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  3. What is crazy about this is the fact that **** could totally go down... I mean the McCarthy era was insane... this sounds like the direction it's going...
  4. What is crazy about this is the fact that **** could totally go down... I mean the McCarthy era was insane... this sounds like the direction it's going...
  5. Maybe he should ask his pal Putin how to exact revenge on his enemies.
  6. If the investigation was really to "rectify the injustice of Hillary losing" then why did the Republican attorney general (nominated by Trump, confirmed by GOP Senate) recuse himself from the proceedings, leaving the Republican deputy AG (nominated by Trump, confirmed by the GOP Senate) to appoint Mueller -- a registered Republican -- as a special counsel. The Dems living in your head have a frankly amazing ability to make Republicans do their exact bidding. I wish we had those Dems instead of the ones we've got.
  7. THIS. The Esks’ entire LB corps was a liability last year - Konar in particular.
  8. Who ever was the D man behind the net...a right hand shot just needed to rim the puck around and up the far side boards where the right winger was properly situated as an outlet. Instead he tries to tie it up along the boards with too much time on the clock and it gets turned over.
  9. Konar beside bighill would be a force... well anyone beside bighill but he’s be a ratio breaking lb and let us start 5 import dbs
  10. I don't think there is a smocking gun in those redact portions, interesting read- would make things more clearer- but no smocking gun. I am more interested in the counter- intelligence investigations and Mueller's testimony., those are going to be very interesting.
  11. Interesting take on things regarding Mueller report... https://www.cnn.com/2019/04/19/opinions/mueller-report-obama-jennings/index.html very critical of Obama, but it peddles the mueller report to cover obama's butt... I don't buy it- that was mostly Rosenstien. I however agree that during Obama's presidency, he did very little (other than sanctions after the fact) to dissuade the russians in the electtion meddling and annexation of crimea.... Though the author doesn't mention Cocaine mitch's obscuring Obama's warning though... (of all the politicians... he is the absolute worse). Interseting take from Biden: https://www.politico.com/story/2018/01/23/mitch-mcconnell-russia-obama-joe-biden-359531 d
  12. I guess.. Football forum side thread section here.. Bombers host 6 playoff games in 6 years.. Lose them all. How many coaches you think in those 6 years? More than 1 cuz losing 6 playoff games at home in a row gets u fired. Watch them win tomorrow tho and lose game 7. I half expect St Louis to run us out of the building tomorrow tho.
  13. Wasn't Konar an absolute liability for the Esks last two years?? Lapo OWNED him with mid-level catch-and-runs....
  14. The leafs have put the Bruins on the brink
  15. Yesterday
  16. And that is the issue here... He saw a ton collusion with, what are basically extensions of the GRU and RUssian intelligence), but since they are not technically Russian Government, it doesn't count towards the scope of the Mueller probe. I think however... these instances were referred to the counter-intelligence investigations that are going on.
  17. yeah every thing I've read Mueller basically says "there was a ton of collusion here, but collusion isn't in the criminal code so we looked at conspiracy and while we see all these acts of collusion we don't see an official agreement between Russian government and Trump to really nail him to the wall" So if that's the angle one wants to play go for that, it's what Barr did, but to say no collusion, that's just not paying attention.
  18. Probably the best thing to happen is Trump continues to fight releasing the full report. Which puts off impeachment through the next election but gives the Dems something else (among many things) to campaign on, the fact trump is hiding this report. Best case scenario, Dems win white horse and new House control. Be nice to get a senate majority too. But ultimately not needed. If there is. Dem president with House protection, that report comes out and gets sent to the fbi. And very possibly trump gets indicted. Realistically though at that point, sure hold him accountable. But he’s be out of office so it’s almost what’s the point. Especially give the fact there continues to be other investigations into trump and his company that could be far more damaging to him and his empire.
  19. The obstruction statute is actually very clear. An endeavour to obstruct is a crime as much as actually obstructing. The only reason trump isn’t indicted today is because he’s president. Just because people refuse your orders to act illegally doesn’t save you. Not to mention the actual obstruction he did commit like firing Comey.
  20. The report is filled with stories of collusion. Why are you continuing to push this falsehood?
  21. Where's Ambrosie? Too busy to come to the table. He's in Peru looking to sign a sponsorship deal for players & to set up a combine.
  22. This corrupted us all. A mind is a terrible thing to waste.
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