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  1. Just cranked up the fans as high as possible to make the ball die around the 5...
  2. Still shocked that Medlock came up short on that kick. It was only 50. He's never been short on a 50 has he?
  3. Just when I thought I couldn't despise Trudeau any more...he proves me wrong again.
  4. I don't think Harris is anywhere near. He's damn good sure, but not even close to Charlie & Milt
  5. I miss Milt and Charlie. We just do not really have that guy who gets you on the edge of your seat every time he touches the ball like those 2 did.
  6. I'm very happy to see Feoli-Gudino in place of Rory. Rory has not been good enough this year.
  7. Wow! Pretty dead GDT. Really want to see Medlock to break the FG record. Winning is always better than losing, even if it means it gives us a more difficult route in the playoffs. We have to take advantage of the RB's sitting everyone. We need to take them out to the back yard and all the way to the woodshed for a beating.
  8. Man, I can't wait for the game tonight. I haven't been able to use my tickets since the Edmonton game here July 14.
  9. I'd love to be in Calgary for this game! Going to be a good one. Go BLue
  10. And throw away games with pick 6's. And you can forget about him winning us a game in the cold when it counts. I understand the need for this, but KG is not winning us anything. Neither was Willy...so...it's all roses today!
  11. As much as this was a good trade for us,...I just can't stand KG. If he has to start for us on a cold day we're done. We should start Davis if Nichols goes down in that situation. I dread having to watch KG turtle like a frightened little kid in cold weather games.
  12. I think this is the right decision. Like above, Smith and Dressler are in automatically and imo Shepherd has been coming on lately. He looks pretty strong out there. Kohlert is the token...I like that
  13. I didn't mind Leibl, but...What ever will we do now with out Leibl updating us on his jewish men's softball league...? That was terrible. At least I won't have to change stations when that comes up anymore. ....I actually change it when Westy says something dumb as well...so no difference to me. I'll still tune in as they do cover the Bombers and Jets very well. Toth isn't bad.
  14. Will always love Coach Harris. We was a great man. Always talking with the fans at start of practise. Ripping on Big Dougie as he was stretching on the field. I've never heard anyone have anything bad to say about him.
  15. In Edmonton, I wonder what the point differential is for our last 5-6 games at Commonwealth. Hopefully Nichols has a big day
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