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  1. Yeah, it was his very normal "I'd have to look at the video" response to everything that happened during the game.
  2. "Why do you think you weren't able to execute as well on offense in the second half?" "I don't know. I'd have to honestly.. I'd have to look at it a little more closesly, but I don't even know the stats to tell you the truth or what the yardage was." "When the other coach is going for 2 all the time does it tempt you follow his lead there?" "No, we have our formula. We know part of the reason teams go for 2 early is to get you to chase points early, so I don't really fall into that trap." "Everyone's giving Streveler a lot of credit for being a warrior, y'know going in there limping all the time. Did you see him limping to the huddle before going down with the trainers? Were you monitoring his health throughout the game?" "I don't think it was throughout the game. I think it was through the span of a couple plays prior to that, y'know you trust your players. If he says he can go, he can go." "The fact that he willed himself to go when he was in noticeable pain, what does it say about him the player, the leader that he is as a quarterback." "This time of year all these guys are nicked up, but y'know obviously Strev got a little nicked up that game. and I think when guys do that they're putting it on the line for their teammates. They want to be out there for them, they love working for their teammates. The want to give everything they've got." Then he's asked about why he put McGuire in over Collaros and he basically said he looks good in practice. He said he looks "right" in practice, and McGuire knew the hurry up offense better than Collaros at this point.
  3. I wasn't specifically referring to you, moreso to the point you were making to the poster that you were quoting. I don't think any fingers should be pointed towards essentially a rookie QB that really shouldn't be in this situation yet, I think it's more an issue that management hasn't addressed.
  4. And what's the point in blaming Streveler for that, especially in a game where he's clearly played the second half hurt?
  5. Right? When has that even been an issue in the CFL, once the QB is past the line Streveler knows he's fair game and so do the Bombers, they've told him to protect himself more.
  6. Depending on the contract's terms there's also things that are taken into account like signing in bad faith. The action (edit: or lack thereof) of not informing the Bombers that he was retiring could be a very real argument if the Bombers were to take him to court.
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