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  1. Rod Pederson is so impressed by the AAF, that he thinks it would make total sense for the CFL to have the Grey Cup in Orlando in the near future. I am not making this up...it's on his blog. He also thinks that the Eskimos should hire Kavis Reed as CEO. That boy has taken leave of his senses methinks.
  2. I can imagine the Carl's drive thru today... Car pulls up to order box: Drive thru guy " Hi Welcome to Carl's may I take your order?" Customer " I'll have the $5 fatboi special" DTG " Ok sir...that also comes with two free tickets to the next AAF game" Customer " Can I get a free gravy for my fries instead of the tickets?" DTG "I'm sorry sir, that substitution is not allowed." Customer "Ok then....I was just trying to get something of actual value instead." DTG " I understand sir and don't blame you for trying" Customer " keep the tickets....it's your tip" DTG (grumbles under his breath) " Some tip I can't even give these things away."
  3. Exactly my point. There is a vast difference between having cash to spare and selling assets to generate cash.
  4. Even the CFL Birmingham team had better attendance than that and it was regarded as one of the biggest failures of CFL expansion.
  5. It is as bad as it looks because optics and bandwagoning is EVERYTHING to this league right now to this league. 38000 fans for 4 games is terrible attendance no matter what the reason is. Teams papering the crowd with a pair of tickets with a 5 dollar happy meal will not create positive buzz for this league. At the end of the day for this league to be successful EVERY team is going to need to average high teens or low twenties attendance because EVERY team has a 9 million dollar player payroll and huge overhead. There is not a single break even franchise in this league at this point, and most are bleeding cash.
  6. 50 million for the rights to the name XFL....lmao....does anyone out there still think that Ebersol and Polian are good businessmen.
  7. If you are selling assets are you making money? He is financing the XFL by selling assets. Assets are finite, and he will only sell so much of his WWE stock where the bulk of his wealth is tied up.
  8. Smart move by the CFL because there is zero chance the CFLPA is going to ask for or even wants that and now they can't let CBA negs drag out or the lesser compensated will put pressure on the union to make this happen. Divide and conquer. Pit the muckers against the Nats and upper echelon IMPs. Weaken the union's resolve a week or so before negs begin.
  9. He doesn't have money to burn. Most of his personal wealth is not liquid, it is tied to the WWE who has capped this little adventure at 100 million.
  10. True. However it's all about profit. McMahon could run a profitable small time football league if he's smarter then the shmucks running the AAF who blew their brains out when they decided on taking on 52 million a year in payroll for players. That's before benefits which will cost them a fortune.
  11. If you book your room direct with the hotel and can somehow get tickets without going through tour operators, and don't mind eating at non peak hours or taking charter buses back to your hotel before events are finished...you should be fine. If any of that doesn't suit you go to Calgary would be my recommendation. Crappy football venue but a very nice city with a lot of amenities and infrastructuire.
  12. I honestly hope that Regina has sorted this stuff out because it was a complete joke. The touring company booked about 75% of the hotel rooms in Regina and then gouged everyone for a room. I even heard stories on our bus trip of some guys being double booked into rooms with strangers.
  13. Vince will pay his players peanuts compared to the AAF. Their salary structure is completely out of whack.
  14. Of the dozen or so Grey Cups I've been to around Canada, Regina was the only one that I did not enjoy. From the collusion between hotels and bus tours to completely rip people off, to having to walk back to my hotel because I made the mistake thinking that taking a cab was a possibility, to 3 hour waits in line for restaurants it was a complete fiasco from start to finish. NEVER AGAIN REGINA!!!
  15. DISCLAIMER: The preceding message is a paid advertisement on behalf of the Max Hall QB Legacy Foundation
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