Satan, a pedophile ring, commies or whoever.
  7. How do you know there will not be a sequel?
  8. Omicron Coronavirus Variant Found In The U.S. A person in California has the nation’s first confirmed case of the new omicron coronavirus variant, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced Wednesday. The unidentified individual was a traveler who returned from South Africa to the U.S. on Nov. 22. The case was confirmed by the California and San Francisco departments of public health, the CDC said. “The individual, who was fully vaccinated and had mild symptoms that are improving, is self-quarantining and has been since testing positive. All close contacts have been contacted and have tested negative,” the CDC said in a statement. In related news, Mark Meadows, Trump's fourth and final chief of staff, has decided to cooperate with the committee investigating the January 6th insurrection. He has disclosed ongoing contact between the White House and the rioters prior to and during the insurrection, but of note, he reported that Trump had been diagnosed with COVID three days prior to the debate with Biden and met with Gold Star families as well, probably infecting many. -Pfizer has reported that initial testing indicates that their vaccines are only a little less effective against the Omicron variant than the current ones (90% vs 95%). -Initial reports from hospital treating the Omicron variant state that, although it is more easily transmitted, it appears that it produces no more than the symptoms of a mild influenza infection. So far, its impact on those with compromised immune systems is unknown,
  9. Conservative anti-vax televangelist Marcus Lamb dies of COVID A televangelist known for his anti-vaccine rhetoric has passed away due to complications of COVID-19. According to HuffPost, Marcus Lamb —the founder of the right-wing Christian Daystar Television Network— passed away on Tuesday, November 30. In wake of his death, the network tweeted to confirm his passing.
  10. Goin' for the record! America wins another record!
  11. Sounds like things are back to the Barrett-Shivers era, and we know how that ended.
  12. After that shitshow last weekend, I gotta go with the Argos. Prior to that, I would have given the TiCats at least even money, but that staggering show of incompetence spoke volumes.
  13. I was speaking to a former colleague at Boundary Trails Health Center in Winkler and things are getting dire there. Doctors are receiving threats and death threats almost daily, their cars are being vandalized and the fear among staff there is such that the doctors have been told to not mention or recommend vaccination to patients, Many staff there are looking to leave as soon as they can, fearing that a violent incident is inevitable.
  14. Too bad the viewers couldn't see a real football game..
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