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?‍?This is what it's  like to get beaten in all 3 phases of the game. 

?‍?We got out coached today. I'm disappointed in LaPo. Everybody saw what Jones does with his D,  in these last few weeks, and that's what we devised to counter it?

?‍?I bloody well knew it the first time Sask pulled it off. The Rider version of designated fake injury. That wasn't the difference in the game, but "win classy" is still only an expression to Jones.

?‍?Turning point - Nichols, throwing that int..at that time...in that position on the field.

?‍?At least we kept the penalties down...4

?‍?We couldn't match Sask big plays - Roosevelt 54 yards, Demski punt return 63 yards, Bakari Grant 44 yac yards, Marshall 48 yards. No answers

?‍?There are lessons to be learned here..let's hope we learn them.

?‍?That franchise is now officially unbearable...again

 @CaptainKirk - Boy these timely #Rider injuries. He seems ok after he got the time out.  @CFL #RidersSuck #Bombers

Derek Taylor - Roosevelt to the field side for the TD. 13th TD to the field side against the Bombers this season (5 to the boundary) #Details

?‍?2 TDs in a minute 50 seconds..deflating

?‍?By the way, it was a great 34 yard reception and run by Flanders...and then the penalty? Really? JFG must be wondering what to do. Crappy call

?‍?That perfectly executed draw play to Marshall was something the Bombers were supposed yo do

?‍?I see more and more comments about the fake Rider injury tactics...

Scott Billeck - Nichols on the alleged fake injuries: "I think everyone can see what is going on. If you want to play soccer, go play soccer". #Bombers

- Nichols also said that the alleged fake injuries weren't the reason why the #Bombers lost.

?‍?Just can't have stretches like this - Last six #Bombers possessions: 2 plays FG, 2&out, 3 plays FG, 2&out, 2&out, 2&out.

?‍?You know you ain't winning when you drive 88 yards and suffer a turnover on downs at the opposition's 5 yard line..

Dave Dawson - Congratulations to the #Riders training staff, and their miraculous efforts to heal players within seconds today.

Jock Cartier - To counter the Bombers hurry-up offense. the Riders use a fake-injury defense #CFL

?‍?One redeeming point about this game...now the Lions are in last place

?‍?Seems ironic, but it's the Bombers who are giving up explosion plays

O'Shea: A win against one team and a loss against another does not define us. Go back to the fundamentals... we will be fine. #Bombers

Gary Lawless - just listened to O'Shea's post-game comments. It's no secret I love the guy. Smart and measured. @Wpg_BlueBombers win next week. book it.

IMG_0687.jpg.......?‍? This guy is such a beast! Next game...feed the beast!

?‍?The Banjo Bowl can't come soon enough!

?‍?Bombers to Chris Jones - Hey you're cramping our style..

?‍?Still trying to figure out the reasoning behind not having a game plan to attack the Rider D with our two back running game...

?‍?Duron Carter getting all the love about a one-handed catch...while Dressler's one-handed grab barely gets a mention?

?‍?The TV views of Chris Jones going off on his players is remarkable to watch. Just screaming away at them. How long will it last before they say in their minds. "Fixx you"

?‍?Had our chance to do something in the 2nd half..but 2 and outs came about. 8 points to 4?

?‍?I think we're coming after you Saskatchewan...at the Banjo Bowl...

?‍?That's all I'm writing....my hand is cramping up


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