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  1. I was at practise today (September 18)...here are my observations regarding how we lined up OLine Bryant Neufeld Goosen Chungh Hardrick (Couture 6th man) QB Nichols all 1st team scrimmage reps RB Harris with LaFrance backing up. Flanders doesn't look like he'll be on the game-day roster, (no 1st team reps and no ST reps) RECEIVERS Adams Dressler Demski Thompkins Wolitarsky (Peterman and Simonise in reserve) Washington doesn't look like he'll be on the game-day roster, (no 1st team reps) DLine Roh Bryant Nevis Oka (Thomas and Rivers rotating in) LB JSK Bighill Gaitor at SAM (reps were about a 70/30 split with Gaitor and Fenner) SECONDARY Priester Alexander Loffler Sayles Randle (reps were about a 70/30 split with Priester and Fogg) PUNT cover notable Briggs and Bennet are upbacks Fenner and Randle the gunners Wild still playing on the team PUNT return notable Demski and Fogg getting reps... Didn't observe kick team scrimmage DI's Looks like Medlock, Rivers, Fenner, and Wild
  2. On Offence - O line same as last week with Foketi at RT - Simonise got Adams' reps; - LaFrance got Harris' reps; - Washington got all reps with 1st team...Lankford didn't get any with first team while I was there....leads me to believe that if either Adams or Dressler can't go...Washington draws in with Lankford off the game day roster; - My sense is that Adam's will be good to go...while Simonise took Adams' scrimmage reps...they didn't have him taking part in 1st team offence drills while punt team was scrimmaging...he and the other reserve receivers were tending to their scout team duties on punt coverage... - Dressler's participation in practise was similar to the past two weeks...helping out LaPo with drills...not sure he draws in... - Nichols threw a bad pick to Priester (playing the scout team) - Streveler moved the ball well against 1st team D hitting a home run deep shot to Lankford over Fogg... On D - Bryant got 1 team reps at tackle - D Line was Roh, Bryant, Nevis, Okpalaugo (Thomas rotating in...didn't see Poop Johnson rotating in) - Secondary was the same as last week - Fenner in at SAM for Leggett - Gaitor came in on some packages as extra DB...didn't see Cooper coming on as extra DB - Randle subbed himself out intermittently with Priester coming on...doesn't look serious Based on how they practised today, it appears as one lineup change will be Washington on for Lankford (Dressler was on the game day roster last week); another will be Jeffcoat coming off...not sure who comes on in place of Jeffcoat...maybe Gaitor Fenner and Wild were on punt team...leading me to believe they'll continue to be on the roster as DI's...not sure if an extra DB like Gaitor will come on...if so...the other DI will likely be a choice between Poop Johnson and the extra DB. Based on the way they practised...it doesn't look like they're too concerned that Leggett won't be ready to go...I based this on the fact they kept Fenner on punt team...not likely that they would have him on punt and kick team and starting SAM... They still have one full practise day left...plenty of time to change up D and ST if Legget can't go FWIW...the team looked very loose...not especially as sharp as I've seen them in past practises...but that's a subjective opinion...others who attended may feel differently
  3. He was working on deep corner routes and a few fly routes during Monday scrimmages...but this is common at most practises I've attended...no special attention to the long ball...I attended both practises last week prior to the Hamilton game...I know I wasn't the only observer to indicate that Matty seemed off...a lot of inaccurate throws. I chalked it up to rust after the bye and expected it would improve before the game on Friday...as we all observed...his accuracy wasn't great last week...this week...he was much more accurate during practise IMHO
  4. Briggs was the other upback at Monday's practise
  5. Notable: Lankford got all 1st team reps in Dressler's spot; Leggett didn't practise - Fenner took SAM reps; Alexander didn't practise - Cooper took reps in his Field HB spot; Harris was helmutless - most of his reps taken by LaFrance; Bennet was one of the up-backs on punt team Dressler didn't have a noticeable injury, (i.e. walking fine etc.) Alexander was walking gingerly on his right leg that had a tensor/wrap Legget and Harris seem fine...just maintenance Starting line-ups look to be the same as last week (keep in mind this is only the first practise of the week)...big proviso being whether or not Alexander is good to go...if he isn't...looks like Cooper comes on...probably in his spot with the DI's being Wild, Fenner, Roh and Medlock again.
  6. Thanks. He definitely wasn't with the punt cover unit on Nov 10 practice. Any ST tackles for Addison or catches this season?...just curious...he's had a rough couple of years...he seems to have all the tools and catches the ball well in practice...?
  7. not punt cover...or at least I haven't seem him practice there at all this year...haven't noticed him on ST at all...in game or during practice...I'll take your word for it
  8. My preference would be that A. Richards be scratched ahead of Couture. I can think of a lot more useful ways we can use Couture tomorrow than Richards...who doesn't play ST or any snaps on O....but I can't recall a time during MOS' tenure that we dressed 7 OLineman... ...
  9. Based on practice on November 10, P. Scott and Couture are the likely scratches.
  10. Based on today's practice...Knox...(as mentioned above)
  11. My pleasure...I just hope it's not the last practice (open to the public) this year...need a big W on Sunday
  12. I only observed him getting work with the 2nd team unit...no reps with the 1st team...
  13. I should also mention that on punt cover team, Wild and Loffler were swapping reps...looks like they both might be playing on ST's...containing Rainey will go a long way to securing a W...
  14. Notables - security was on "high alert"...all public observing practice were being watched more intensely than I noticed in previous practices to ensure cameras were only recording or taking still photography when allowed; - security advised that practice on the 11th is closed to the public and media - padless practice - Wild practising with 1st team - Chungh practising with 1st team - Denmark practising with 1st team - Bass practising with 1st team - Gudino practising with 1st team in Kohlert's spot - Cole practising with 1st team - Shologan practising with 1st team - Neufeld practising with 1st team as 6th OLineman ahead of Couture - Fogg present but not practising, (track suit but no walking boot) - M. Harris present but not practising (track suit) - Knox, Burnett and McDuffie all taking ST's reps..they're potentially DI's (other than Medlock) - McDuffie and Legget sharing punt reps - KG was running 2nd team and was 2nd option Here's how they lined up DB's - (Field) B. Johnson, Frederick - (Safety) Loffler - (Boundary) Heath, Randle LB's Wild Bass Leggett DLine Westerman Shologan Cummings Cole (Thomas and Corney rotating) OLine Bryant Bond Goosen Chungh Hardrick, (Neufeld extra O Lineman) Receivers D. Adams Dressler Smith Denmark Gudino, (McDuffie also got some reps in Denmark's spot but majority to Denmark) RB's Harris (Normand) FYI: this is what I observed between 11:30 and 12:30
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