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  1. Great map. Case in point, Canada with a population of 36.6 M produces more CO2 emissions than Mexico with a population of 129.1 M and Brazil with a population of 209.2 M.
  2. Did you read the middle bits of the article you posted earlier explaining how the Western world both contributed and benefited the most during this period of rapid increase in the level of CO2? When is enough enough? We can choose to help the future victims of climate change prepare, accept responsibility and do our part to cut down on emissions or we can do nothing and watch them starve to death on TV, your choice.
  3. I think it is prioritized by amount owed, those at the bottom will get....nothing.
  4. CFL GM's are well practised at this game, they'll wait until the flesh drops from the bones.
  5. Sorry, I'm buying an electric car and heating with wood, I'm beyond my tipping point.
  6. Gas prices here in BC are hovering at $1.50/L and that is before they jump the price for the long-weekend, rumour has it we will see $1.70/L this summer. We are now paying more for a liter of gas than we were when oil was selling for $100 per barrel. This has nothing to do with a new carbon tax as we have being paying that for over a decade already.
  7. The P.A. has never had much bargaining power and they know it, they're just trying to make as much noise as they can.
  8. That's taking a fairly radical view but not close to reality. There is no sense hamstringing the technology with restrictions and no reason the head ref. and the command centre can't be in constant communication, assisting wherever they can add valuable insight to achieve the best results.
  9. MLSE owns the Argos as well as the Leafs, Raptors and TFC, if they can't figure out how to make the Argos viable with all of their experience and resources, what do you expect Ambrosie to do to alter the situation?
  10. I really hate DQ's menus, such a confusing mish-mash, trying to order for one adult and two of kids always ends up with too much food or not enough. Second worst menus are McD's with their "now you see it, now you don't" graphics.
  11. Two long forgotten Canadian artists from the mid 70's Bill Amesbury and Ken Tobias.
  12. So what's the difference between them and you?
  13. "A new report suggests cleaning up all of the old and unproductive oil and gas wells in Alberta will cost between $40 billion and $70 billion. The number of wells in the province slated to be remediated is about 3,000, however, there are more than 100,000 unproductive wells that will need to be cleaned up." https://www.cbc.ca/news/business/orphan-wells-alberta-aldp-aer-1.5089254
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