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  1. Whoever shows up is just going to sit unless 2 meteorites hit the 2 QB's in front of him. I would hardly get worked up, I think the kids are all right. Macguire (is that right?) showed well in preseason and has probably improved by working with the team.
  2. 51 is the number I wore in high school. I kind of played like that too but I was a bit bigger.
  3. Don't let facts get in the way of good fear and panic.
  4. Well, I would expect a polar bear expert to be calm, cool and collected but the rest of us are running around like a bunch of 6 year olds looking for the banner to run through, not sure to which side to run. I do have to agree that a team that has won mainly on defence and specials can absorb losses to offence better than an offence only team but Harris is a BIG loss ... more than Nichols.
  5. I don't think they take hair anymore. My daughter used to do it regularly and she said she can't donate anymore.
  6. Bah Humbug, All you kids with hair. When I shave my head I have to rub it to see if I got it all.
  7. I agree with the what. I think everyone expected both to play. Gray was with the team last year already and Kongbo is considered to be NFL type material so we (I) were all drooling over the prospects. To be fair I drooled when Chung joined the team and drooled with tears when I heard he left and I drooled when I realised the team would still roll. I think I drool too much.
  8. Bre-X Wow. That is one stinky example to pull out. Blame it on the dead guy. I think the Nortel stock drop is a better example. One analyst described how drinking beer was a better investment because you could get a a deposit from the empties.
  9. To be fair Wilder did look pretty impressive in his first couple of games. Then I presume everyone figured it out.
  10. Holy crap I missed that the first time.
  11. I saw him on the sidelines and he seemed a bit shorter than 13 feet tall.
  12. Nope. 299 yards passing at most, maybe 199 but win the game in a managed way.
  13. I remember plenty of people who thought "Kindly" was another word for "SOB".
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