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  1. I wish LaPo all the best. I think we will probably see what Buck can do here. I do think Sask is better with Mass I do think Campbell is better than Claybrooks Very curious to see how FA goes. My guess as to QBs Collarris goes to Ott. Arbuckle to T.O as well as one of Nichols or Masoli. Wpg re-sings Strev. And the other of Masoli or Nichols.
  2. Lol...when I read this I actually thought about it and yes this is probably true
  3. An amazing turnout. The QB's dressed to impress! Weather cooperated, all and all a perfect celebration. I am considering the Social this Friday?
  4. That's it im drinking couger juice red wine in nothing but shorts and uggs every bomber game now...lol
  5. J sqaured....in the first half.. Jefferson, Jeffcoat on fire...Hit of the year possibly by Hanson
  6. anyone else think the lead singer looks like brittany Spears
  7. While Dyson played at and over the line at times, that isolation cam ruined his career and to this day i say was BS!
  8. Im going with a couple bottles of red wine.....so, for Zach's first game I realized I was out of beer and my wife had this bottle of red wine someone gave her, so I figured what the heck I will try this....well Zach and the Bombers won so each week now I have been buying the same Cougar juice red wine and so far it's worked out well for me and the Bombers.
  9. my 2 cents the fumble... it was a forward pass.....but I stand by Fajardo was over the line of scrimmage.
  10. 1 gauthier 2 gauthier 3 gauthier HH gauthire
  11. They can pan to his wife between all plays, she is certainly easy on the eyes. In all honesty though Fajardo's injury and his story makes news, All broadcasters pick a story or two, this game has lot's; Rivalry, Jefferson vs. Hughes, Collaris vs his old team, Fajardo injury, Strevelor injury, rookie Dickie coach, Evans injury, the 13th man, yes if Fajardo's dad/wife are there to watch him in his first playoff game, Powell vs, Harris #2 vs #1 rushing. Both sites are very confident going in. Sask is good, they have talent, we need to play a he11 of a game to win, can the Bombers play that type of a game in the riders back yard....yes.
  12. 2 cents worth, we start the game with 3 or 4 man rush take away the running lanes and the middle of the field. Try and make Sask grind out the run on us or have Fajardo try and complete long sideline throws or deep balls, let him get outside the tackles and test his mobility early. The worst thing we can do is let him stay in the pocket and beat us with quick throws and screens.
  13. Yes and when it is that cold the ball is different. It feels like it's heavier and denser. It doesn't seem to have the plyability that it normally does. I can completely understand how receivers dropped balls and snaps and throws were a little off. I too have played in that type of weather. Your finger tips and toes numb up a little, even a slight breeze makes your eyes water, as you breath heavy your hot humid breath makes your nose run, and it doesn't stop, somehow even your equipment feels heavier.
  14. At the end of the day we beat Cal. in Cal. that was huge. We are a good team with Collaris and Strev. but let's not forget that Fajardo led the league in passing and that Sask won the West and earned the right to play at home. We have an amazing home crowd but so does Sask. Big games in Regina are hard to win, we can win ,we have showed we can but they will not be easy to beat at home. I truly believe that the level of Fajardo's injury will be a massive factor. We can make fun of his arm strength and his "spin" move but he beat many teams including us twice with it. Best case for the Bombers is that his back is too aggravated to play.
  15. You might not say it.....but the records books do.
  16. I do believe we can win. If we continue the trend of shutting down the run, and get a hit or two (cleanly)on Fajardo with an already ailing back our defence should be able to take away the Sask. offence. Let's not kid ourselves though, they do have a very good set of receivers and Fajardo led the league in passing, if he is close to 100 % and he get's comfortable they can damage us. On defence they do have a good pass rush, we are set to beat this based off of our three headed rushing attack this week. Sask. can't just pin their ears and come for our QB, or for that matter get to focused on Harris as we can beat them with other players. If Collaris can stretch the defence to keep them honest combined with the threat of Demski, Harris, and Strev. running and the jet sweep option of Janarian Grant being set-up, we have the potential to beat Sask's defence. As with any game limit mistakes...Cal. game we had a bad punt, 11 yrd net, they got 6, we gave up a long return, they got 6, that is just about all the mistakes we made and it accounted for 14 points against. Sask is a good team and they will get points if we make mistakes. We can do it, but it will not be easy.
  17. Anyone have any insider type info in Fajardo and his back?
  18. I like both, each has strengths and weaknesses. does anyone have any idea when it may be back-up?
  19. 1-Strevs heart 2-Medlock 3-Defence HH-Demski....Sask has to plan for 3 running threats
  20. Offence found its identity...spread the run around, Demski, Harris, and Strevelor.....
  21. I feel our defence played well. Save the long range fieldgoal all Cal. points were aided by our special teams mistakes, our special teams have not been special today. Our offence has looked poor. No mis direction we are not trying to stretch the field, but we are not pounding it either...Im not really sure what we are doing on offence to be honest. If we want to get back in and take a lead we need our specials to tighten up, and our offence has to figure out what they are doing
  22. Harris looks alright today........man is he in the "zone"
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