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  1. Are you sure that figure is accurate? I was told we were in the 21-22k range right now.
  2. Richardson sounds a lot like he could be another Bryant Turner.
  3. Don't worry he will have his dynamic 2 yard hitch pass offence running tighter than a drum by game 1. Collaros will not even be touched. He will only throw for 47 ypg and have 4 TD passes on the season....but they will protect him. Saskatchewan is no wild card so long as they have a Faberge egg QB and an OC that shuts down his play book because of that.
  4. Almost certainly is and the pressure created by the soft pillowy air cushioning will give him a concussion before the end of camp.
  5. Not really a flyer when you have the inside info that he wants to play. Other teams are probably kicking themselves right now for not checking in on him.
  6. He was the top ranked CFL prospect at the point of his decision to "retire" and was on many NFL teams radar as a draft pick. If he can come back he is the steal of the draft.
  7. For sure. Until the deal is ratified, a QB, with a roster spot locked up, showing solidarity should be expected. Further to that, why risk injury at this point. I am sure that we will see both before the end of rookie camp when the coaches need some better throws to really separate the wheat from the chaff.
  8. I'm interested to hear what that ratio might be in the new CBA
  9. Defence and depth are massive question marks for you guys this year. Reminds me a lot of the 2018 Eskimos. I think you will finish anywhere from 2nd to 4th in the West. I do like your team more than the Riders or Eskimos right now.
  10. I'm excited to see the new crop of recruits at receiver, Lucky at PR, Gray, Eli, and possibly Drew on the OL, and which of our sophomores have continued in their development.
  11. If working out the ratio were only as simple as having open competitions regardless of passports....but they are not. Sometimes, you have to pencil in a player that is not as good as his American counterpart because from a total team building/ratio perspective it is what will make for the strongest team over all within the confines of the ratio rules. There are very few NAT players on our team that would survive the passport challenge. The trick is to play NAT starters in positions where the least amount or no drop off from the ratio is incurred. Gray is not competing against Foketi, he is competing against a ratio number and all the other NATs trying to get or maintain a starting position. If he constitutes the least amount of drop off, or none at all, from Foketi than other players would constitute then he will win the job.
  12. When you have a McAdoo led offence with a mentally and physically fragile QB at the helm, and a porous OL, you better have a punter that can help salvage some of the negative field position your offence is going to produce.
  13. There were other QB available to him after Buck went down. He chose to enter his final seasons with Brink and Elliott and that was a major mistake.
  14. Taman would be one of the league's top GMs right now if it weren't for the SMS. He just never was able to grasp the concept and the game passed him by.
  15. Taman provided JJ, it is revisionist history to say that Kelly was more responsible for the 2011 defence than Mack. I thought Mack was a lousy GM but he was leaps and bounds better than Kelly. That guy was a disgusting blemish on our organization.
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