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  1. Singleton is gone, Greenwood is gone, Ball is gone, who do they have left to play MLB?
  2. Don't be naive, TUP knew the story was completely made up, he just wanted to cast doubt by mentioning it 2-3 times so everyone was well aware of the allegation, a tactic right out of the Conservative dirty playbook. Did you hear they caught Andrew Scheer in a barn ******* goats? It might not be true but the imagery of Andrew Scheer in a barn ******* goats makes me question his fitness for office. Hide your goats!
  3. You're being too generous, it was a matter of 2 hours after O'Shea said they wouldn't be making any moves that Walters pulled the trigger on Collaros. It could be just a disconnect but in the end it qualifies as a needless and embarrassing flub up of information.
  4. Not necessarily but a polite no comment would be better than saying the opposite of the truth and not giving a **** what the press or public think about it. In the end it's all public relations, O'Shea is fairly careless with his public credibility even though he's basically the mouthpiece of the organization and holds daily press conferences and a weekly promotional call in show were he mostly spews mindless platitudes. He's like an old time coach that doesn't believe it's part of his job to promote the club, even though he's paid extra to perform those duties, he does so with a grudge. All things matter when one is working for an entertainment organization that is selling it's image and products to the public, you'd think Wade Miller would have gotten that concept through to O'Shea by now. Help don't hinder.
  5. I agree Khari is likely to stay in Montreal, he has a great deal more control of the team there than he would be given anywhere else, he's got no reason to want to leave. As for the blank cheque, hard to do that now with the coaches cap especially while the league owns the team.
  6. Not officially, Drew Tate is their QB coach, where did you get that information?
  7. Alberta eases safety rules issued in wake of Humboldt bus crash Alberta has relaxed safety requirements for newly licensed semi-truck drivers and bus operators, a move that will allow hundreds of drivers to bypass rigorous training and testing standards implemented after the Humboldt Broncos bus crash. The province’s United Conservative government will allow some new truckers and bus drivers who were exempt from Alberta’s new training program for rookie operators to keep their licences without having to, eventually, pass stricter road and knowledge tests, if they have clean driving records. The change applies to farm employees who recently obtained Class 1 licences to drive transport trucks for agricultural purposes and new Class 2 drivers exclusively operating school buses. It also applies to anyone who received either category of licence in the six months before the new rules took effect in March. The changes come amid a larger debate about the trucking industry and safety standards, particularly as it relates to new commercial-truck drivers. A Globe and Mail investigation published Oct. 5 revealed how some companies are using untrained temporary foreign workers as drivers, putting lives at risk across the country. The Globe reported in September that Alberta’s government was considering relaxing requirements for truckers in the agricultural industry, which argues that its drivers are travelling comparably short distances and should not be subject to the same rules as commercial long-haul operators. https://www.theglobeandmail.com/canada/alberta/article-alberta-eases-safety-requirements-for-newly-licensed-semi-truck-and/
  8. What kind of insurance is Collaros??? Oh yeah, just like most insurance....useless.
  9. That's nothing new, Team Harper had Republican strategists working directly on his election campaigns, they're probably still involved. They may not have ties specifically to Team Trump but the historical connections with the Republican party run deep. In at least two Conservative-won ridings with reported election irregularities, Front Porch Strategies had US staff on the ground – possibly against Elections Canada rules barring foreign campaigning. In the wake of the “robocall” voter suppression scandal, the Republican-tied U.S. firm hired by 14 Conservative campaigns admitted on Friday to having had U.S. staff working "in the trenches" during the 2011 elections, in an apparent violation of the Canada Election Act which bars foreign political involvement. Americans PJ Wenzel and Matthew Parker -- director and CEO of Front Porch Strategies, respectively – participated directly in at least two Canadian Conservative campaigns, according to social media updates and a photograph from the successful election campaigns of associate defence minister Julian Fantino and MP Rick Dykstra, immigration minister Jason Kenney's parliamentary secretary. Robocall scandal by the numbers: 200 ridings allege election fraud US political strategy firm used widely by Tory MPs, but not always cited in Elections Canada reports The revelations contradict Conservative party claims that Front Porch Strategies' only role during the election was to conduct telephone town halls. Republican strategists helping Conservatives' campaign “Matt and PJ headed to Toronto tomorrow to campaign for Conservative Candidates!” Front Porch Strategies posted on their official Facebook page on April 18, 2011. “Nothing like getting in the trenches with terrific people who are going to make a difference once elected.” The next day, Front Porch's Facebook page featured a photograph of Parker, telephone in hand, as he looked over what appears to be a voter contact list and a poster stating: “Election day is Monday, May 2. YOU CAN VOTE NOW.” Below the photo was the caption: “Matt lending a hand for MP Fantino here in the greater Toronto area (GTA),” followed by a Front Porch Strategies comment three days later: “We need to get VoIP [Voice Over Internet Protocol] phones up there... dialing numbers is so 'old-fashioned'.... we need to get them the '21st Century Technology.'” https://www.vancouverobserver.com/politics/2012/04/09/republicans-ground-canada-helped-elect-harpers-tory-government
  10. Why would they make this announcement? They have some decent players on their roster to build up with, why announce to the world that they're ready to trash what they have and start from scratch with no assets. T.O. doesn't need another complete rebuild they need gradual improvement spurred by a good O-Line and a decent QB. It's a good thing they brought John Murphy on board, at least he knows what he's doing, I have no use for Pinball and his yammering gullet, can't build a team on inspirational catch phrases and hallelujahs.
  11. O'Shea basically scoffed at this rumour, it's not true.
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