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  1. It will be a exciting finish to the year, that's for sure. Good luck today, should be a good game.
  2. Worked out well, got you guys 3 times and them 3 times. 5 out of 6
  3. I hope he is ok. You are right. Horrible to see a guy get hurt. No one wants that
  4. No I'm not sure to be honest, now that you mention it. I guess it would go to points for and against first I would think
  5. We won the season series against you. You need to be ahead of us. You wouldn't win the tie breaker with sask
  6. Totally true. You never know how things are going to unfold. Those end of the year games against the Esks and BC looked daunting earlier when it appeared they would both be very good teams
  7. You just worry about yourself, we will be fine
  8. You did last year. We came there twice, do you think you need it that way every year? Asking for a friend
  9. Roddy? You watch Roddy's show? Wow. No one here watches him now that we don't have to. Manitoba weather isn't front page news in Saskatchewan. I never heard anything about it. But whatever, keep crying and spewing your bullshit about us. The hate keeps me warm
  10. He cant throw a short pass though. Its 100 miles an hour from 50 yards or 5 yards. Considering 80% of your play book is less than 10 yards, he wouldn't be a good fit at all
  11. I'll say one thing, I initially wondered about the attendance myself to be honest but didn't comment. People didn't know you had a big storm, at least I didn't. I wouldn't take too much from a couple comments from people who didn't know. My 2 cents
  12. Fajardo had taken 2 questionable hits before that. One was a head shot when he was down on the field. I think at that point the refs were trying to send a message
  13. Well guys. We weren't good enough and we got what was coming to us. Out coached. Tough one to lose. Life goes on I guess.
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