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  1. I honestly just didnt know about this feature! This really solves my problem... thanks a lot!
  2. I dont even bother with those long threads. Im not on here every day... and i dont think its worth it to surf through trying to find the last post you read. Ive actually stopped coming here because of that new system... i realize no one cares... and i dont care that no one cares. But i thought it might help to inform that it may not be the best system for everyone... so thats why i shared
  3. I was quite upset after the LDC. But I knew we were going to pump them in the banjo bowl! As for rest of the year, I think we lose in Calgary and win the rest... 14-4
  4. I really hope we land one of the big 3 receivers. It would help tremendously to have zylstra in the slot... i dont care what anybody says
  5. Dude... if you have such a problem with ppl forming opinioms why do you go on forums?
  6. I think Bowman and Adams on the same team is going to be very very entertaining
  7. Wow... dubois has horrible 3 cone and shuttle times... his 40 is decent for a guy his size though...
  8. Well at least we know we should have a shot at one of those guys
  9. Bo banner is kinda smaller snd weaker than i thought... and DE Onyeka is pretty slow. I was disapointed in both for different reasons
  10. Yeah if we want 2 starting recievers they will likely need to draft a reciever high. We could start 2 NI's on defence between Loffler, Ekakitie, Corney and Jones... have a combo of two of those players playing going and then we only need 5 on offence. But dont forget the draft though. We could draft a stud receiver high... or sign Muamba yet Muamba, Loffler, Harris, Demski, Chungh, Goosen, Neufeld.... theres the best 7 weve had since ive been a Bomber fan if it materializes... then Jones, Ekakitie, Corney, Couture, lafrance, Wolitarski, Miles and to a lesser extent Briggs, Conteh, Spooner for excellent depth... this team is looking pretty good
  11. I certainly wouldnt mind some zach evans... evans beside Nevis and Ekakitie with Cory Johnson would be a solid rotation
  12. Yeah if Lafrance came well under 6 figures id love to see him here for depth. Definitely want to see Demski here at slot. Hoping Coates can build off his spectacular playoff game also
  13. I think hes showing you how ridiculous it was to compare drugs to TP
  14. I want a solid hb to replace heath... a disciplined one who isnt so concerned about padding stats, like Jamar Wall, and a MLB. Maybe Reed or Dean. A reciever with some wheels would be good... and Demski... all this said, Walters is going to do what ever he wants... we will see what it is when the time comes
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