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  1. OL depth is critical....my only concern is the amount of actual playtime that depth has.
  2. Vets coming off a significant injury become a contractual liability bringing them into TC.
  3. Injured players coverage is limited to the start of training camp the next year. This in part limits the teams costs and liability. Fair or not reality. An example an Americian’s wife giving birth in Canada might cost $ 3,ooo , in the US the cost would exceed $10,000. Most plans have a maximum benefit amount, multiply the potential of that and you calculate risk and potential liability. If that extends beyond the year after the costs are uncontrollable and premiums are not fixed.
  4. The issue with health coverage is universal. If you can’t control or calculate projected costs how to you negotiate and budget those costs....look at government funded universal health expenditures. Rampid another reason Workman’s Comp wants no part of professional sports.
  5. Interesting development from the CFLPA....players will strike in 2 waves. Ontario and Alberta labour laws don’t put players in a strike position until 4 days after the start of camps. That might place the CFL in a situation where they lock them all out . Not sure teams in Ontario and Alberta want to incur the expense of bringing players in, housing them and then having to deal with what to do when they strike 4 days later? Simple solution LOCK THEN OUT.
  6. Welcome to CFL negotiation tactics.....don’t play chicken with the League....this is how they roll.
  7. Not sure what is left on the TSN deal. TV ratings are pivotal to that ongoing deal and the viability of the CFL......far more important than whatever Mexico or Europe might contribute.
  8. Not like people are beating down the door to buy the team.....this is a fire sale...pure and simple
  9. Who ever was the D man behind the net...a right hand shot just needed to rim the puck around and up the far side boards where the right winger was properly situated as an outlet. Instead he tries to tie it up along the boards with too much time on the clock and it gets turned over.
  10. Cohen was a business man running the business. He had no false believe that football was his area of expertise. As for the current commish?.......He overestimates his knowledge and expertise....he thinks he knows all the answers....something that is dangerous in any business.
  11. Well everyone who wants to fire Maurice? I guess you have Tampa, Pittsburg, and potentially Calgary and San Jose hiring new coaches.
  12. The problem with the expense of playoff games is that the CFL allocates a set number of playoff shares, plane tickets , hotel rooms and per diems. It does not include coverage for injured list playoffs shares that players are entitled to. It does not cover when teams bring extra players, staff and management to road playoff games. The worst case scenario is the added expenses of going to the Cup and losing. Go and win and you can bring in a significant amount in Championshop merchandise....nobody wants to buy Grey Cup Finalist merch.
  13. It doesn’t matter how many picks you give some teams they can screw it up. Just review some of Joe Mack’s picks. Also some picks never actually get anywhere near the game field. The major concern moving forward still remains the dilution of Canadian talent if another team is added.....not that I believe it is going to happen any time soon. “ If they build it they will come” IF being the operative word.
  14. This is about pressure and leverage....does a camp or season delay really cost the CFL or teams revenue....not significantly. But your employees , who yes are the product have gone without a pay cheque for about 6 months given when camp would start. How do you think their bank balance is looking? Do you know any teachers who were struggling and anxiously waiting for their first cheque the end of Sept.? Historically this is how the CFL has negotiated in the past.....they know they ultimately have the upper hand in this process. Like it of not agree or not this is how it is done.
  15. Don’t report? You think the CFL cares? That just saves them the trouble of locking the players out. The CFL has the leverage...the players have none.
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