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  1. Well ****, how about that! WHat truly sucks about that news.... Canadian decision 'still at least a few weeks away,' official says
  2. Stupid how? He is raising a legit concern about the league's noticeable lack of offensive production. He's saying ,bar Collaros, pro rated for the shorten season... all teams offensesive production seem to be trending downward... and not just this year.
  3. I think the "L"ks are going wreck a bunch of perfect week picks.
  4. I am really looking forward to the als/rider game- no clue how the als measure up: close game or are the als going to stomp them?
  5. this is when I said to myself; "Holy ****, we're going to win the Grey Cup this year".
  6. and to further underscore those stats... stumps have a much better Oline, playcaller and supporting cast.
  7. Getting some serious Brian Fantana vibes from 3DN...
  8. That's awesome! Apparently, kids might get vaxxed by next week in the US. Any Canada will probably twiddle their thumbs and maybe get it approved by January.
  9. Wouldn't be out of the realm of possibility- it's a big job to clean up after every team the Bombers wreck.
  10. To be fair, in this case Justice is blind... to these crimes and criminals... and what is swifter than achieving nothing?
  11. Its going to be funny when the riders get beaten by the "L"ks... they are not nearly as bad of a team that people make them out to be... that defense is pretty damn good and I think they have something with TC...
  12. Second time this year that the 2 qbs limit burnt teams, yesterday and I think it was the Ott fiasco. yeah, a 3rd QB would be a good idea.
  13. Agreed, I hope to hot hell they trot out BLM if we meet them in the WF... secondary will be feasting... FEASTING I SAY!
  14. Good stuff. Very entertaining game- congrats on your guys gutting out a victory.
  15. FFS, can we just ease up [email protected]' guyguy- dudes team didn't even show up- of course he's going to be pissed and vocal about the beat down... he can't do it here freely, so of course he's going to unload on another site .. dude's generally pretty good- i would be cursing a blue streak at any team that beat us down like that... And he's right, being the king of the hill- people are going to gun for you and wish **** upon you. Dude really needs to play for a team that has an Oline...
  16. I want them to beat the **** outta each other... which would lead to an entertaining game.
  17. Starting to see an uptick in the percentage of vaxxed vs unvaxxed people in hospitals and ICUs... looks like waning protection... Need to either get booster shots going or start approving the second gen Covid vaccines.
  18. Osh trickery, being the sly old bastard he is.
  19. At least Yoshi is back- we really missed him...
  20. Make sense... who would want to return and play for a
  21. I think the days of Jefferson following CJ are over- I think when Jefferson showed loyalty to CJ and resigned with the riders and then CJ just bolted to the NFL, that all left a real bad taste in his mouth. I feel Osh is the kind of HC Jefferson's been looking for. I'm not sure Osh would go to TO, there is a lot less passion for the Argos than here- Osh has made it very clear that he views Winnipeg as a Football city and is very happy with it.
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