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  1. Time to grind the Riders into the Astroturf. Their D has to sagging.
  2. THAT otta take the starch outta the hapless Riders.
  3. Looks like its Andrew Harris time! Grind the Riders into the Astroturf. Boobz sacks Collaros.
  4. When Liegghio was coming off the field, he looked defeated. God knows he has the talent, but maybe not the mental toughness for this game. Too bad- seems like a likeable kid.
  5. Weird stat: in last 7 Bomber-Rider games, Riders have 4 TDs.
  6. Oh oh- line brawl. Hope Harris doesn't get tossed.
  7. If the Bombers cash this one in with a TD, Riders will begin to wilt.
  8. Agreed, but its mostly due to an inept Bomber offence and kicking/returning. Again.
  9. The longer the Riders are allowed to be in the game, the more confident they are gonna get.
  10. Demski!!! Perogy man strikes again Another Rider limps off the battlefield
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