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  1. The one thing I don’t get from the local TSN1290 media (and I sense the majority of the “Laine trade” talk is solely a media creation rather than them actually quoting sources) is that they keep saying the Jets have a 2-3 year window to win a Stanley Cup, which I think is nonsense. Their top 5 forwards aside from Laine (Wheeler, Scheifele, Connor, Ehlers) are locked in for 4 more years each minimum, as is Hellebuyck, and their top d-man Morissette is here for 7. And team windows always seem to be short-changed. How many times did we hear that the Caps window was closed before they won, or the
  2. So I cannot seem to write or reply to a post off of my laptop any more, only my iPhone. Any tech savvy people out there with any idea why?
  3. “Let’s just get this into court. I’m dying to get this into court. I look forward to a long trial. I so look forward to it” Says the guy who then settled all 3 suits for $25 million in payouts, so he could not have to claim liability - after a trial in court I wish during the name game part the lawyer just dropped on a name like “Eric” and let Trump say “same answer” and then finish with “Trump - wait, you don’t know your own son’s name because it was too long ago?”
  4. So now my 3 best, and I’ll flip the script with the similar 3 types of wins: 1. The “how did we win this” moment. Opposite of the dominant team that laid an egg, this is the underdog that found a way, and although we’ve seen comeback wins out of nowhere in random games (none more memorable than Milt’s Miracle in Edmonton after we fumbled the game away 15 seconds earlier, which falls at #2 for this category), this type of win is more fitting for one amazing end to an otherwise mediocre season. The 1988 Grey Cup is my happiest win of all the Bomber Cups. Too young to feel emotional about an
  5. So I was at the Bomber store on Friday and got some more intel on the Fan Base that I don’t think was put out before. Not sure if it will change my opinion about putting my name on it, but food for thought. First of all, the money that goes to putting one’s name on the base goes directly back to the individual club team, not the league. 75% of the money goes to the team’s finances, and 25 % to the players directly. So Bomber fans buying a name props up the Bombers directly. Secondly, the club will also issue a certificate (as we have seen) to the name holder, and the club i
  6. So after Woodward’s last book, Trump knew he couldn’t denigrate a respected journalist of his character, so instead he claimed that the sources were all lies and Woodward never got the real story from the Donald himself because Woodward did not interview him directly. So Woodward goes to Trump this time saying he wants the real story and can he tape Donald so everything is accurate, so Trump bites because his ego can’t be controlled, and Woodward gets all the dirt from Donny himself. No way Trump can claim mis-quote or fake news here. I almost think Woodward was playing the long con and the fi
  7. Nothing will take him down in the eyes of his supporters, not unless he himself abandons them. They will pass this off as sound Presidential wisdom not to incite panic and conveniently ignore him calling it a hoax the whole way through. His whole term has been revisionist history, denying what he has clearly already said, and re-framing his arguments to shift the story and ignore the inconsistency. The only time he didn’t try to deny what he said or shift the story to a different point was the whole Access Hollywood “grab ‘em by the kitty” comment, and he shrugged it off as locker room talk wh
  8. So I will get the bad stuff out of the way first. My worst memories come in 3 types: 1. The “how could we lose this” mode, where great teams fell apart at the worst possible time. The candidates include the 1994 Bomber team, specifically watching Dunigan drop with a torn Achilles after having lost the previous season with an injury, and then the gut-wrenching loss to Baltimore in the East Final where every little thing that could go wrong did (botched fake field goal, sure TD pass off the cross bar, blown calls on turnovers) and we barely lost, but still such a great game to see that I wa
  9. With the passing of Labour Day and the re-living of past memories, it's time to discuss those that are burned into our brains forever above all others. And since Labour Day had has historically brought its share of pain, I though it would be cathartic to let out some of that anguish. At the same time, we are still the defending Grey Cup champions, so let us revel as well in our greatest celebrations. What are the top 3 worst memories you have as a Bomber fan? And then the 3 best? Be specific, not just "every loss to the 'Riders is tied for worst" and "every Grey Cup is tied for the b
  10. Trump got on Twitter at around 7:00 am today. And has tweeted or re-tweeted 68 times in the last 6 hours (including 2 re-tweets of his own past tweets). That’s one tweet on average every 5 minutes and 17 seconds so far for those trying to do the math. And how have those of you who aren’t the President of the United States spent your day?
