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  1. Was Adams Jr. suspended for failing a drug test? If not, I would guess not.
  2. You guys don't have enough faith in the spectacular upset that BC has in store for the Stampeders!
  3. That's not people leaving the province, those are Rider fans "travelling well".
  4. Hopefully Harris is back and okay for those games.
  5. The western nominee isn't going to win it anyway so why not,
  6. The most likely scenario is that the Bombers finish third.
  7. I'm pretty much expecting to see three teams tied with 20 points at the end of the weekend based on the likelyhood of the home teams winning their games. Only problem for the Bombers is they have one less game remaining.
  8. The Bombers just need one win to have the same record as they had last year. With that one win the Bombers would finish in the same place in the standings as last year, 3rd. They could lose out and still finish third. If the Bombers win out they would be finishing 2nd guaranteed and possibly 1st.
  9. If that Smith catch wasn't a touchdown it certainly should have been a pass interference with the ball at the one.
  10. Just started reading this on page 25 but did anyone else think that Saskatchewan was offside on the QB hit, fumble and turnover? I thought the play calling was poor, Harris was under-utilized and every team will want to make Streveler throw the ball. On the big Demski interception on one of the replays from behind the QB it looked like Adams was open on the right side before Streveler threw the ball.
  11. I'm trying. Also wondering what record the 12th win will be tying.
  12. That is crazy, and after next week it could look even more possible.
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