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  1. caught one through the ice 2 winters ago. foul hooked it in the tail. WHAT A FIGHT!!!
  2. you can catch them. just cant target them
  3. a lot more than bass thats for sure but trout is probly the most challenging
  4. dont you guys know god made bass so eveyone could catch fish......then he made walleye for the real anglers😂😂😂😂
  5. got this sent to me thought it was pretty cool http://youtu.be/5BUuPOCQ9lg
  6. Good thing the Hamilton game isn't on ESPN anymore.
  7. I'm pretty sure I picked Chevron Walker last week and he scored a td I think I should have 0 strikes
  8. Hello Long time fan here(probably 32 of my 42 years) Love the site don't post much but read all the time
  9. Are they(TSN) gonna be able to televise these games? I thought I heard that's why they're pre season game wasn't on TV. Not enough light or something like that.
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