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  1. Riderfans are tripping over themselves to gain distance from RP, their once vaunted hero who told it like it is. Hilarious.
  2. I agree. Hydro will be a money loser for the next couple decades. Unlike MTS that saw vast reductions in rates when privatized, the only way a buyer gets value for Manitoba Hydro now is with massive rate hikes because of the massive incompetence in cost overruns of construction of the Wuskwatum and Keeyask dams and BiPole 111..
  3. No doubt....and the tech was so bad we were on party lines for gosh sakes. MTS could not compete with the private sector. Simple as that. It was a mercy kill.
  4. Common knowledge. No offense, but find it yourself. Everyone knows that the whole province needed to be redone with fibre optic and only a very small portion of it had been done. I am, of course, referring to the original privitization of MTS. Billions were needed to do so with very little realistic hope of cost recovery. CBC links? Good god....might as well ask the NDP to write it themselves.
  5. CBC is a farce. Has been for a loooong time.
  6. Apples and oranges. MTS required a multi-billion dollar technology upgrade just to continue operating. We have already spent the billions on Hydro.
  7. Not federal....but I'm still waiting for sale of Manitoba Hydro.
  8. What a bunch of BS. When you invent narrative it doesn't convince other people...it just makes your post sound dumb. Fear mongering doesn't work anymore. It's time for the far left to let it go.
  9. Problem with that idea is that they would lose every election.
  10. We can sit here and debate ideologies all day long, capitalism vs communism. But answer me this question commies, why has every communist country had the majority of it's people living in abject poverty? That's not opinion...that's fact. For a system that says it will spread the wealth why is it so hopelessly ineffective at doing so?
  11. Plus with Trudeau as the leader, they don't have too.
  12. As long as their are sectors of intelligent and charismatic people that are greedy in a population, communism is doomed to fail.
  13. The problem is that is the only way it could be implemented on such a large scale.
  14. Problem is that communism only works under a dictatorship....and even then not very well.
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