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  1. I actually misspoke on that point. Should have qualified it with "first .500 team in the 9 team crossover era". It's actually happened 11 times since the CFL was founded in 1959, and twice since the crossover was implemented in 1986 (but those 2 were during the American expansion era, both involving U.S. teams), with 4 teams with winning records actually missing the playoffs. The most glaring example was 1981 when Saskatchewan went 9-7 and finished 4th and missed the playoffs while Ottawa at 5-11 and Montreal at 3-15 both got in. That is likely what spurred the crossover rule. Maybe all 5 West
  2. Final 2 teams, a week late (probably because I am embarrassed at how off I was on these two), so I'll try to not let this past weekend's results affect my forecast. Then no more of my ramblings on this. Saskatchewan : What I said then - "If Vince Young actually made the roster and was anointed the starter, I would be waxing poetic about historic futility with this team (like 2003 Hamilton 1-17 futility), but Kevin Glenn has been around long enough to be a better regular season QB and pull a rabbit out of his hat once in a while to translate into a few more wins. And that receiving co
  3. The worst ever was a Bomber game in Calgary where the Stamps kept sending in an offensive lineman as an extra receiver, and the rule at the time was that you had to declare yourself eligible and the refs had to announce it to the crowd, to avoid the trick play catching the other team off guard. Proulx said about six times "Calgary number sixty-tree is declared as illegible for dis play". It got so bad Bob Irving said "Poor Andre Proulx. They really need to change this rule so the refs don't announce it. This is getting hard to listen to".
  4. The good news for the Bombers if Tate is still QB is that we will have had a couple of weeks' worth of tape on him. Too many times a new QB comes in and catches the other team off guard since he wasn't the one they scouted.
  5. Well friends, it was another glorious late summer day here in Manitoba, and everyone was excited for the re-match between the Saskatchewan Roughriders and our own Winnipeg Blue Bombers. And everyone was curious to see how the Bombers would bounce back from that defeat last week in the annual Labour day classic. And everyone wanted to see how loud the fans could be, and if they could surpass the noise last week. And we even had a moose sighting today, which held things up a bit. So we certainly had a lot of excitement even before the opening kickoff. But once the game started the two teams got
  6. So what you're saying is that you went to a bar and got drunk with some flaming guy, who then mounted you and rode you like a horse for 3 days?
  7. 4 of 7 3DOWNNATION.COM writers pick the Bombers. Vegas line has the 'Riders as 2.5-3 point favorites. Have seen too many Labour Day defeats to feel confident about the Bombers. That crowd is going to be 3 times more jacked up than they were on Canada Day (I was at that one, it was as loud as almost any Bomber game), and any momentum the 'Riders get could easily carry them to a whole lot of scoring in a short time. Bombers need to sneak in, bore the crowd, and hang on for dear life when that momentum swing happens. the escape with a close victory in the last minute (FG or late Sask. drive
  8. In the 1988 season, the Bombers hosted Hamilton in the East division semi-final. The Bombers had finished 9-9 that year, but lost their last 3 games, and everyone figured the powerhouse Argonauts were going to wipe the floor with whomever won the semi-final, so only 12,210 showed up for that playoff game. Then the Bombers went on to upset Toronto and met BC (who upset Edmonton) in the Grey Cup - we all know what happened next. Merch sales went through the roof after the Grey Cup win, and GM Cal Murphy joked "We are going to print up t-shirts saying "I was one of the 12,210" in honour of the tr
  9. Never ceases to amaze me when a 'Rider troll posts here, and some Bomber fans get all indignant and take the bait like:
  10. More verbosity. Two more teams: Calgary: What I said then- "Nowhere to go but down, but dropping from the summit of Everest to base camp still has you well above the clouds most days. Not sure I buy the whole "this year is about redemption for last year's Grey Cup, so we are motivated every single time out" angle. More likely they pace themselves and give up a few more games in the regular season. 13-5 but second in the division (or 12-6, see Edmonton)" How did I do? - Still the best team in the CFL, still have competition for top spot, just not who I thought. The last couple of
  11. Dante Alighieri — ‘The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who, in times of great moral crisis, maintain their neutrality.’
  12. Very true. Feoli-Gudino would be a "happy honkeresque" player in Cactus' (Cacti?) eyes. Not flashy, just dependable, with a knack for the odd big play but forgotten amongst the stars.
  13. Also Charlie Roberts' holdout because he was playing part of the three-headed monster with Troy Mills and Eric Blount I believe at RB, and he wanted to be the lone star. Pulling that stunt on a team in the middle of a 12 game winning streak, WTFFFFFFFFFFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Re-assessment continued: Winnipeg: What I said then - "Lots to be excited for as a Bomber fan, but the bar has been so low the last decade that 2 straight winning seasons qualifies for a parade in these parts at this point (which is kind of sad when you think about it). Nicholls showed he can win games (10-3 as a starter is an overlooked stat by many) but except for the division semi against BC, his passing numbers didn't jump off the page. Good game manager, and Winnipeg's run game may be the best in the CFL this year with that o-line and the Harris-Flanders combo. And that undersiz
  15. Absolutely. Missed that in my write-up, but the genuine article would have called out that play as a classic happy honker winner. Most of the plays Cactus would cite often were those ones that happened in the middle of the game, would sometimes be forgotten, but at the end of the game when discussing things the fans could say "boy, in hindsight THAT turned out to be a big play". That is the essence of the Happy Honker, moreso than the game winning FG or TD. The stop on the fake punt and Langford running down Logan which us allowed us to get a turnover 2 plays later and avoid giving up points o
  16. Well friends, the Winnipeg Blue Bombers marched into La Belle Province tonight trying to get to 7 wins by the halfway mark of the season for the first time since the halcyon days of Kahari Jones (editor's note, actually they were 7-1 back in 2011), and more importantly to keep pace with the leaders in the Western conference heading into the Labour Day weekend. And despite the temptations of St. Laurent street, which has led more than one young player astray in the wee hours of the morning, the Bombers showed no ill effects as they jumped out to a 10-0 lead before the teams switched sides for t
  17. Yeah, Jennings as MOP was based on him using his legs and arm with that obscene receiving corps, but he has been uneven, and that injury will set him back a bit more. But if they do wind up in the crossover spot, would there be a more dangerous team, and more mercurial QB who could find that next level in the big game?
  18. With teams hitting the 9 game mark, thought it might be a good time to review some pre-season predictions and re-assess them, and gaze into the crystal ball again with half a season of backing to shape those guesses. Included for your amusement/my shame are my pre-season prognostications. Will start with the 3 teams already at 9 for now, then do 4 more later after this week's games are played, and the final 2 after week 11. BC: What I said then - "Scary good offence this year with Chris Williams added to the receiving mix and three deadly return specialists. Jennings is the ridiculo
  19. OK, I did the whole "Cactus" rambling thing last year. Was not easy to crank out a wordy piece mainly because I wouldn't come on the boards until about 48 hours after a game (learned that is the best way to stay sane after a win, or especially after a loss, because the knee-jerk reactions inflamed by emotion were a bit much too take for me), and the spontaneity had passed, but I will not shy away from a challenge. I will skip this week since the moment has passed (BTW, Cactus would have picked Randle for that huge INT which led to the late TD in the first half - flipped the game) but will give
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