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  1. Tiny759


    Hey They still have great deals on vehicles there!
  2. Of course he’s upset. Who wouldn’t be? But every time a player gets injured by another player, the coach can just go off and say “100% intentional” when they have no idea?
  3. Oh for sure. Hard plays in to the boards like that can be incredibly reckless. But Maurice has to be 100% sure that it was intentional if he is gonna call him out for that. Otherwise it can make him look like the fool.
  4. Well that is kinda the idea for hockey fights, but I think this one was more decided by the the right fist that knocked him back and off balance.
  5. Tiny759


    My gf left the restaurant industry two weeks ago. Couldn’t be happier she got out at the right time.
  6. That doesn’t make this play intentional. I can understand why people are mad or upset
  7. As a flames fan and a jets fan I was really looking forward to this series. But how can you be so sure it was intentional? You should go tell the nhl since you know it was absolutely intentional
  8. Did he kick him or did a skate bounce up off the ice and resulted in a unfortunate injury? Can’t give out a suspension just because an injury occurred
  9. Jets were 0/7 on the pp, but cmon that tussle didn’t end in a draw, and no I’m not saying it was a decisive win.
  10. Not really a fight, but wheeler didn’t win it. you Win some you lose some
  11. Lol ask wheelers chin about that one
  12. Well yes and no. That same question could be applied to buff. Just because someone is bigger and stronger doesn’t mean he’s going out there looking to hurt people and injure them.
  13. They didn’t really “take him out” that was more of a bad luck play then anything
  14. Idk what Paul is going on about, but that’s a huge allegation to say that it was intentional from tkachuck
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