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Not an easy game to pick stars. But here goes.

1 Mo.  Allways money. Bad games, bad systems, bad teams, or every thing great. He allways brings it and does his job.

2 Nichols. Couple ugly tosses, sask D really left him reeling when looking for more then dump passes. But still a bright spot in a bad game.

3 Flanders. Showed great versatility catching some big passes out of the back field.

HH, the entire sask D for diving on the field every time the bombers went hurry up. They made the CFL look like the worst parts of soccer. Atleast the loop hole will be closed after this game im sure.  
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Thorpe running with second team.

Coates in. no sign of D'Costa Rican (or Palliser)

C. Johnson  off to the side with Focketi. Didn't see him scrimmage at all, but may have missed it, or with second team.

Dressler looks as crisp as an autumn day. Arms fully extended and pulling in darts. Nil evidence of any loss of step.

Loffler sitting out much of practice. He did manage to make it into scrimmage long enough to jump a route on Denmark.

Hardrick wearing one of those wide brimmed Tilley hat things chasing Loffler around the field was a sight. He looked like a very large, but insane beekeeper.

Beautiful INT. by Fogg. Very similar to Randle's OT snag against Mont.

Dbs. flying around.

Westerman, Okpalaugo, and Jeffcoat working the crowd.

This team is LOOSE.

An aside: #82 (?) gained some reps with second squad as did #80 Wolitarsky. 

They were also periodically pumping in the  crowd noise.... Loud, unrelenting, but with no substance or purpose other than to be distracting.....A perfect simulation for all things Priders. 

Wasn't able to stay for the whole practice as the wasps were wicked in the stands. I finally got nailed at the 45 min mark.
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Week 10 - Bye Hamilton 

👁‍🗨Nic Lewis - in second place, all alone in receptions. That is a truly remarkable feat. Whether you like him or not, and how can you not, he is accomplishing what only one other receiver has accomplished, and that person is Gerry Simon. And soon, Lewis will bypass him. I never would have that that but, holy hanna, I clap my hands for a truly gifted athlete. Bravo Nic!


Aug 21, 2009: RB Fred Reid rushed for 260 yds, a #Bombers record. #OnceABomberAlwaysABomber

Matthew Scianitti - Marc Trestman says Anthony Coombs will have surgery on his shoulder, but coach is confident Coombs can return this season #CFL #Argos

👁‍🗨Ha, funny twitter comment - Crap you guys I stared at the eclipse way too long and now I'm an NHL replay official.

CFL Staff. -  Amid the deafening roar at Investors Group Field on Thursday screeched the silence of the last remaining detractors as Matt Nichols and the Bombers took down the CFL’s top-ranked team. Nichols’ performance (390 yards, 80%, 1 TD, 0 INT) may have been the best by any quarterback this season


Blue and Gold CFL  -  Andrew Harris leads the CFL in YAC. He's a running back #Bombers. And it's not even close. Harris is 1st with 355 yards, 2nd is the RedBlacks Brad Sinopoli at 278 yards

👁‍🗨O'Shea says the Bombers would be pretty well on pace for an interception total like last year but we're dropping them now instead of making the catch. (See last game 3-4?)

👁‍🗨In case you're wondering, Dom Davis is still considered the "#2 QB"

Craig T Smith - At Packers practice. Ray Nitschke Field. @ Green Bay Packers Training and Practice Fields instagram.com/p/BYHLOCUjXcg/

CFL News - Rookie TE Antony Auclair making case to stick with Bucs tampabay.com/blogs/bucs/roo… via @TB_Times #NFL #CFL #Riders

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👁‍🗨Clarence Denmark must have heard all the talk of dropping him from the lineup when Dressler gets back....2 TDs

👁‍🗨It's nice to have and hold the lead all game.

👁‍🗨Adams - pure money

👁‍🗨The Bede bounce...

👁‍🗨Still hate those TD calls when the receiver/runner fumbles the ball without possession

👁‍🗨First time, in a long time, where we win the game after an opposition player accomplishes a record setting feat...feels good

👁‍🗨Remember when we did just enough to lose a game?

👁‍🗨Does the fact Bombers are wearing home uniforms count as a home win?

👁‍🗨And the groan from Saskatchewan gets even louder.

