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  1. Guess they didn’t get the memo....don’t shoot the messenger.
  2. As long as Bellefeuille has nothing to do with coaching they should be safe.....talk about having 9 lives.
  3. That being said do we know that the Bombers have no risk of financial liability for this event?
  4. I wonder if Lapo learned his lesson....don’t jump at an HC job if you haven’t got a viable QB....your ego can bite you in the ass.
  5. I agree....then why did the Bombers think it was going to be successful here?
  6. Different scenario....yes when you are drawing from a surrounding area with a population of over 3 million people.
  7. Agree or not unless someone comes loose in Toronto Bridge might be the best alternative.
  8. Including those responsible for bringing the game here? This failed miserably with multiple attempts in the huge market of Toronto. Why was it going to succeed here?
  9. The difference is his poor game management got him a Grey Cup championship.......we are still patiently waiting.
  10. Curious thing is it was reported he may have been out earlier with a torn ACL.....likely a partial tear became a complete tear.
  11. Ya and give David a rock and a slingshot.
  12. Sounds familiar .....but they get paid to make those decisions.....hindsight versus being under the gun.
  13. Sadly Rick Campbell might end up being the fall guy for their inability to resign Harris.
  14. You are asking a group of Boys to be the MAN.....hard to do when you are filling the shoes of the CFL MOP.
  15. What’s holding them back? The fact at this point in time there is no viable solution with any real level of experience. They know Toronto is going to be forced to either release a QB or 6 game someone again....
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