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  3. The horrible decision was re-signing him in the off-season, Collaros is done, he's not going to get better even if he takes the rest of the season off to recover, the damage to his brain is permanent. For the sake of all concerned it's time to move on.
  4. Kinda feel like the Israeli agent in bustamente just got activated.
  5. How any quarterback can absorb an illegal hit should not have anything to do with how the league should deal with the punishment. I don't know why a guy who might suffer a concussion should be treated any differently than a guy who has never had one. The result of the hit should not be considered. Reviewing the play quite a few times I can not see how Lawrence can convince anyone he was going to tackle him. With the position of his arms that could not have happened. It is hard to accept a player would go to injure a member player who like himself is trying to earn a living. It's even harder to accept that the PA is not supporting the one hurt .
  6. What I lament is the loss of talented CFL athletes to head shots. No athlete should be sidelined because he has been intentionally concussed. I want to see the best players play. We've lost way too many fine young men to intentional head shots. It must end and the punishment needs to be swift and severe.
  7. I’d totally make that trade ha
  8. To play devils advocate, Simoni did not ‘lead with his head’... his shoullder made contact technically Cflpa has a legit case with the other defender pulling collaros down by the jersey just as Lawrence launched
  9. The one Pipkin took where he got both horse collared and facemasked was kinda flagrant. I don't know if I'd call it as bad as SL's or if you tack a fine for that one though. The one on Nichols I think it was possibly could have drawn a flag for the defender pile driving or putting a bit too much weight on him. But it certainly wasn't a suspension or fineable offense in my books. But all that to say we definitely are better than TiCats fans because nobody on this forum defended Jackson Jeffcoat when he roughed up Brandon Bridge the way he did.
  10. Yes but how many Mexicans were at these games...
  11. Well. Ambrosie is working for the Bombers and called a hit on Collaros. So there wont be any additional punishment for SL. The entire league is against the ArseRiders. Only Rider QBs are targeted and only Rider QBs get knocked out of games. Its business as usual for Canadas Team.
  12. I would of loved to see the stats from last season... Nichols seemed to have been very off last year and most of his throws were in the 1 - 3 range.
  13. Seems the relief of finally shedding Collaros contract is out weighing the outrage over the hit. Took one game for Fajardo to fall out of fashion. Lots of recriminations over Rider bungling the QB file.
  14. https://www.cbc.ca/sports/golf/brooke-henderson-becomes-winningest-pro-golfer-in-canadian-history-1.5177779
  15. I'm not sure if you are allowed to practice during a bye week under the cba.
  16. I doubt this early in season that they would get too much of an extended break
  17. Much as I abhor Simoni's flagrant cheap hit, iy is well established that you cannot make a penalty retroactive. It is up to the league and players to agree to an appropriate consequence to something like this.
  18. Riders fans are now playing the "WHAT IF" game.
  19. Our first and how bout make the prospect Lemieux? Rangers only have one 20G RW and that's Pavel Buchnevich.
  20. Well..... we already heard that... last year
  21. Right! Bye week! So maybe not till next Monday...
  22. It was a cheap shot by Simoni no doubt about it. He went in head first and made no attempt to hold up. Yes, Collaros is more susceptible to concussions given his past history but that should in no way diminish Lawrence's actions. 2-games would be ideal but he will probably only get 1. CFLPA will probably appeal it down to a fine, but the commissioner should step in and overrule this otherwise the league looks like a joke in its stance on concussions and protecting the players. UGh, now we will have to hear from Rider fans all season, after they lose games, how they likely would have won if Collaros had been playing.
  23. I think Cocaine Mitch is one of the most Loathsome politicians to ever go through Washington.
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