👁‍🗨Bombers are keeping their offensive scoring average up there...33 points average over what...the last 7 games?

Derek Taylor - Speaking on LaPo's sense of humour...2:08 left in the 4th, Neufeld waggles to the line as the Field #2 rec. Minimum 3rd time this season!

- Final count from the Eskimos/Bombers game...Edmonton missed a CFL season high 19 tackles! Previous high was 13.

👁‍🗨That Nichols guy sure gets the job done..

👁‍🗨Special package delivery for the Montreal Alouettes. - Andrew Harris 17 touches - 106 yards..

👁‍🗨The taste of revenge tingled the lips of the Alouettes players until Randle wiped it away

👁‍🗨Leggett, he de man

👁‍🗨Can say that that was probably Knox's best game.

👁‍🗨A thank you note has been sent to Durant on behalf of Chris Randle for throwing to his side.

👁‍🗨Can't win any coin tosses, but we won the time of possession..

Winnipeg Gordo - Wade Miller sighting at the GnR concert. He said this is the 1st #Bombers away game he hasn't gone to in 4 years.

Blue And Gold CFL- Lankford can fly when he's in open space #Bombers

- When I talked to Adams on my flight back to Winnipeg (he was sitting beside me), he said Mincy was the most underrated DB in the CFL

Ted Wyman - How big is that hustling special teams tackle by Ryan Lankford to catch Stef Logan on the kickoff return now? #Bombers

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Andrew Harris takes pass for good gain, on first offensive play.....
T. J. Thorpe still forcing his way to the marker....
Medlock hammers 47 yarder....for 3.
Hurl finally gets in on blitz....but gases tackle on Durant....
Durant throws INT straight to Randle on sideline.....giveaway..
End around to Lankford on 2nd and short....nice gain..
JFG catches one up the middle.....next play, Nichols....
....hits Denmark deep in the end zone for the TD.  10-0.
Slow starts.....what slow starts?
Logan busts kickoff return....Lankford makes saving tackle...
....that effort turns out to be huge.....because.....
....Durant hit/stripped by Moe  Leggett.....Jeffcoat recovers....
Next series, Durant completes a few.....
....and Willy is unsheathed, for short yardage thrust.....
Hurl is having some struggles out there.....
Bombers still getting good pressure on Durant....
Bede short FG gets Als, on the board.....
Rod Black occasionally interrupting the Nik Lewis Show.....
....to bring the fans..... some actual play by play. 
Blue pass rush still coming.....but pass coverage starting to go.
Jeffcoat has been a nice addition at DE......
Couple of passes to Adams, into Montreal territory....
....but Thorpe makes his first mistake as Bomber....fumbles..
....big turnover.....Als were on the ropes.....
Bombers O becoming  static and predictable on 2nd downs...
Medlock getting a lot more practice with the punting......
Durant has Als moving.....hits Johnson for wide open 40 yd TD...
Knox having a better game early.....not so much now....
Montreal tries short snap and run on punt attempt..
....snuffed out....turnover......Bombers take it and run.....
...or in this case, throw.....TSN signal goes out.....
have to watch sideline bomb to Adams....
....and Nichols hitting JFG for the TD......on replays....17-10
At least we didn't miss any commercials....
Bombers take back to back PI calls....but  Als can't punch it in..
Nichols scrambles twice,  The Fever scrambles some more...

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With teams hitting the 9 game mark, thought it might be a good time to review some pre-season predictions and re-assess them, and gaze into the crystal ball again with half a season of backing to shape those guesses. Included for your amusement/my shame are my pre-season prognostications. Will start with the 3 teams already at 9 for now, then do 4 more later after this week's games are played, and the final 2 after week 11. 


What I said then - "Scary good offence this year with Chris Williams added to the receiving mix and three deadly return specialists. Jennings is the ridiculously early pick for league MOP. Could see a few 45-40 games from them. But Wally will have their defence prepared too. Bit of a gut pick but I say 13-5 and first."

How did I do? - OK, so they still could go 8-1 and I hit my prediction, but I overshot on this pick a bit, and with 4 games against Calgary, Edmonton and the Bombers left in the second half, they will need to step up their game to finish first, especially having lost the series to the Esks (and the Riders, for that matter) already .  The injury to Jennings has stalled their offence a bit (but only since his return). Did get that 45-40 score pretty much right, though, thanks to the Bomber game. 

