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  1. Another great example. Chris Palmer wrote, "Burn that s— down. Burn it all down." George Floyd Protests: This NBA reporter wanted things to burn until it hit his neighbourhood.
  2. Did Charlie Manson have a son? Just asking. JUST IN: Duo Arrested For Fire-Bombing Minnesota Courthouse - https://breaking911.com/duo-arrested-for-fire-bombing-minnesota-courthouse/…
  3. True enough, Canadians pretend they care and yet if they held a rally to support Native rights and their historical mistreatment in Canada it would draw a small fraction of the support BLM drew in our major cities the last few days. Canada has become a strange place in the last few decades, we would rather borrow a narrative rather than create our own.....I honestly don't get it, but I guess that's what happens when you live next to the "Sun", it ******* blinds you.
  4. If you've got time to cook slow, nothing beats a kamado with wood chunk charcoal..
  5. Most likely Officer Chauvin will be convicted of manslaughter as it is impossible to prove intent, the other 3 will receive lesser sentences or possibly walk. This will not appease the masses who expect his execution, brace yourself for round two of "America burns" once the verdict is announced.
  6. I disagree, no one is watching or commenting on the actual protest marches which have been reasonably well-organized and occur mostly during the daytime, the night-time rioting is the main focus of this thread, people seem unable or unwilling to differentiate between the two events, but they are separate.
  7. Ryan Jespersen @ryanjespersen · May 31 The founding chairman of the @Alberta_UCP has deleted his Twitter account after this boneheaded attack on @HonAhmedHussen
  8. Florida man, previously charged for threatening to blow up a gay woman’s house after she refused his sexual advances, has been arrested for kicking a chicken 'like a field goal' - https://breaking911.com/florida-man-accused-of-kicking-chicken-like-a-football/
  9. Hitler was enormously popular with the German masses, they let him do whatever he thought best, Trump leaves only division and disrespect in his wake.
  10. She's been pushing this for awhile, basically get outdoors instead of sitting in the house where germs can spread more easily, but keep away from other people. I've taken her word and go stand in the forest for 3 hours everyday.
  11. 3,500 gathered in Vancouver yesterday for the BLM rally, we'll see if this spikes the BC rate. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/vancouver-police-protest-1.5592620
  12. Obama is right, rural America is a very insular place, they don't pay a lot of attention to anything going on outside of their lives or communities thus change comes very slowly as the young are educated by the old, passing on their attitudes and values. They would look at recent events as a freak show that could only happen in big cities, the negative footage and imagery will only make them entrench deeper within their own beliefs.
  13. Simon Nakonechny @simon_nak · 4h A few minutes earlier a man was about to take a large burning stick and put it to the windows of a Bell Canada building. A group of others grabbed it out of his hands before any flames spread #manifencours
  14. Don't mean to pick on you Tracker but this story has some wires crossed and the presentation of facts is important, these photos look like they were possibly taken from a re-enactment of the event as colour photog. was not at all common in 1955, even less so in 1944. Emmett Till 14 was kidnapped from his Uncle's home in Mississippi in 1955, executed and dumped in the Tallahatchie River for allegedly flirting with a white shop-keeper who later recanted specific details of her testimony in an interview granted in 2008. This was not a govt. sanctioned execution, although sure enough a jury of their peers let the accused parties walk. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emmett_Till George Stinney was a 14 year old boy executed by electric chair by the State of South Carolina in 1944 for allegedly murdering two girls, ages 7 and 11. His conviction was overturned in 2014, 70 years after he was executed when a court ruled that he had not received a fair trial. Stephen King was inspired by this case to write his book “The Green Mile”, which was made into a movie released in 1999. https://lifenroots.com/en/the-real-story-behind-the-green-mile-you-will-cry/
  15. Fill yer hat. https://twitter.com/Breaking911 Here's one that is sure to bring us closer to social justice.
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