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  1. Interesting to hear what the financials will be on this.
  2. Is what it is. That explains the 5 games in two years. But you’re allowed To have an opinion on him. Worst case it provides competition in training camp
  3. So last year he had a season ending injury. It happens. The year before that. He was on the pr bcuz he was a rookie to the cfl.
  4. Haha “cut from the same stone” means they are very identical players.
  5. There is some in-house options at safety and maybe some vets in the fa market. Thomas might not be back with that griffiths kid. They are cut from the same stone
  6. People also need to remember that take what these articles being said if Nichols being upset or collaros being the front runner with a grain of salt. It’s media guys looking for buzz.
  7. I finally saw this movie the other night and I feel Like it was an awful Star Wars movie
  8. True but I do believe before Brees got injured and after he came back, only hill and Brees were the qbs on the active roster. I could be wrong in that though.
  9. He will get some looks but what position is he gonna play down there? And I know you’ll say wherever they want to put him like taysom hill, but hill is listed as a qb, and I can’t see a team willing to take strev on as a backup qb.
  10. Well I mean I did with saying best players available playing would make the game more interesting. Usually a better quality is a good thing. But fair well then my friend! Enjoy your weekend.
  11. I agree. I think over time they will grow into it. But you have to get them in the seat some how. But I don’t believe the game will grow based off the fact of a Canadian identity and they would still be competing to gain young viewers attention from the nfl. But I ya I agree with you for the most part.
  12. That’s fine I don’t have to change your opinion. I said before let’s agree to disagree. But you kept on. The same could be said for you that you haven’t proved your point whatever that may be.
  13. It’s like arguing with a kid. It’s not my wish for no canadian qbs to ever play. And you are really over exaggerating. Coach’s will put in the player that gives them the best shot to win. I mean Canadians play in the nfl right? And I would think those coach’s are more biased then the coach’s in the cfl. If the goal of the cfl is to grow internationally, and nationally then I don’t believe this mandatory Canadians is going to work. The younger generation doesn’t care where the player is from, they want the best player available playing that will give them the most excitement. That player can be American canadian, global. You can’t say taking the minimum number of Canadians out will ruin football in Canada, because you don’t get to speak for the hundreds of thousands of kids and what motivates them.
  14. He’s showing the teams his tape from when he picked off mike Reilly
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