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  1. The salary cap for coaches was BS from day one. This is the reason why
  2. Attendance jokes from a Tiger Cat fan?? That's funny
  3. 21 tackles is not good for a DE, pretty good for a rotational/ backup though. Constant pressure is the goal, but the constant pressure should yield results too, which translate into stats. Antigha is a good player, I am not saying he isn't. I think some are exaggerating his contributions in a attempt to doom and gloom the team. I get it, that's what opposing team fans do. As a fan of said team, I am not worried about losing Antigha. Equavon is tough loss, but he got a NFL shot so I wish him the best of luck. Jefferson was replaced before he even left by Johnson. Johnson and Leonard combination offsets the loss of Willie. You got a good player there but it wasn't a major area of need for you to begin with, so the results wont be as noticeable as many are hoping. Having said that, a team should upgrade when it can, so WJ is a upgrade for your team. Gives you a shot at maybe having a top 5 player in sacks. We will have 2 on our team
  4. Total true. Totally agree. But yet many here are so sure Jefferson left first, and left money on the table. That's how people make themselves feel better. From what I hear Jefferson took more money from Bombers than what we offered, and it was directly related to the signing of Johnson. It is possible others offered more than the Bombers, that is likely the money on the table he is referring to.
  5. Antigha was 14th on the team in tackles. Tied for 7th in sacks. I think we will survive without him
  6. Funny, when I look at the Stats, the 2 leaguing players in league with the most sacks are on our roster? One was just signed a few days ago. Curious how you would define replacement? Antigha wasn't even a starter on defense
  7. Looking at the stats/ numbers is where I draw the comparison. Also the fact that neither play in the middle. NOW.... If we lost Sam Hurl for some reason, that would be the same as you losing Bighill, wouldn't you agree?🙄
  8. Johnson signing was announced half hour before the Jefferson signing
  9. Losing Santos-knox is a wash I would say on your end
  10. Why the one year deal then? I don't believe that for a second. Willie was pissy that Micah got more money than him here and that's why he turned down our offer and left. O'day valued Micah more and Willie didn't like it
  11. Only weapon you had is not a fair comment. I should have said the weapon you like to use the most
  12. Willie didn't come cheap, we offered him a contract and he signed for more with you guys
  13. How would I know that? I said I would be glad to sign them
  14. More like Stamps took away the only weapon you had
  15. I'll pass on Jeffcoat and Leonard and go with Jefferson. Hughes is getting old, likely why he faded down the stretch, likely see that again this year, kind of the same as your RB
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