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  1. What you might like, dislike or follow in your interest in sports isn’t necessarily related to your political attitudes or how you feel about another country .
  2. Maybe get your own house in order first. Do you think either country is going to let teams go back and forth across the border at will. The NHL might be faced with the same potential problem. That is why the a Blue Jays are likely going to play all their games in the US.
  3. I would have to think that school boards, local health officials and government would have the final say on school activities. They aren’t going to take risks.
  4. That is a tough one....if you are forced to shut it down early into it that would be a significant additional financial hit.
  5. What happens if players, coaches or staff test positive?
  6. All valid suggestions.....the word is that given no FA camps and no mini camps initial TC rosters may exceed 100. Dickinson in Sask says he’s looking for 3-4 replacements. 4 exhibition games 2 of them at home was a tough sell to season ticket holders. Vets loved it when it got cut down to 2 games. Hard to show your potential as a rookie given limited playtime. It needs to be run as a business....if blowing it up and starting over means it survives so be it.
  7. Well let’s just let the government fund the league. When you let your operating costs get way out of hand and far exceed your revenues...how does any business succeed? It doesn’t....and the people running the business are to blame. If you want a league and 32 man roster and 3 coaches is the only way you can afford it so be it. I worked in the league when it was 39 man roster and 6 coaches....and amazingly it worked and it was just as exciting. What is your solution?
  8. Nobody said 46 players and 3 coaches did they?
  9. Maybe HC and GMs don’t need to make 400K....maybe you really don’t need 11 Assistant Coaches. Do you need 70 players around all year? It’s all well and good that you have IR lists that don’t count against the Cap....but it’s budget money and gets used to keep players around. There were no mini camps and free agent camps so TC rosters are going to be greatly expanded and you have Dickinson in Sask saying he is looking to fill you are four roster spots...you need 90-100 camp bodies for that? The problem in pro sport is somebody does something so everybody else does it. It’s like the morning skate in hockey. It was started because equipment managers weren’t always great at sharpening skates...the morning skate was to insure your skates were good for the game....then it became an extra practice time because everybody was doing it. Ironically some teams are scaling back on it as load management is now the buzz word.
  10. The notion of a Hub cities works for the NHL because they don’t need fans in the arenas for it to work. Realistically the CFL needs fan in the stands. This doesn’t really work under the Hub city format.
  11. The TSN deal is predicated on market size and market exposure. That is the whole basis for how advertising revenue is charged to companies. Agree or not the perception of not having a team in large market impacts what you can charge for advertising and how much advertising revenue you make.
  12. Like it or not no Argos no TSN deal.
  13. The NHL is talking about HUB cities based on the premise they have no fans in the arena. Is the CFL going to have HUB cities with no fans?
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