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  1. Absolutely this is not comparing watermelons to watermelons here.
  2. There is some point there. The point is not for missing a field goal by the way. The point is for not allowing the opposition to take the ball out of their endzone. When you look at it this way you are not rewarding failure.
  3. I heard him say this long ago when the first interviews about 2.0 were flying around. It wa salways intended to be a 2 way program.
  4. Don't worry about it. It was all just a dream anyway.
  5. I was just thiinking of the mess that would have to be cleaned up.
  6. Probably a story about the placement of his stones.
  7. I hate to say it but I kinda feel the same way. A lot of Fan Boy thinking here. But of course it is not as bad as the flat billies.
  8. Luge is scary enough as it is. No need for collissions.
  9. The offensive lineman might of thought the duffel bag was lunch. You know so it coulda maybe been an accident.
  10. You have to be this old (hands far apart) to get on this ride.
  11. Hey Jill St John in her prime was pretty fire.
  12. I beleive the term is pulse. Pulse brained.
  13. Funny how that is never mentioned in riderville.
  14. It seemed like rush ends but a step behind the LOS if my memory is meshing with yours. Also there 3 rush ends at once. Very tricky was my thoughts at the time. It seems the defense is going to be different again this year with the player movement.
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