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    And yet no one was fined. The province is putting all this talk into enforcement but when people know they aren't going to enforce it, it's just useless talk. When they only fined one person at the rally, the Organizer, their inaction spoke volumes. Until they start holding people accountable that are clearly and knowingly violating orders nothing is gonna change.
  2. The play that sticks out for me is the Thiadric Hansen special teams hit and the timing. Bombers scored a major and Hamilton would be looking to counter in a still close game. That hit told Hamilton they were in for a fight and the Bombers weren't gonna take the foot off the gas and were gonna put the other one on their necks.
  3. .... and I've found my new profile pic!
  4. Holy **** that was worse than I thought. That pat on the hip was disgusting as well and nullified that whole argument of 'tucking in shirt'. As the parent of a teen daughter I'm disgusted.
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    I'm surprised more restrictions weren't put in place for restaurants as that seemed to be a big driver of the numbers as well. Glad they didn't change the gym restrictions- haven't heard of any connections through that type of venue.
  6. That's really gonna hit Trump where it hurts. He's so focused on ratings.
  7. My wife and kid made me sit through that steaming pile of crap. Hands down one.of the worst movies I've ever seen.
  8. Sometimes I watch videos of Obama dropping in on places and openly mingle and joke with crowds to remind myself how a decent President acts, whether you agree with him or not.
  9. Was wondering what the line up was for. I think that's to counteract the Popeye's sandwich becoming available here.
  10. Loved the line " a fire hose of lying". I'm gonna have to add that to my vernacular.
  11. John Stewart laid a vicious calling out a year ago on this.
  12. That argument and viewpoint doesn't wash any more, Had they shot him after seeing a gun and it pointed at them, then that's reasonable. To shoot the guy based on the fact he might have had a gun plays right into the rhetoric of racists. If it was a white guy, would they have assumed he was going for a gun, and shot them? From everything we know about this situation was that this guy was trying t break up a fight between two women, and was trying to get his three kids away from the situation. Shooting based on the info we have and what we've seen, no one can say this was justified.
  13. Holy ****! No tasers or pepper spray for that department? That was certainly unwarranted no matter what the guy did. Wasn't aggressive or a threat.
  14. That and apparently the kid successfully sued CNN because of the editing of the video. They left out the beginning where the kid was approached by the indigenous protestor.
  15. Please tell me this is a joke. It's getting so hard to tell nowadays!
  16. I live close tom there and they were putting up signs yesterday. Should be opening any day now.
  17. https://www.rollingstone.com/culture/culture-news/sacha-baron-cohen-far-right-rally-prank-1021609/ Wasn't really a fan of his before, but this one is hilarious.
  18. You guys and Jonesys are going to be the death of me! So had had to make a trip out that way for work today. Thought I'd stop in and grab something to go. Had a burger, and it was one of the best I've ever had. I'm into burger that pays attention to the patty used, not just piling on a variety of toppings and calling it a day. I think I might have to make another excuse for the almost 40 km trip one way.
  19. It's amazing how free speech only applies to those when they have the same opinion as you. Protest lockdowns is OK, but others- "lynch 'em"
  20. That was my first thought too, that it was staged or someone trying to make the movement look bad.. What's with the hammer and sickle?
  21. Yup. With the current divide, I don't see any other outcome other than a revolution or civil war. it's only going to get worse closer to the election, and even if Trump and the republicans are defeated, that exit is going to be messy as hell, and those issues are still going to be boiling over. My family has been gradually going to the US less and less often, and I don't know if we will go back for the foreseeable future, other than Hawaii that seems to avoid the vast majority of this. For the last 12-15 years I have been going to Mlps for a beer convention in October- not this year
  22. Two things really strike me about this video; the message itself (which seems to go against the current government's views) and who it is coming from. Bush used to be a punchline for poor public speaking, as well as not the sharpest tool in the shed. To me, it's a stark reminder how far the US (and the republican party) has gone downhill since then. The current government would never be able to splice to together a similar message from Trump, nor would they.
  23. ... or he could have looked around and seeing each and every other person wearing a mask asking, "where's mine?" I'd bet the farm the hospital told him - as was in the tweet they deleted, and that the wife is full of crap. Nothing like sending the wife out to address an old issue.
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