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  1. Fair enough. Mack was a total goof, no doubt about it. I just think it is classless piling on if this Insider report came from anyone currently with the Bombers. Be professional..Macks been gone for 5 years.
  2. I doubt they would have taken 2nds for Ray. Their ask would likely have been for a starting NAT and more. We were not in a position to part with NAT talent.
  3. At the moment they have evolved into the league's best imo.
  4. I didn't hear anyone questioning that. Just pointing out that Walters/OShea/Lapo had growing pains of their own that we went through. They have morphed into maybe the league's best trio but let's not pretend it was all smooth sailing right from the beginning. As a rookie, Walters had a terrible first year. Drew Willy....need I say more. Since then he has redeemed himself. I just find it disingenuous when INSIDERS from the Bombers (unless it's Lapo) feel the need to take swipes at a GM that is 5 years removed from here. Especially, when they were a part of the brain trust he relied on....and don't give me this crap that Mack just did whatever he wanted on draft day. He never scouted a NAT EVER. He was going off the scouting reports handed to him by one Kyle Walters. If Walters is salty about Mack picking Pencer all those years ago he shouldn't have provided the name with a glowing endorsement.
  5. Noted by who? Walters? At the end of the day Walters supplied him with these gems and if Walters was immune to draft busts we wouldn't know such illustrious names like Ekakitie.
  6. Walters was AGM and head of Canadian recruitment for the Bombers at that time. He wears some of the stink as well and so does Lapo who lobbied hard for Mack to draft Etienne. Contrary to popular belief these decisions are not made in a bubble. Mack didn't pull these names out of his arse. They were supplied to him by the scouts along with recommendations and discussion on where they fit on the draft board. Colossal high pick draft busts didn't end when Mack left....just saying.
  7. Highly doubt it is anyone in a current management/coaching role with the Bombers. They wouldn't throw Buck under the bus like that.
  8. My Dad owned the hotel at Grand Beach for a number of years in the 60's and 70's.
  9. I don't buy into the theory that Nichols was inaccurate on long throws historically, but I do buy into the theory that he has been on the dime this season. That's all that really matters. Saying he sucked in the past is like trying to say a lottery winner doesn't have money because they used to be poor. It's an invalid argument. If and when he starts missing deep shots then that argument can resume. Right now he has put that knock on his game to bed. Also, Lapolice called a poor game in the WF last year but it was compounded by some inaccurate throws to receivers and RBs that would have resulted in walk in TDs. Both Nichols and Streveler missed easy home run shots to wide open guys behind coverage in that game.
  10. Labatt was giving away Bomber car window flags a couple years ago.
  11. If only it was that easy....I'd buy 10 flags. lol
  12. I grew up in Fisher Branch. Perhaps. I played against you.
  13. Was disappointed in the Interlake flag. Too many glaring omissions such as Peguis (the largest community in the Interlake) and Fisher Branch, Fisher River. I did order a Northern Manitoba flag for my cottage up North. Wife won't let me get one for the house though...."tacky" she said....grrrrrr
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