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  1. You could put together a couple of really good teams with all those names, a few are getting a little long in the tooth but I guess its always good to have a few "vets" on your team. Going to be interesting to watch player signings unfold. How much influence will winning a championship have on player retention? Will it matter or is dollars the bottom line for a CFL player?
  2. Geez I haven't even ordered my Grey Cup Bomber merch yet and we are already worrying about what the team is going to look like in June of 2020? Damn... Tough crowd. 🤼‍♂️
  3. Correct... I agree, if the Bombers fielded a punt on or inside Hamilton's 45 they would have been in Medlock's range, but that wasn't the case. If that's your argument can you provide the stats as to where the Bombers fielded the ball on each one of Medlock's field goal attempts? The offense moved the ball into scoring range, the Bombers weren't "gifted" with 18 points by virtue of punts fielded deep inside Hamilton's half of the field. At least not in the game I watched.
  4. Medlock doesn't just walk onto the field and spot the ball anywhere he wants...
  5. Seems to me the talking heads on TSN were saying the Bombers put points on the board 7 out of their last 8 drives... Remind me what the final score was again?
  6. I really try not to compare one to the other, it comes down to content and the maturity level of the posters for me. Lipstick and eyeliner isn't that important to me... My last comment was merely suggesting the other site still appears to be having stability issues and might not be dependable (the best choice) over the course of the Grey Cup weekend.
  7. Unfortunately it's unstable and not very reliable, for the time being this site looks like its your best bet as the Grey Cup platform ... Go Bombers!!!!
  8. I think if you re-watch the game again take note of what the Bombers were doing on defense, they did the same thing against Calgary and Bo. They were rushing to spots on the field, They were forcing the play and the QB into spots they weren't designed to be in, often referred to as changing the launch point. It changes the timing, a designed throwing window, the blocking scheme or angles. The defence literally controlled the play of the offence.
  9. This is almost like releasing your game day roster, time to declare! Like many others I've come across from the dark side as a result of it suddenly going really dark. Long time Bomber fan... 50 plus years. One time season ticket holder, now an out of province (Thunder Bay) fan. I actually signed up as a member on this site shortly after Richard Harris's passing. At the time I found the other site more active and tended to hang there. I've long ago forgotten the username I signed up here with so I opted to go with an alternate email address and my username from the other site. No p
  10. Actually I just read that although the Bombers are the officially the home team and will dress in Calgary's locker room they intend on sticking with their road whites for the Grey Cup game... the uniforms they have been wearing for the last two wins, the sames ones they wore during the game that punched their ticket to the Grey Cup game.
  11. Checking in... Puzzled about the other site, but none the less I'm pleased that we are still talking Bomber football on November 19th...
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