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Game 69 @ Toronto

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Saw this, might be old.... 

"If you stand in a dark bathroom in front of a mirror and say "toronto maple leafs" three times, the ghost of jean chretien will appear and congratulate you on your 2005 eastern conference quarterfinal series victory over the ottawa senators."

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Scheifele with the awful awful giveaway that eventually leads to the goal 

The 2 penalties have really killed the Jets momentum. 

Funny. Ville got a penalty for what Reilly just did . 

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7 minutes ago, iHeart said:

how could a game that had been starting so nicely for us end up going south for us? this is the type of game where we could have used KConn

Penalties and scheifele being awful defensively.  Connor doesn't make a difference today but maybe starting Helle does  

Comrie needs to make a save but scheifele on the backcheck could look like he's trying 


Can't score if you don't shoot on net tho 

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