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  2. It is nice reading and hearing on the street how excited fans are for the next game.
  3. What would you line up against that? Fill the gaps and force Strevelor to beat you with his arm. He is going to have to get the ball downfield. Not hard because it will be man, but he still has to go through his reads and make it happen. I hope he can do it. It will be exciting though.
  4. And yet the OL hasnt missed a beat and is arguably playing better then last years line. Despite the lack of cfl games played and continuity.
  5. We are undefeated at Mosaic Stadium
  6. Being more versatile under the ratio doesnt make it better. Done nothing? Hes the starting guard for edmonton, who have given up the fewest sacks in the league by a mile, and have the leagues second leading rusher. He didnt stick in sask as they tried to convert him to a tackle and he isnt a tackle. Based on what? Bond was arguably our best OL neck and neck with bryant when he was here. The switch of hardrick to tackle and bond to guard took us from a poor OL giving up 10+ hit/pressures a game to going weeks with out any at all. Hes just not that good. He didnt dominate any one. He was a part of good lines at times, but his best contribution was the 6th ol. Not a starter. very good as a back up / 6th man. Solid as a guard. Not more then that. He was a massive pylon at tackle.
  7. Don't forget hurting himself on a qb sneak this season... he can't take hits well.
  8. We seem to crap the bed in Saskatchewan frequently maybe the crowd noise does it to the team? Fajardo is decent at throwing 10 yard passes so maybe he eats up our soft zone coverage? I do think even without Jeffcoat the amount of pressure our d-line brings will make the difference in those games.
  9. Same would be said for half the teams in the league who kept winning with back ups this year. Never know whatll happen till youre in that position. At the least we know with streveler we will be competitive. I just hope we arent bringing back alex ross.
  10. They did it with Nichols not playing well at times.
  11. Neufeld's done a whole lot of nothing this year. Like he's done most years except even then there was at least a sighting or 2, The Mystery Disappearance of Patrick Neufeld.
  12. Hes probably including mattys extensive ncaa and HS careers. Still 70s 80s 90s. Blink was tough as they come. But also loose. That makes a big difference. If you are stiff and get smashed youll be picking up the pieces for years.
  13. Disagree. Neufeld being CDN allowed more ratio flexibility.. I feel Bond is being overrated by people. Hes done a whole lot of nothing since moving on.
  14. noooooooooope.......I would argue it was better with Neufeld than Bond. Don't be ridiculous. Why the hate for Neufeld??? He's stayed healthy and DOMINATED at the LG spot. I mean, my God, him driving poor Riders assholes down the field in the playoffs last year screaming at them the entire way.......isn't that enough? The guy has been very very very good for the Bombers.
  15. If Streveler fails a lot of heads will explode. Posters here think we can still win even if Streveler doesn't play well. If only it was that easy.
  16. Which prior to the bond era isnt saying much. And the best OL we had didnt have him starting. bryant bond goosen chungh and hardrick was hands down better then any combo involving neuf.
  17. Matt played from 83 to 96, so 14 years. Nichols has from 2010 to now, so 9 years to this point. Matt was a starter almost from the beginning and played a cavalier style. But the point is that more muscle mass doesn't mean fewer injuries. It usually has more to do ligaments and tendons. Name me a running back with fewer lost games due to injury than Charles Roberts.
  18. Nichols major problem is self inflicted injuries. His last 2.. Both were his own doing.. The one where he hurt himself last year in practice and this recent one.. Where he just held on to the ball 2 damn long.. Tough as Hell... Injury prone tho
  19. Wish we had brought back Mo and macallister. Though I suspect itll be griffiths, with more 3-4 over looks rushing a LBer off the edge, jake on the edge etc.
  20. "Hello, Walby Burger. Yeah, you had a lot of stuff piled on you, for sure. But are you truly a Walby Burger if you don’t have at least one pancake on you somewhere?" -DON LANDRY So true, so true. This need to be added...
  21. On the best Oline we had in years
  22. https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=Time+Tunnel+1960+TV+Show&&view=detail&mid=0CD27E1E60D78F3F73550CD27E1E60D78F3F7355&&FORM=VRDGAR Mike O'Shea sent him thru the Time Tunnel.
  23. he was our starting LG for Christ's sake....
  24. He was a starter for 2 years. Neufeld Goossen Chungh Bryant were very consistent.
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