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  1. So you are first in line for the inevitable outrage over some dirty shot. Well played sir (or madam).
  2. My bet is that there is a bunch in a third world country used to line the chicken coop.
  3. That was great. I am amped for the game. What I still have to work...
  4. Sure the rules have swung too far to the offensive side of the ball but the casual fan prefers offense to defense so the customer is almost always right.
  5. Over 20 years ago I lived on Clare Ave a couple of houses down from Bob Cameron who was living in the house that the Riverview park head lived in (Winnipeg history). You could see huge cracks in the foundation and walls. If he got that thing in livable condition then he was as good at renovations as kicking. I was too shy to talk to him. I always feel like a kid fan instead of a grown ass man.
  6. I am leaving for the cottage in the morning and I sure hope I can get CJOB reception. The cottage is a house in the woods with no cell coverage (I am not roughing it at all) and I will get the internet set up on Tuesday but its frigging Tuesday.
  7. I had plenty of games like that in the early ninety's but that might have been due to do with pre game pitchers of beer and guacamole at the Chi Chi's.
  8. Does the name Mike Kelly ring a bell?
  9. If the contamination is hit and miss then even testing might not show unless you test a large number and who is going to pay for that. He has already taken responsibility for taking a non certified supplement. He has not suggested that someone spiked his coke (although Ben Johnson might have had a point there)
  10. Mini Mack was the best addict that the Bombers employed to the best of my knowledge. I don't remember him going green but if he did I probably would have wiped it out of the memory banks with the Men in Blue pen.
  11. That's the guy. I remember he was a bit of an underperformer with a bit of pedigree or maybe not.
  12. I think that was in reference to the basement of Eaton's which is now part of the hockey arena/ shopping centre area which has a somewhat transient clientele who can look a bit sketchy at times. I don't think this was a reference to a situation like the QB we had for a bit who turned out to be an addict. Name escapes me right now.
  13. I don't disagree the pie would have been bigger if more catches. I just meant raw totals.
  14. Look at the team passing yards. Not a big pie to get your slice.
  15. Just like in Edmonton. Except Augustine gets the long run through a giant hole instead of Harris.I didn't feel number 33 was at his best last game and now we know why. If the replacement is half as effective as Harris at his best that is still pretty good.
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