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?‍?This game was directly opposite of what I wrote last week - we won all phases of the game this week AND, 

?‍?We didn't get out Coached this week.

?‍?I loved the arrogance of Duron Carter on taking the ball out of the end zone, thinking what? That he could out maneuver everybody?

?‍?Saskatchewan's Plan to loose a moose in the IGF area only worked to lessen the opening kickoff metre reading. Nice try though.

?‍?How about that QB of ours? Mr Nichols doesn't like losing, does he?

?‍?Well, it looks like the Riders did come up lame for real this game...

?‍?Was just thinking how nice it is to watch the game nowadays. It just seems less challenging..

?‍?Looks like we got the right Knox in this time.

?‍?Walker - a couple of rookies errors...but forgivable. He's in the right spots..

?‍?I'm really glad the Riders spent so much time on their TD celebrations...

?‍?That punt return...the whole routine was brilliant. Fogg, playing his part, and Leggett..that guy is smart. Didn't think he'd make it all the way but...

?‍?Nothing fake about that win...




?‍?Chris Jones's veins are popping out again. He sure loves to actively demonstrate his displeasure with a player..

?‍?Theres a deep down, underlying feeling that the Bombers should have broken the 50 point margin...just because

?‍?How many points did the Bomber's D allow in the 2nd half again? Oh yeah 8 They owned every quarter

Blue Bomber Talk - #Bombers have now won 4-straight home games. Longest winning streak in IGF's history. #Riders #CFL

?‍?Santos-Lucia 1st great play of the Game, on that interception ....Santos-Knox!

?‍?You know what's really good about that Bomber game? EVERYTHING

?‍?Last week, we were out coached. Certainly not this week. Good reversal by LaPolice and his play calling. 

?‍?Nichols is pushing to be recognized as a top starter.

?‍?That prairie boy Ambrosie...showing some class by driving out to McGregor Mb. to visit that ill Bomber fan...

?‍?Oh no, Bomber bye week...what will we do?

?‍?Mr Denmark, we appreciate your performance...

?‍?The way that Nichols ran the ball late in the game was uplifting, making the fumble secondary with what he accomplished in his teammates' eyes.

?‍?Mm, who was that carrying the ball on a sweep for a big 1st down?...then catching a TD pass? Oh yeah, the misfit..Lankford

?‍?Ha, the Bombers win the toss and defer to the 2nd half, to get the wind, but Medlock ignores that strategy and just boots it like crazy anyways. 

Chase De Leo- (Manitoba Moose) - Had an awesome time at my first #CFL @Wpg_BlueBombers game today. What an atmosphere!What a city! Thanks for the tickets @andrewharris33 ??

?‍?So they interview Nichols after the game and the last thing he says is praising the work of Moe Leggett....respect

?‍?Only 5 penalties and 1 turnover. If the Bombers can play like this every game, they can beat anyone..

?‍?Punt returns - Duron Carter 3 for 3 yards

?‍?A special thanks to Chris Jones for showing us, with the formation, that the Riders were going to onside kick

?‍?Weston Dressler 3 receptions for 56 yards. He joins the top 25 receivers of all time with that yardage...He also had 1 tackle

?‍?Harris 57 yards rushing. Nichols 53

?‍?That TD drive before the half showed everybody what the Blue are made of...and answered the Rider TD. The point being made is not the accidental contact in the end zone, but rather, the Bombers moved the ball in response to Sask's score.

?‍?It seemed every time the Riders did something in scoring, the Bombers responded

?‍?I'll leave you with this...


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3 minutes ago, Arnold_Palmer said:

I could be wrong but since Nichols has taken over I don't think we've lost two games in a row.. A lot of credit to the coaching staff for making adjustments and credit to Matt Nichols for raising his quality of play.. Especially after a game where he could have played better!

In Calgary then here against Edmonton last year. Our first two losses after the seven game winning streak.

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After I **** on Lankford all week about him being in the lineup over Thorpe, he played a great game. If he's going to be in the lineup then we need to involve him more on offence (like Lapo did on the weekend) rather than just have him out there on special teams. I still think Thorpe is the better option to have in the lineup, but I gotta eat my words a bit on Lankford. 

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On 9/10/2017 at 2:43 PM, Mr Dee said:



I would say we celebrated Saskatchewan day the most appropriate way... with Saskatchewan losing...

Putting aside Matt Nichols spectacular numbers... the leadership of that guy is unmatched by anyone in the CFL right now... Reilly is a more talented player all around, and Mitchell just wins... but find me a player on the Bombers - O, D or ST - that isn't 100% committed to Nichols as our leader...

hint: you won't

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