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The Unknown Poster

The Health Thread

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9 hours ago, The Unknown Poster said:

Unless you have something more than that, I find it hard to believe a well-advertised farm would simply be lying.  My understanding is that to actually use the term organic takes a lot of time and effort and is subject to inspection. I would imagine the hardcore organic community wouldn't let this stand.  Ill say a small family farm that does its own butchering keeps costs down enough (and I got a deal).

I'm not familiar with the organic farming industry, but I do know what it costs to raise beef. If grass fed beef could be produced for that price, no one would be running a feed lot - the grass fed people would be putting them right out of business,

Honestly, there is probably not a thing wrong with the meat you purchased. It just bothers me when people are not completely honest with the consumer. 

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Week 2 update: down another 8.9 lbs.  For a total of 18.2lb in two weeks.  Always easy early.  But its still nice to see results.  The only depressing thing is having results and barely noticing because I let myself go so far.  Oh well, keep at it...

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Thought I'd give a quick update since I've managed to stick to the low carb plan since May 1st.  For the first 30 days, I was unbelievably strict.  Did not cheat once, not a single morsel.  During the next 30 days, I did "cheat" a couple of times (popcorn at the movies, fries twice).  But generally very strict still.

Between May 1st and July 1st, I lost 46lbs.  I have not worked out as much as I would like but have been working out fairly regularly and adding some muscle mass. 

More importantly, clothes are loose, energy is up and my "bad" knee feels perfectly fine.  When I compare myself to older photos, I am a tough critic but I think I look younger and healthier.

First 30 days was 30 lbs.  Next 30 days was 16. 

When it comes to low carbs or Keto, there is the Keto Flu to deal with.  And I hit it hard around day 3/4.  Felt awful.  Took about two days to get over and have felt great ever since. 

Saving a lot of money on not eating out.  I even make my own cheese burger now (the key ingredient being Cajun seasoning...amazing).

I felt I hit a plateau about a week ago where the loss was grinding though i felt muscle gains were increasing.  I was decidedly non-strict over the long weekend and will hit it hard again this week and hopefully punch through the wall.

I just booked a vacation in Mexico for December so I have some inspiration to keep going.  The goal was 100 total lbs so Im almost half way there.  Not sure it will ever happen but I do feel proud of the results thus far but every time I do see a difference and feel good, Im reminded that its my own fault for being in this shape.

If I hit my goal, Ill come out of "retirement" for one more wrestling match and really push my luck on my 42nd birthday next year... :-)

Anyway, Summer can be tough (lots of parties, lots of excuses to drink and eat) but its also easy to go outside, work in the yard or walk, swim etc. 

Anyone else working on a "summer program"?

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On 2017-05-03 at 9:10 AM, The Unknown Poster said:

What do you all do for health & fitness?

Im of a certain age now (old fart) and its so hard.  I was a skinny kid until about 10-ish and then fat until about 16/17 when I became more active.  I remember a friend's mom I had seen in years marveling at my weight loss and asking how I did it and my truthful answer was "I eat when Im hungry".  But I had bad self image an always thought I was fat even when I was my usual weight of 215lbs at 6'2" (and pretty broad-shouldered).

Working in bars for years there was a battle between pressure to be in shape (to do the job and because of all the girls) and the fact that we always ate at 3am and drank a lot.  When I was 25 it wasnt so hard.  A couple of times I'd balloon to 250 and then work hard to get back down to 215-225.

When I was around 29 I didnt realise how it had crept up on me and I hit 284.  Worked really hard and ended up at 210.  So its always been an up & down struggle with me.  Then I broke my knee which has never been the same and suddenly the activity level drops.

But as I've aged I found the "easy" way I could get in shape before doesnt work (or not as well).  Im back working out and focusing hard on healthy eating.

So the remarks in the Draft thread of players eating eggs and meat - thats straight out of the low carb plan.  And I've read amazing stories of people that cut out carbs and ate moderate meat & fat.

So...long story short, what are your stories?  What do you do?  Especially if you're over 35 (give or take 5 years lol).

went to gym 3-4 days a week (on weeks that I could)  cut out all soda and high sugar food (this hurt! lol) and went to snacks high in protein and more density to fill me up.  starting drinking a ton of water..


lost lots of weight, gained muscles and overall improved my health.  took about 3 months to totally feel and see the changes.


workout was usually 30 mins of cardio then 2 sets of 10-12 on just about every machine i could get my hands on.  gym sessions took about 1 to 1.5 hours depending on my time frame and how lazy I was feeling.  I did also use a pre-workout and post-workout  supplement.

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forgot the workout part

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Did we all fall off the wagon?  lol

For those Keto people, Nuburger has a new bread called Wunderbread for their buns as an option.  They specifically market it as low carbs, high protein.  I have not been able to get actual stats on it but I tried it last night as it was my birthday and it was not bad.  A bit stiff...sort of like a hard pita but it was a nice change from just having lettuce buns.  I've sent them a message asking for the actual nutritional information so hopefully their "low carb" is actually low carb.  

They also have a version that is gluten free.

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