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  2. This really doesn't make sense to me... anyone that's going to buy food at the game is ... at the game, not watching it on the tube. The only way this makes sense to me would be if they were somehow earning extra revenue off it (ad revenue?), but even that's a stretch, that or food revenue is down drastically league-wide. Unfortunately, I think like many other cable companies, TSN underestimated the drop-off as cord-cutters begin to age up and become the dominating market.
  3. Claybrooks will be a disaster. He's just not ready. He doesn't even have nice hair.
  4. Jermarcus on one end, Charlie on the other chanting "You shall not pass".
  5. Out of the three scenarios listed... sadly I think it is the one you are talking about... that is ******* crazy.
  6. I was going to go Andrew Harris but everyone picked him so ill go with Bralon Addison
  7. It's pretty easy to accidentally click the close poll button when scrolling through on mobile. So if it is ever closed early, just give me a shout.
  8. I may well be wrong on the Rider-Argo game but I am willing to be just so that I do not feel like I am cheering for the Riders.
  9. Thanks Rich. I was like "Did I vote? I don't think I voted. Maybe I did vote? What's my name again?"
  10. I think you mean if Sask goes to 0-3... but I agree on all 4.
  11. Don't think I voted this week, why is it closed?
  12. Damn. That Shmoe d-line destroyed Reilly to the point he developed "Area-specific Alopecia"
  13. As someone who thinks that "All I can say is that, I think if I was a Rider fan, my major concern would be that the team looks like they absolutely ****ing suck. That’s a 4 win team at most.", I am really getting a kick out of these replies...
  14. I have been working on moving south and outta the north.... had to work on getting internet and stuff working out here in the woods jus north of the peg.
  15. Reilly opts for a disguise.. but Mike, they know where you’ll be..
  16. More likely Lloyd asked for his release after watching Reilly got whacked and sacked.
  17. Just don't fall for his lies because you'll dance & sing like a puppet on a string cuz you ain't in control of a single thing.
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