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  1. Haven't been on this site in, whew, probably a year or two. Looks like nothing has changed. Pompus Canadian Liberals thinking they're better than everyone else. Cheers dudes. I tip my hat to your consistency if nothing else.
  2. Where it equates is that the justified protests to police brutality has been hijacked by BLM (created by self-described trained marxists) and Antifa. They are turning many protests (I have no issue with peaceful protests) into riots that destabilize society. That's not a conspiracy theory, Antifa are literal facists and they are all over these riots. BLM are literal marxists and some chapter heads, such as Toronto, have expressed deep hatred against whites and referred to us as 'sub-human.' My family is Ukrainian, we know what talk like that leads to.
  3. What was incorrect or untrue in what I stated? If you don't believe that Marxists want to remake society in their own image then you've never read about their game plan. It's no secret, they don't hide. Attack the family, attack all religion, attack anything 'normal', divide people and conquer. It's only been done numerous countries over the past 120 years already, all resulting in untold millions of deaths. The sad part is that there is some real change we need in regards to social harmony, but the organization Black Lives Matter won't bring it, changing a sports name won't bring it, burning down innocent people's livelihood and murdering each other in the streets won't bring it either. Or was it what I wrote about the origin of the eskimo, which is also all true and out there for you to read. I'm not trying to fight you, but people need to know what we're up against as a culture. P.S. I don't watch Fox News
  4. Fair enough if true, but to be really fair, that probably goes both ways.
  5. True dat. Good luck getting the blind to see that BLM is actually a terrorist/marxist revolution in progress. Don't take my word for it, take BLM at theirs. The two founders are 'marxist trained; (her words, not mine). Yes, the lives of black people matter greatly, we all do, as all humans are created in the image of God and worthy of respect and love. But BLM the organization is evil, destructive, anti-family an danti-democracy. They can't claim to care about black lives while ignoring the HUNDREDS shot dead in Chicago every year. 9 black children shot dead in the last 2 weeks, if their lives didn't matter then no ones life does.
  6. Virtue signal much? EE have done their due diligence and did not find a broad calling for a name change from the Inuit people. This drive is nothing more than false 'white knights' being offended on behalf of people they consider their pets. It's disgusting. Born and bred Western canadian and I've never heard someone used the term Eskimo in a derogatory fashion. The original term, Esquimaux refers to either 'eaters of raw meat' which is true! ever been up north? OR referencing snowshoes......you guessed it! Also true! Doesn't matter really, the Marxists behind all this made-up offense just want to burn it down, they don't care about you or the Inuit people or any person of any colour in the U.S. or elsewhere for that matter. Call me a nut job, go ahead,won't bother me. (see? words are just words) But they're not even hiding anymore, the founders of BLM are self-avowed Marxists and have convicted murderers/terrorists working with them. It's all the same big push. Open your eyes to the division they are sowing. Merit, soul and character matters, not skin colour or class.
  7. Seeing the same. I live in Calgary don't want to go walk up. I crave confirmation haha. Those prices on StubHub should come down but there's a lot of greed here. haha. Gotta keep up with the Jones'. Craigslist has a few tickets but nowadays I'm wary of hard copy tickets and fakes. Anyone know if you can authenticate by looking at them?
  8. All I know is I tried after the West Final and got a message pop up in my kijiji app saying as of Sep.29 no more tickets will be sold **EDIT** They won't show if one of your filters is 'tickets' they will redirect you to StubHub, but you're right there are tickets on there, just can't include 'tickets' in your search haha
  9. Apparently Kijiji no longer sells tickets, you'll need to use Stubhub or some other ticket resale site/app.
  10. The most insulting thing on this website, and this is even gong back to the old days at 'the other place', is that the majority on here attack the minority opinion and treat them like infidels. If you're not with the ruling, often Liberal (in opinion not political affiliation), opinion then you're stupid and regarded as such. It's why I haven't even bothered logging in for almost 6 months. I'm not sure why I did today hahaha. That being said I try not to antagonize people nowadays, on purpose at least. Godspeed brothers
  11. People can mock when I mention Jesus/Christianity that's their choice but it doesn't hurt me. I know Christianity gets mocked on here, that's fine, mock. Sometimes I get too heated and say too much, but I rein myself in a lot more than I used to. (Haven't been suspended for a long time, maybe not since OurBombers, but I could be wrong) This verse remains true as it ever did, telling us not to hide and wait for someone else. Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends. John 15:13 You as a man are called to action. Too bad that our society has destroyed what that means. I don't say this to insult, but to show that action must be taken to protect innocence. Yes, I agree guns shouldn't be on street corners as you jest, but on the other hand, evil men will find ways to do evil, and good men must be there to meet them. As for this thread, I'm done here. I can only waste so many pearls. Hahaha, although I'll wager the negative responses I usually get will add up. Wow, 4 notifications as I write this. Hahaha.
  12. The only thing tyrannical governments fear is an armed populace. It's why you see them pop up after they strip their people of weapons. Pre-Nazi Germany confiscated guns and proceed to try and eradicate the Jews, Slavs and Gyspsies. Post-revolution Russia banned all guns and bladed weapons and murdered tens of millions. China under Mao disarmed his populace and murdered 20 million. Yes, the American can not be considered tyrannical, but why do they remain free? It can be argued that they remain free because the government wouldn't dare take their guns, there would be a civil war.
  13. well, he won't have a machine gun, but yeah he'll be here.
  14. Clearly this man was a coward and failed in his duty. There were students protecting each other with NO weapons and this tool sits around while people are murdered. Lest we forget the coach who gave his life by stepping in front of the bullets. It seems most people are more than to virtue signal and sit around while Rome burns instead of picking up a weapon and fighting back against the barbarian hordes.
  15. They failed to do even write a report about the 39 times Police were called to his home in the last 8 years. Family members also called in and asked for his guns to be removed. I said 'law-abiding' citizens. If you commit a crime, you can have your guns seized. It seems to me like if the police/FBI actually did their job, they would have investigated these allegations....but like I said they did nothing, not even a report.
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