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  1. What row?.... Wait I'm in 233, so I think I'm safe LOL. I'm loud but try to tone down the swearing.
  2. Kevin Glenn getting traded from Saskatchewan to us went through Toronto.
  3. So went into an insurance agency today to pick up rental insurance. I was wearing my bomber gear and after they asked for the dates, asked me if I was headed to the game. I said yeah, I'm renting a car because I didn't want the stink of Regina on my own car.?
  4. Anyone know if there's anything to do there on Saturday night?
  5. I vaguely remember a bomber fan asking him a question on twitter (not vindictive or anything) and Pederson simply telling him to **** off. Total class act this guy.
  6. I'd prefer Willy for Ray ,Burris, or even Glenn contracts aside.
  7. Get off the liquor lahey!
  8. Anyone know where the Blue Bomber computer wallpapers went off to? I've tried searching their site, but I can only find stuff from 2010. Really odd that they don't have this easily accessible, most of the other teams do and have stuff already for your Facebook background photo, etc.
  9. My uncle and I are driving out. Staying at the four points by Sheraton and I think we're in section 202. Driving out early the day before then leaving stink town after the game lol.
  10. Why can we not even give Nichols a series or two? Every other coach in the league doesn't seem to have this problem. It's line it's sacrilegious to O'Shea or something.
  11. 7 wins and 22 losses at investors group field. I don't remember the last time we won two games straight. Last win at home was last year's banjo bowl. I'm getting tired of paying to watch this crap.
  12. Longer than his 20 yard throws into the dirt apparently.
  13. I've never had success with getting high quality (HD) TSN streaming with any kind of consistency. Did you miss any games using Kodi last year?
  14. You need a cable subscription to access the TSN streaming. You can't even pay just separately for TSN or just their streaming. Otherwise I'd have a much smaller cable bill, it's the only thing keeping me from cutting the cord completely.
  15. My guess is that he works out for a few NFL teams, and if there are no takers he'll go on the CFL road show tour and sign with whoever pays him the most. I'd love to have him back as a Bomber, but I doubt it will happen.
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