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  1. Its a big rivalry game. We do well also when Bombers are here. Very concerning we didn't sell out against Stamps. That's a game that usually sells out
  2. You are correct. But it isn't because the front four is making plays against the run. The 6 guys on your depth chart at front four positions has combined for 19 tackles. our same 6 players have 42 tackles.
  3. They only handed the ball off 7 times. As I said earlier a mistake on their part to not try it more
  4. Yes he was, I knew that and should have mentioned that
  5. Bighill is the guy that makes it happen. He is the best in the league and makes a huge difference in there. That's where we struggle and you don't, that's the difference. Moncrief is a beast, is probably is the best SAM in the league. But our other 2 linebackers need to be better. Bighill is the reason you are tough against the run. And yes I know he didn't play last week but Ottawa never tried to run the ball either, big coaching mistake IMHO. I would have been looking to expose the loss of Biggie in the middle a little more
  6. How many were against us? Probably 3
  7. Posts like this make you sound like you don't know anything about football. Jefferson has 2 tackles and one sack, ditto for Jeffcoat. Hughes has 12 tackles and 5 sacks and leads the league in qb pressure and sacks. Willies half price replacement has 11 tackles and 4 sacks. Pretty obvious who was opening things up for Jefferson last year isn't it? Micah has no sacks and has second most qb pressures in the league. Only Hamilton has more sacks than us with 14, we have 12. You have 4, only Toronto and Montreal have less than you with 2 each. So other than blind hatred, your argument about our line being trash doesn't really stand up does it?.
  8. They tried for Reilly and Mitchelll, but neither had any intentions of coming here in the first place. Bombers should thank us though for one thing, we drove the price up that BC had to pay and the results are showing on the field. No one else any good was available. We should have just went with the rookies right out of camp, we would be further ahead, but whatever. Doesn't matter now
  9. Anyways guys. Every time I post the thread apparently gets derailed into a Nichols debate. So no more discussion about him by me so I won't be seen as trolling about it. I won't be responding to any posts regarding the subject.
  10. We don't have any choice. True story. High debateable and risky decision to start the year with Collaros. Now it is what it is
  11. People are wondering about Micah. He has the second most qb hurries in league behind Hughes, but no sacks. How much is Willie making?
  12. He is winning. No one is arguing that. He willed be judged with more scrutiny as a veteran though, would you not agree? How much patience does Reilly get in BC if they keep losing?
  13. A possibility is he just wasn't ready to be out there yet? Likely should have waited 2 more weeks and let him play against Lions. Point is he has been here sucking a paycheck all year from us. The signing looks bad
  14. Solly was bad. Oh boy bad. They moved Judge to WIL so Solly could play MLB, Judge has played good in the middle so far this year. So now they both played bad. Didn't like the Solly signing in the first place and now that I watched him play, Wow it really looks bad
  15. People who want to support the team and can't always make it. Its wanting to make sure there is a team there in the first place. A concept probably over your head if you had to ask in the first place
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