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  1. Yes but racism is racism. But going by trackers logic, after decades of oppression, he understands if innocent people experience violence. More of a thought process I was playing out.
  2. You could say indigenous people and Canada have had a bad relationship? Im indigenous, so you would be ok if let’s say.... i was violent against you? I mean you did say you understand it after decades of oppression.
  3. Ya you have the ability to wait a bit. We have to start cutting hay in July and it was beyond dry.
  4. The late 80’s..... I’m sure I would remember if I was born in the 80’s lol
  5. Livestock rancher here. I can’t remember The last time we have had a normal spring/summer. Flood in 2011-2014. 2015-2017 was recovering from the floods. And then 2018-2019 have been droughts. Past 3 years in my area ranchers have been scrambling to get enough feed for the animals
  6. If the government and cfl can not reach a deal, I feel like this could be the end. Putting themselves in a Leveraged position could help for next year, but having the high amount of debt could be hard to overcome since it was reported the cfl lost $20m/year. Sad to watch this potentially fold out.
  7. I’ll give cabin in the woods a try
  8. Almost as good as Aaron Hargreaves
  9. Fun fact, I did sit beside his girlfriend at a game once. Rory kohlerts mother and family was there too.
  10. Greatest WR the bombers ever drafted 😂
  11. There shall be no Jade Etienne slander on this page!
  12. Now this gave me a good laugh
  13. Ok and that’s fine, owning one is not for everybody. But there is a couple point you made that aren’t consistent I would say. First off, collecting is one reason people own a restricted gun, but so is target shooting and competition shooting. As for “only military and law enforcement” should have these types of guns, I don’t think you understand the difference between what a military use and what is made available to public. Most of the guns banned were restricted guns, meaning no you can’t hunt with them. But they are not used in military, only made to look like a model. Restricted guns are usually semi, and for example an M16 is chambered in .223. That’s barely enough to take down a deer. In fact, the hunting rifles that are Not being banned will most likely appear in a higher caliber. And yes these hunting rifles can be semi-auto too. These guns aren’t automatic like you see in military or in call of duty. Those are prohibited in Canada and have been since the 1970/1980s (I cant remember the exact year). Too add, restricted and non-restricted guns have a maximum magazine size of of 5. While handguns have 10. The ruger mini 14 can hold 10 too since it fits a certain handgun magazine but it’s illegal to do so. The only type of guns that don’t have a limit on magazine size, is rim-fire guns. These are chambered in a .22 and below. (I do think this should be brought to the 5 magazine limit too) so to sum up, these guns are not used by military, these aren’t call of duty guns, they are guns which are classified as restricted, which are being used for collecting, target and competition, but not hunting.
  14. I’m going to assume you don’t own any guns based of this post?
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