  11. Missed from the weekend. St. Louis Cardinal and Hall of Fame base stealer Lou Brock dies at the age of 81.
  12. How Crapigna ever played another game in the CFL after that performance, I will never know.
  13. Meanwhile, wonder if the NHL would plan anything. One thought I had rather than a boycott: Teams square off at centre ice. Off the opening faceoff, the teams skate away from the puck drop and all go to their respective blue lines and all take a knee. Let the clock run for 8:46 (the length of time the police were kneeling on George Floyd’s neck) with the players on the ice kneeling. Then one player retrieved the puck and is allowed to skate in alone on the opposing netminder and take 7 shots, symbolic of the 7 shots to Jacob Blake. Simple shots intended not to score, just be a symbol. Even
  14. Curious to see what the long term impact of the boycott will be. I posted that I did not think it would make much difference after 5 minutes of media splash, but maybe my knee jerk reaction will be wrong. Maybe advertisers who bow at the altar of the almighty dollar will panic if the medium through which they hawk their products disappears. Maybe the networks will panic with nothing to cover. Maybe. We shall see.
  15. For about 5 minutes. Then everyone with a zero attention span (which Sean Hannity recently said is “everyone”) would move on, and the players would have no platform to continue. And Trump and his ilk would be happy because out of sight, out of mind. Kaepernick did it right. That’s why his protest is still talked about.
  16. I was going to say shoving stuff under his bed and calling it clean gives him too much credit. It would mean he did something, even if that something was unproductive. Trump is the kid who closes the door to his room and says it is clean thinking that no one can/will open the door to check.
  17. And while police are “appreciating” these armed civilians acting like a wannabe militia, you can hear other police in the background warning protesters “you are civilians in a closed area, you must leave. Yes, you! This is your last warning. Disperse now!” Apparently the curfew rules did not apply if you were armed with an AR-15 - and were white. Reminds me of the line in Animal Farm - “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others”
  18. Doc Rivers' comments after the game last night surrounding the Jason Blake shooting. Hopefully everyone will LISTEN. Not listen just to respond to it, but listen to understand. Too much of the former in the world, not enough of the latter.
  19. Of course it is a cash grab. Not that there is anything wrong with that per se. If a league finds new ways to generate income and there is fan interest, more power to them. And the league certainly needs a cash infusion. The Bombers for example generated $11.5 million on ticket sales alone last year, 32% of their income. Their game day, concessions, and merch sales were another 24%. All those totals will essentially dry up this year. So they need the cash badly to keep the operation going (paying staff who were not laid off is just one example). But here is where I have a problem wi
  20. The Cup is won by the players and coaches, they have worked to earn their right to have their name engraved on it. Even if it is just a "fan base", I see no reason why I should get to immortalize myself on a part of the Cup as a fan. Already have my name in the concrete paving stone in front of IGF, so they have honoured my fandom in that fashion. JMO.
  21. Tried to pass a semi on the gravel shoulder, lost control and drove into the oncoming lane where he hit another semi head on, then spun back into his lane and was hit by the semi he just passed.
  22. You've got yourself a keeper there for sure, anyone who can find the joy in even the most low moments will feed your soul for life.
  23. A key to any good essay - a strong opening sentence. Great memory. I too remember "The Human Torch", and although I always rooted for a Bomber blowout win, I actually wanted one 'Rider score just so Monteith would light that Sterno can on his head. Pyrotechnics, baby. (I like to think when the Bombers won that game 56-0 he actually lit it once out of frustration and got a big cheer from the Bomber faithful for his efforts).
  24. So here is mine. I was vaguely aware of the Bombers as we entered the 1980's (in fact, Ray Jauch once came to my house for some unknown reason and I only sort of who him as the Bomber head coach but knew enough to be in awe of a big time sports figure as a young impressionable lad of 9, even if I had no clue about the team). My school was even asked to participate in the team's 50th anniversary celebration by running out on the field to make a giant number "50" in formation. I declined to join in, possibly the first, last and only time I would snub the Big Blue. I did later make up for it, as
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