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  1. Haha
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    CodyT reacted to 17to85 in Upcoming Movies   
    Suicide squad sucked, why would people flock to this one?
  3. Agree
    CodyT reacted to 17to85 in Covid-19   
    My big hope for all of this is a societal shift in priorities. Let's end the "**** you I got mine" era and go back to actually working towards the common good.
  4. Like
    CodyT reacted to 17to85 in Covid-19   
    yup and then when grandma and grandpa die or sick little timmy down the street they wonder why the gubbermint didn't prevent this. 
    The sheer number of people who simply don't understand that this is a team effort to prevent spreading this thing to all sorts of vulnerable people is staggering. 
  5. Thanks
    CodyT reacted to johnzo in Covid-19   
    **** man, that sucks. All the best, dunno what else to say.
  6. Sad
    CodyT got a reaction from johnzo in Covid-19   
    I'm in the event industry, with a couple of outdoor food trailers and 3 indoor units. I haven't worked for several months and was anticipating 3 events to pay the bills until my outdoor season starts.
    All 3 of my events have been cancelled. I don't know what I'm going to do. I am in full on panic mode for money concerns as I have big bills that need to be paid to keep the ship moving.
    If it goes into the summer, well that will be the end for my business. Anxiety through the roof 
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    CodyT reacted to johnzo in Covid-19   
    thanks! My family is pretty well set up to ride this thing out -- we have no kids, tons of friends, and jobs we can work from home -- but like JCon says, school closures are really jacking folks' lives up here.  Emergency childcare + social distancing all at once, that's a nasty combination.
    And we've got a lot of small businesses here that are running month-to-month and they're really going to get smacked by this. My restaurant friends are organizing fundraisers and gift card drives so that they can keep some money flowing in to pay the bills.
  8. Haha
    CodyT reacted to WBBFanWest in 2019 GREY CUP CHAMPIONS!!!   
    I did some digging and it turns out that the winner is determined by total points scored, regardless whether the points are through touchdowns, field goals or rouges.  So yea, 18 points is 18 points.
  9. Haha
    CodyT reacted to JCon in Bombers recruiting Derel Walker   
    I look forward to this and other threads getting even more ridiculous over the coming weeks as we have little to nothing else to entertain ourselves with. 

  10. Like
    CodyT reacted to johnzo in US Politics   
    Wrote this on Facebook today, just in case people ever wonder why I engage with political discussions with strangers on the internet, and why these issues are personal to me. Context is a lot of left wingers in my circles being grumpy at Joe Biden's sudden phoenix-like rise in the Dem primary.  most of the audience for this is American.
  11. Haha
    CodyT got a reaction from JCon in The TV Thread   
    Been watching sneaky pete on amazon prime. Quite a cfl reference on there.
    " You mean you played for the rough riders, and the rough riders??" 
  12. Agree
    CodyT reacted to James in Argonauts sign QB Nichols to three-year deal   
    I honestly just didnt know about this feature! This really solves my problem... thanks a lot!
  13. Haha
    CodyT got a reaction from wanna-b-fanboy in The TV Thread   
    Been watching sneaky pete on amazon prime. Quite a cfl reference on there.
    " You mean you played for the rough riders, and the rough riders??" 
  14. Haha
    CodyT reacted to do or die in US Politics   
    This past week, as the coronavirus rages on.....Trump:
    Attacked 2 Governors for declaring a state of emergency in their home states
    Showed off his fiddling skills, online
    Tweeted out a phony doctored video of a Biden speech
    Continued to misrepresent and downplay virus risks, while contradicting actual health professionals
    Played golf
    Blamed the Fed, for the financial markets response to the virus outbreak
    Accused media and Democrats of "political weaponizing"
    Falsely blamed Obama, for slowing the development of coronavirus test kits
    Stated that cruise ship passengers exposed to the virus be left aboard... so that they don’t add to the actual number of total infections in the US.
    What inspiring leadership.....
  15. Like
    CodyT reacted to 17to85 in US Politics   
    No I hit the nail on the head. You don't have to defend fox news, you are just using their playbook. Works on stupid people with no interest in looking at things through a critical lens, aka regressives. 
    No you desperately try and claim you're not like that!1!11!!!! Yet you embody everything wrong with the conservative movement these days. Lies, misinformation, policy guided by hate and fear. 
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    CodyT reacted to The Unknown Poster in US Politics   
    Looks like it went right over your head again.   Let’s try this one. 
  17. Haha
    CodyT reacted to Dirty30 in 2019-20 CFL Offseason   
    Lol that’s awesome!
  18. Haha
    CodyT reacted to Bigblue204 in Vince McMahon considers move to bring back the XFL   
    Damn, I wasnt prepared to read a novel today.
  19. Like
    CodyT reacted to do or die in US Politics   
    Biden is simply the "business as usual" choice for the lobbyists and donor class.  He won't rock the boat.   Naturally the minute Sanders started to look like he might run away with it.....the ole establishment forces brought the money and endorsements flowing, just before Super Tuesday.  Loosing Texas, in particular has put a brake on Sanders's momentum. 
    Biden actually looked wide awake, speaking after the vote, last nite.....he is alright when married to the teleprompter, but speaking off the cuff, is a challenge.   The VP slot for him is vital.
  20. Like
    CodyT reacted to The Unknown Poster in US Politics   
    Well if it’s Biden or Bernie and you think Biden has no shot then he’s it’s a trump win.   Not four more years.  It’s the end of legitimate democracy. And a trump autocracy 
    Shame about Warren. She was the best.   Summed up well by a wonderful actor:
  21. Agree
    CodyT reacted to SpeedFlex27 in 2019-20 CFL Offseason   
    Seahawks 3 hours south. 
  22. Like
    CodyT reacted to Mr Dee in 2019-20 CFL Offseason   
    Much better effort by BC to get fans interested 
  23. Haha
    CodyT reacted to Floyd in 2019-20 CFL Offseason   
    Please let us sign someone so we stop discussing whether a field goal is a ‘failure’...
  24. Like
    CodyT reacted to B-F-F-C in Bombers recruiting Derel Walker   
    We really need to let this thread die until a decision is made either way. 
  25. Like
    CodyT got a reaction from wanna-b-fanboy in US Politics   
    Watched a video with Michael Moore on Canadian news saying exactly this. If the dems play it safe it's a guaranteed L.
    That country needs a total overhaul, and although I don't love all of Sanders policy's he is hands down the only one with the hearts of the people.
    He is standing up for what he believes in. Guaranteed health care isn't a ridiculous ask for the a country that spends more money on military than the next 10 countries combined.
    If you think what is really the largest security/health risk to their country? It's not Iraq, or the never ending wars. It's right at home where people are being ****** over the coals for health treatments and medication. What a backwards brainwashed world.
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