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Game 38: @ Duck Hunt

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Ladies and gentlemen, the #1 team in the NHL, your Winnipeg Jets. 
So many little things that impress me about this team. The work on the boards, the cycle, the rolling of 4 lines, the simple breakouts and smart passes that relieve pressure on their zone. And Broissoit seems to have learned from Hellebuyck with his economical style, minimal movement and flopping, just solid positioning and letting the puck hit him. And different heroes every night. This is a team just feeling it right now. 

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Tsn just refusing to acknowledge the jets at all is interesting 

they consider Vancouver elite but not us. Why? Cuz our pp sucks. If our pp was good we’d be blowing teams out so that logic is strange. Oh it’s hellebuyck they say, nope Bro plays every 4th game or so. 

if this team continues to play their system, good luck to anyone in a 7 game series. 

15 hours ago, TrueBlue4ever said:

Just leaving this here for everyone to enjoy. 

Beyond the 28 consecutive games with 3 goals against or less (2nd longest streak ever in the expansion era) they have given up 2 or less in regulation in 16 straight. 

Yes and it’s not just Helle like tsn pretends. 

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