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  1. Holy cow. Multiple forward passes is going to make it easier for referees? It seems like it would be much much much harder.
  2. -24 that's all. It seemed a lot colder than that. Everyone was so layered up in my section that people couldn't fit in the row, not like those benches had enough space on a good day.
  3. Now that seems more like a rich guy's move. Like how George Bush II became part of a baseball ownership group so that they could develop the land around the stadium as real estate.
  4. Well that's a good rich guy trick. It sounded like he was putting money in.
  5. I hope this stoops guy can throw a tight spiral and locate his target nicely.
  6. I am guessing the guy who puts in 250 Million will be be a bit sad.
  7. Golf course Development money came from Russians according to Don Jr so it really is a question whether Russians are as interested in Football as golf (or money laundering).
  8. I think you mean "When" not "If".
  9. I agree with you. This seems like a ridiculous use of money. Diluting the thing that make you money to sink into something that is so unlikely to make money seems like the kind of thing that will make the kids will start looking up power of attorney on the internet.
  10. Well I guess we have to get Brandon Bridge.
  11. either Valdemort or Chris Jones and neither makes sense here.
  12. Both. You do one and catch the other.
  13. That sounds like a Jones move or maybe just sign him and then make him play DB.
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