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  1. For sure. I was just using the 4 picks in the game as an example. It’s more to the point of saying one qb> over the other based on events that don’t happen. Theoretical discussion is fine, but in any sports game, no matter how good one team is or not, almost impossible to predict.
  2. Once again, that’s talking about events that haven’t happened so it’s tough to say what actually would happen. Easy to say it’s one way or the other. It’s just as easy for me to say I think they would win even if they didnt have 4 picks.
  3. I’m all for calling out Lapo, but that’s a bad throw. Good thing we got it back.
  4. 100% agree he needs to be better on that type of play. I actually think he has had an iffy game. But just have to disagree when you say he’s not good enough when he has been an excellent wr the past 2-3 years.
  5. I guess we will have to agree to disagree on this.
  6. While I wouldn’t call him great, I would think he is better than just good, whatever that may be. And ya never a 50/50 guy but good on getting open space. But once again to call him not good enough is almost laughable.
  7. Agreed, I find it a bad take if someone calls him not good enough based on lower stats this year.
  8. You mean cfl west all star in 2017 and 2018 Adams isn’t good enough?
  9. Kind of expected. Thanksgiving weekend with a huge storm the day before Leaving roads closed.
  10. But that’s lapo’s fault right? Oh sorry that’s only when strev plays bad.
  11. Not a bad trade, not saying this will win us a gc but provides insurance behind cs if he continues to struggle going into playoffs.
  12. Well this is an opinion... I don’t think there is no fix at all. It only seems like our biggest hold back is either qb or oc. Yes our defence has struggled the past few games, but overall they have been fairly strong. As for “backing up the truck” you can only do that so much with the salary cap not increasing very much. And yea I’m sure any season ticket holder could be thrown into that office and do better 🙄
  13. So this question goes out to anybody. This team is still a good team, so what is an actual fix? And what is the fix going into next year? We can sit here and argue but what do you guys think would make this team a winning team again?
  14. Fair enough, just had to make my point stand out a bit more haha. What I don’t understand is that Nichols went from a strong passer in 2016,2017 and parts of 2018 to this year. I agree both qbs have been holding the ball way too long and it comes back to hurt us. It seems that the only thing that is constant is Lapo poor play calling at times, with receivers having trouble getting open. I think both qbs could find success with a different system.
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