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  1. Must be over. Thought I noticed a banned tag under your name recently
  2. It's only a handful. There are many who are good to chat with. The ones yelling troll every chance they get are to be avoided. How long is your ban for? 😋
  3. Speaking of Lyle, whatever became of that strange miscreant?
  4. In any event Jones leaving has made a bit of a mess of things. Left Sask in a bit of a lurch and subsequently the Riders are causing grief amongst other teams by wanting their coaches. No good. Find a coach Riders and leave other teams alone at this point in time.
  5. So the Bombers said no to the Riders on LaPolice, and according to RFs LaPo is pissed because the Bombers held him back. The Riders just interviewed Dickenson. What if they tell him no?
  6. As I explained to the Rider folks, training camp started in June in ’10. It starts 2.5 weeks earlier this year as the schedule moved up. If that's the case the equivalent closing window on coaching hires would be last week.
  7. Lol. Well Stronson seems to have a pretty good handle on exactly what Lapo is feeling. Or so he says.
  8. The reality is that it's just too late in the game, despite what people say, to let OC's go and replace them. The REDBLACKS and the Bombers have nothing against their people advancing, not do they have anything against the Riders, they just have to look out for their own team's well being.They have a FA game plan to deploy soon and a fan base to answer to.
  9. They are a testy bunch over there right now. Understandably so I guess.
  10. They are good football guys. I like Ross. Washington has no clue. Just when he figures out the Lions can't play zone and are a man to man D he sends them back into zone and we get steamrolled Frustrating.
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