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  1. Bomber have scored through the air, on the ground, kivk return and INT runback. Total domination,
  2. Even that 600+ performance by Matty pales by comparison.
  3. He was thinking about how to get out of his lease in Vancouver.
  4. Oliveira even saved a dog last year.
  5. Damn McGuire underthrew and messed up his stats. Fire him,
  6. Few have questioned Reilly's grit, They're all wearing jocks, so....
  7. Suddenly Lion receivers arms have gotten shorter.
  8. Sooo...you're saying backs to the future?
  9. Rourke is wanting to go back to Fantasy Island, Augustine is very quick and fast.
  10. The problem is that two 300 lb linemen landed right on top of him.
  11. The Lions must be looking at the clock on every play. Yay Johnny A.
  12. Kongbo getting the odd snap but is being badly outplayed by Jake the Snake.
  13. Hatcher had to decide between the ball or his life.
  14. Reilly did not try to bounce back up and chase Jefferson. Can't understand why.
  15. Reilly slower and slower getting up after hits.
  16. The TD would have been delayed, that is all.
  17. Good on Oliveira! He's gonna keep that ball forever.
  18. Gotta agree that was a borderline RTP call, but think we will get the decision.
  19. Rick Campbell has the expression of someone awaiting a colonoscopy.
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