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  1. I think we should give him starting money based alone on his sneaking skills.
  2. I mean we have also seen qbs with better arms talent get less of a shot. And don’t get me wrong I’m fine to keep him if we got a veteran qb in front of him, but let’s not act like there isn’t a bias towards him.
  3. I’m hoping you remember 2008 when we walked away from our veteran qb to go with the young guy right? I’d rather not go back into the years of having unproven qbs but that’s just me.
  4. I thought I read somewhere that he was the all time sack leader at und. Don’t forget about Joseph at penn state too. Very good DE who could excel in cfl and probably won’t get much nfl interest.
  5. Actually I would say that does play into his decision, he has to way the pros and cons of paying for zach vs the Canadian talent that is available. My point was meant to target that a Canadian de was leaving and really the only way to replace him would be the draft.
  6. Also penn state product Daniel Joseph. Doesn’t have much for playing time, but when he did, there was production from his end.
  7. This probably puts an end to the idea of re-signing zach. Keeping the first round could be crucial now considering there are a couple defensive ends that should be available in the first round.
  8. Considering these guys have nfl experience and come from big time programs, they should blow everyone out of the league right? Well that’s what my American friends tell me anyways. “Any college team, even some high school teams could beat a cfl team” I’m almost starting to think my friends don’t watch football.
  9. Ok I’ll call you crazy. You’re crazy 😬
  10. This is not true. In the early rankings this year 8 out of the top 10 players come from NCAA programs, with the other two coming from Laval. One of the Laval players is also getting invites to showcase games down in the states. While this year there isn’t a lot of depth to the draft, the first two rounds are full of talent.
  11. One thing I wouldn’t mind seeing is finding a quality Canadian at safety again. This way we could move BA back to hb and keep Richardson and Nevis up front. I like Thomas, but he just doesn’t quite have the ability to do the things stove or Nevis does. Still a really good player.
  12. So go into the season only with a qb who has a handful of starts and the back up being a qb who has 3 throws all together? Yikes
  13. So I think MOS will stay here, but their is massive baggage with zach, injury, the 1st rounder with him. Zach won a cup he may chase the most money now.
  14. Yep. Eli is most likely in the NFL if he doesn’t get hurt. I think that last draft we got some really talented players, that should not be in the cfl but rather the nfl. (Eli, kongbo, and even drew and Brady has nfl teams looking at them)
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