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  1. Where was the running up the score?
  2. Congratulation Bombers and Bomber fans! Other than the kick returns it was a textbook game from the Bombers. Glad to see the +131 team prevail over the +6 team.
  3. I believe that statement should read 'Prior to 2007..."
  4. Solid game by the Bombers. Congrats.
  5. That sounds like pure unfounded speculation. Take 1995 for instance: Team Salaries Bonus Total Toronto $3,111,500 $567,500 $3,679,000 Hamilton $2,254,825 $418,530 $2,673,355 Ottawa $2,631,500 $350,000 $2,981,500 Saskatchewan $2,508,000 $261,000 $2,769,000 Calgary $2,366,500 $252,800 $2,619,300 B.C. $2,321,381 $47,500 $2,368,881 Edmonton $2,410,000 $35,600 $2,445,600 Winnipeg $2,819,050 $28,000 $2,847,050
  6. Mass does need to control his temper and really should not have challenged that PI. There were only five seconds left in the half and winning it would have resulted in a field goal. The thing that most people in this thread seem to be ignoring is that Williams was going towards the ball and the Calgary DB was just running interference without even knowing where the ball was. Calgary was gifted a touchdown in the second half on a PI call that was similar in nature. If it is PI one way but not the other it makes you wonder why. Calgary gets pretty special officiating. An example of that is the official (#44) calling an interception on a trapped ball when he was in the same position as the camera that showed it was trapped. They were significantly outplayed that game but had a lot of help to get the win. Here are the stats to show how much they were outplayed.
  7. I think he is in his fourth year.
  8. I didn't realize that Trever Harris is older than Matt Nichols. Their career stats are very similar with Harris having a slightly better TD/INT ratio. Given a choice between those two I would take Nichols. Notice how the Eskimos had to use their challenge to overturn an obvious non-catch in Ottawa? There were a couple other trapped catches as well.
  9. It was actually only one bad year, 2013. But it was very bad at 4-14. The next year they were 12-6.
  10. What you are describing is a forward pass. It looked more like throwing it from the sixteen yard line and it being dropped on the 16 to me. The PI overturn was pretty weak and it looks like fishing trips are going to be way down in the future.
  11. The most egregious of the blown calls was Jorden knocking down the DB in the end zone? The on-field officials correctly made that call. How that was changed to PI was truly amazing.
  12. How many obvious calls do you think they missed? I think there was one. On the last play of the game. I also think that the on field officials were right about the PI that got called on review. Calgary should have lost that challenge.
  13. The clock does not run on converts in the last three minutes of the half. At the time I was thinking that the bombers would have been better off if your receiver didn't roll over and score the TD as a sneak on the next play would have killed more time. But you have to score when you can. The three man rush was a killer. i know it was better for the Eskimos if Calgary won but I was hoping to see the Bombers finish the comeback.
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