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Remaining Bomber free agents

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Here's the list of remaining Bomber free agents. Do you see us signing any of these guys, either before or after Feb 11?

Chris Cvetkovic

Will Ford

Andre Douglas

Chris Matthews

Jovon Johnson

Akeem Foster

JT Gilmore

Justin Sorensen

Kenny Mainor

Chad Simpson

Brandon Stewart

Dan West

Only ones I wouldn't mind seeing back are Ford, Foster, Sorensen and Stewart.

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I see us signing between 5-7 of those guys. Cvetkovic and Stewart are the two I'm pretty certain on.

Do we have a need for Cvetkovic? He didn't even play towards the end of the year and I didn't notice him not being there. I worry when guys get up around his age because they get fragile.

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Cal Murphy's philosophy was don't discard a player until you are convinced you have adequately replaced him. I would suggest Cvetie might fit into that situation.

Didn't we already adequately replace him last season? I don't recall many bad snaps after he got hurt/benched.

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From what was in today's Sun, sounds like Ford won't be back.


Was that in the print edition? That's the second reference I've come across to "today's Sun" where I haven't been able to read the story in the online edition.


Print edition. Here's an excerpt:

Brian Anderson, the agent for Will Ford, told the Sun in a brief and awkward conversation on Thursday that his client will hit free agency on Tuesday.


Anderson didn't provide anymore details, but it sounds like the relationship between Ford and the Bombers is damaged.


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Running backs are always like this.


They're so used to being the star and getting what they want because after the QB, they're the big ticket guys.


What they don't realize is that there are a million of them out there and supply/demand is what dictates price, not how high profile or popular the position you play is.

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Mike's dead right.  College RB's are rock stars in college, so much so that there's a glut of them.  More guys that want to keep playing than NFL roster spots available.  Supply and command Ricky...


It was one of the things Mack had right.  Don't ever pay market for an RB.  Too bad he applied that philosophy to every spot on the roster.

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With the push that our o-line provides and the small cracks that they provide.  We better find the skinniest guy out their.   :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:  


I'm not going to be too hard on our RB's until  I can see them consistently open up some holes. 

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Still in Bombers plan, (imo)

Brandon Stewart - unless they can sign Watkins

Chris Matthews - unless he'll get a NFL deal

Akeem Foster - if the plan is 3NI rec, he's a must.
JT Gilmore - for depth in DT
Justin Sorensen - unless they are locked to get Lavertu on draft


Not so much.

Jovon Johnson - i think he's in the bubble with Banks here now. Banks can provide that leadership in the secondary.

Chris Cvetkovic - we have Wild and Fitz who can do LS but also have a different position in the team. I think it's a waste of spot.
Will Ford - not coming back. i like his return skills more than his rb skills, although we still have Woods.
Andre Douglas - with Jones and Knapp, and possibly Bombers switching to 4 NI, he'll be in tough.
Kenny Mainor - he inherited the stupidpenalti-sitis of Willis.
Chad Simpson - i think he's not coming back

Dan West - no comment

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