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  1. I can't help but imagine how James Brown would pronounce "Jeff Hecht".
  2. They got bid up on Waggoner but should have dropped out before he cost them a first rounder.
  3. Pass. Bombers got lucky with Wolitarsky before him they had no luck at all.
  4. "Starsky and Hecht" better than "Starsky and Hurl".
  5. Jermarcus on one end, Charlie on the other chanting "You shall not pass".
  6. Congratulations, you participated in the "crisis" portion of the Conservative's health plan, you were supposed to come out of the experience cursing those over-worked doctors and the damn nurse's union, I hope this was not lost on you. If you don't die in the meantime or they don't get booted out of office you might live long enough to get screwed over by the "solution" part of their health plan, which involves dying at home because you can't afford access to the privatized hospital you just left.
  7. Maas became Esks. HC for the 2016 season, I was wrong about him being their for the RB G.C. win which also happened in 2016, still he spent time with Harris in Ottawa prior.
  8. Maas was also the OC in Ottawa when they won the G.C. in 2016, Harris was also there and split time with Burris.
  9. Claybrooks has two options that are better than standing on the sidelines looking apathetic, remain positive and engaged in an attempt to motivate his players or blow his top and scare the living **** out of them. Either method can work.
  10. I've noticed both weeks that Claybrooks seems to stop coaching mid-way through the 3rd Q and kind of shuts down......much like his team.
  11. Harris is wearing him out between the goalposts and keeping the TD's for hisself.
  12. Yah I know that, they already beat BC. It doesn't mean they can handle the Esks. pass rush.. Good to have film from this game.
  13. Next week is going to be a good game, 50/50 the Bombers can beat the Esks.
  14. Yah, they need to use a working back not a show back.
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