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  1. I would imagine many will go back to TEP the moment it goes back up, but depending on how many are discouraged by being called 2nd rate here, a lot would prefer to frequent both sites.
  2. No they are not. They are just more familiar for you. The football IQ is every bit as high at TEP. Does TEP have more fan boys...sure...I'll give you that. Because the traffic is much higher at TEP you get a lot of new, and fringe posters and this forum does have a much better mechanism for discouraging dumb posts but it is massively incorrect to assume that people here know more than over there. There are many great and knowlegable posters at TEP.
  3. Lol..i've posted at OB and here for many years. I know Noeller is a closet sweet heart. He is kicking a dog while its down right now though.
  4. There were some so called Bomber fans on here in the past couple weeks who stated we could not beat the almighty Stsmps this week. Said if we did win it would be a fluke. 35-14...we routed them...please stfu about how good Cslgary is and how bad we are...you dont know ****.
  5. You know i've spoken up on your behalf on this and the other forum but you are acting like a ****** right now NS.
  6. Really Noeller? A pecker measuring contest? pretty f in juvenile buddy.
  7. I'm guessing he could have played this weekend and MOS said maybe you can just stay on the IR.
  8. Not much of a point in it either anymore since the haters have already dug in and those that believe him will continue to do so.
  9. Or that the people listening are too stupid to understand what you are trying to say.
  10. I hope that Hervey shows up in Saskatchewan during WF week and has some casual conversations with members of the Rider coaching staff. The irony of the situation would be too much. Maybe make coach Dicky an offer of HC and AGM as a promotion. Wouldn't that make Rider fans heads explode. They loved it when the RIders did it too Hervey....called him a big baby for complaining. Would love to see the shoe on the other foot.
  11. Sure signing a ton of futures this year. Getting them before the XFL I guess.
  12. The reason that almost every athlete has moved away from Stan is because masking agents don't really work well with it. If a guy was trying to dope and not get caught the steroid found in Harris's system is literally the last one they would ever pick.
  13. Fair enough, but as I stated above I think Buck would likely coach far more aggressively than Lapo in the passing game.
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