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  1. Keeping the league stocked with sufficient Canadian talent is and has always been a problem, especially late in the season when injuries become a problem. Teams are forced to recall marginal players and players who haven’t played for a season to fill roster spots. This problem is going to be significantly greater if (and that is a BIG IF) a team is added in the Marirtimes. Adding a Canadian QB as a qualifier to the ratio is one band aid. It will guarantee a Canadian spot to a player that will likely only see the field under extreme circumstances. I am surprised the PA would consider a ratio change as a limited supply of a Canadian starters keeps their salaries elevated. Attempting to grow the product internationally is all well and good but only works when you have a solid product and base domestically. This year and this CBA will be pivotal in determining the future of the CFL.
  2. I think the issue was that existing contracts were valid and would require fulfilling bonus payments, but that new contracts would not be registered that had bonus components this off season until a new CBA was in place.
  3. He failed to understand, appreciate and properly evaluate Canadian talent.
  4. Remember before all these WRs became 200K players some other team and scouted, recruited and developed them.
  5. I am sure the CFL will be happy to delay it even longer. The longer it goes the more the league squeezes the players that have no money in the off season and are pressured into dealing. Historically this is the way it has been.
  6. Whether the Stadium deal has or has not. Anything to do with the Comish isn’t really the point. The CFL got too far ahead on this expansion without any real foundation as to if or how this stadium was going to get built. A 6,000 person interest level on tickets is hardly a basis to believe this is viable.
  7. This is a Trump diversion...takes the focus away from the CBA
  8. And you know what his situation, family and personal circumstances were that may have impacted his decision.....how exactly?
  9. Argue all you want....Again it was literally a bonus to sign. Part of the reason that bonus clause was instituted was it gave import players a preferred reduced tax rate as an incentive to play in Canada. If you write in a conditional clause as a report and pass the medical as protection against the no shows it is not taxed at the preferred rate....hence the players desire for the signing bonus.
  10. The consideration for Durant was he signed the contract. By definition in contractural law the signing of the contract fullfiled the one and only condition of a “ signing bonus”.
  11. Durant got a signing bonus....there are no conditions as they relate to it.....it is as stated a bonus for signing his name only. The issue as to whether he was suspended is that a player can only remain suspended until the date of free agency.
  12. Great deal getting a Bighill back....huge....biggest sigh of relief from Ritchie Hall. Both sides win.....Bighill had Walters by the balls and he knew it.
  13. Forgive but.....are we now going back to the import non import days? If these Mexican players are now being reclassified as non imports....so be it. But to believe that they can now compete with the caliber of players coming out of the NCAA is somewhat naive. While I appreciate the need to expand the revenue streams and audience base doing it on the assumption that Mexico is an actual talent pool is at best a complete stretch.
  14. It is called posturing.....why is there an expectation that this process will be any different than past negotiations.....it won’t. Like it or not it is the way it is.
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