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  1. In any event I think we know what he meant even though I never stepped in there. Really reputation is overblown, a guy was shot to death at a beer vendor less than an hour after I picked up a case there and that was not in the sketchy part of town. Bad stuff happens everywhere.
  2. Super long after a win and longer after a loss.
  3. At the Vancouver cup where Greg Battle scored I ran onto the field which I had never done before and never will again. The goal posts came down and I wouldn't want to be the guy who caught them. As an aside that pressurised dome must have been odd to play in. I felt off as a spectator.
  4. I don't think it is a hotel for quite a while. It was converted to a rehab type of place.
  5. Chubby? No, No, No, merely football shaped.
  6. That was a pretty sparse looking 18K. I am concerned.
  7. Where is Sam Hurl? His W was bulls eye around these parts. He was always in the tumble of bodies at the line and almost never figured in the stat lines. Honestly if the D line gets the kind of pressure that Jeffrerson and Jeffcoat could theoretically generate, Hecht might end up being an interception leader.
  8. If that is the skin disease caused by a parasite then I agree.
  9. Singleton is a big loss all by himself.
  10. You just heard wrong. It is Error Canada.
  11. I inherited a machete from my dad and I have never figured out what to do with it. Now I know. If I could find that eye patch, it might come in handy too.
  12. In the coach's show MOS said Eli was not in football shape and needed to work for quite a bit. He had NFL buzz before so I think everyone likes his potential. I know I was excited especially after losing 2 good young guys. Eli previously quit football so there is some question marks about will he be willing to stick it out on PR and all that but who knows the inner motivations? Its the so many moving parts that makes CFL football so interesting.
  13. Seems to me that it was his status of last resort causes him to reflect such lack of confidence. I fear that he will get hurt with that attitude., Actually I fear he will get hurt with any attitude. That guy is in a world of trouble.
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