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  1. Save on foods on mcphillips has mounds of chicken feet in the meat display case...and cooked ones you can buy...probably I would enjoy them - just haven't tried...we raised a small amount of chickens when I was a kid and I saw what those feet stepped in...
  2. Pork rinds - yaaaah or naaaay i enjoy them once in a while - the initial whiff when you open the bag can be a bit off putting...once you get into the crispy salty bites it's all good...
  3. thats the goo d stuff right there...
  4. Yes chicken is far more palatable for me than the beef...
  5. Sign me up. Few times a year liver is great. Couldn't do it weekly.
  6. Plenty of character development in Die Hard!!! Hans Gruber is a complex man...
  7. Liver pate on crackers - Yaaaay or Naaay Gotta keep the streak alive and go with a huge Yaaaaay on this one...can pair equally well with a cold brew or a nice red wine...
  8. I honestly thought you were going to parallel the Bomber season to the move Die Hard somehow....I was actually disappointed... At any rate: Yippee Kaiyaaaay Motherfuckers we won the Grey Cup!!!!! and Die Hard is for sure a Christmas movie.
  9. This is the drive that can seal it. TD and we are so close.
  10. We will know by mid third quarter... run Harris - should have fed him last trip in the red zone...one Td and ham is back in it
  11. Going with the dark pumpernickel today. Nothing wrong with a loaf of KUB though or Natural or City rye. Lots of good options.
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