Win they'll savour - that comeback win against the Blue and Gold keeps them in the mix in the wild West. 

Loss they'll lament - losing both to Edmonton hurts their chances at top spot, but the beatdown in Riderville is the kind of loss you can't afford if you want to run with the big dogs.

They make the playoffs - if they sweep the Bombers or stay ahead of the Riders, and continue their dominance against the East, whom they have the majority of their remaining games against. 

They don't - if the Bombers sweep them and the Riders play more games like the second match vs the Lions

Looking forward ...
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Well friends, the Winnipeg Blue Bombers marched into La Belle Province tonight trying to get to 7 wins by the halfway mark of the season for the first time since the halcyon days of Kahari Jones (editor's note, actually they were 7-1 back in 2011), and more importantly to keep pace with the leaders in the Western conference heading into the Labour Day weekend. And despite the temptations of St. Laurent street, which has led more than one young player astray in the wee hours of the morning, the Bombers showed no ill effects as they jumped out to a 10-0 lead before the teams switched sides for the first time. But as we have come to expect with this team, nothing comes easy for them, and close games that come down to the wire are as predictable for them as it is to hear Nick Hill saying "Come ooooon down" during our commercial breaks. So it was no surprise to see the Alouettes storm back and tie the game up with a last second field goal to send us into overtime all evened up. But a little extra football never hurt anyone, and the Bombers got the job done when they needed to, and it all turned out nice again.

Now as is the custom after a game, I bestow the Happy Honker award on a player that in my mind is the most deserving of it. Now as you know, the Happy Honker ward does not usually go to the best player in the game, but is given to that player who did something just that little extra special, that made you stand up and take notice, that maybe made an impact on that one play. And for 60 minutes it looked like that player who was going to receive the Happy Honker Award was special teamer Ryan Langford, who ran down Stefan Logan when it looked like he was going to return kick all the way for a touchdown, which of course led to Maurice Leggett corralling a fumble 2 plays later and the All came away with nothing when it looked like they might get 7, and with the game going to overtime, those lost points certainly cost Montreal.

But the game did...

1 Darvin adams. 5-88 with 2 big big catches. 

2 harris Churns and burns for over 100 yards combined. 6.5 YPC. 

3 Randle 2 picks from the man on the island. 

HH denny with the circus  catch, TWICE. 

Honorable mention to MO. Sack, forced fumble fumble recovery. 
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Gotta have an official GDT.....

Two teams seemingly headed in opposite directions. Als already-shallow roster is banged up. Bombers relatively healthy (*knocks on wood*) and seem to be playing better each week. Good teams avoid traps and just keep on trucking, regardless of the opponent. Time to put the wood to these guys and keep rolling along....

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Bye - Saskatchewan 

Tim Baines  -  #Redblacks officially announce release of DBs Imoan Claiborne and CJ Roberts? Mitchell White released by Eagles on weekend. Hmm. #CFL

Arash Madani   -  Not sure if there's another head coach in pro football who helps out with the bags post-game. 

 O'Shea is genuine. Cares. Smirk, and all...   


👁‍🗨Giovanni Aprile – originally drafted 16th overall by Winnipeg in 2012 – had just recorded the first regular season reception of his professional career, in his fourth season, 1 catch 6 yards. Hey, 2 more catches for 18 yards on Friday!


"I know this is where I should be. I’m so happy to be a Blue Bomber.”  -  @BWalk28, the 21-year-old on the rise.

Eric M -  One week after Bruce Johnson's release, rookie Brian Walker allows just 2 catches for 20 yards on 7 targets, with 2 PBUs & an INT. #Bombers

Only the Calgary Stampeders have allowed less QB pressures than the Winnipeg Blue Bombers this season. #CFL #Bombers

The #Argos have released INT WR Khalil Paden.

Rod Pedersen. -  Riders John Murphy @draftjm13 tells the SportsCage the acquisition of Vernon Adams changes nothing for Brandon Bridge & Marquise Williams.

Ed Tait. -  It's time to rethink the CFL's East-West format, writes @EdTaitWFC  http://ow.ly/7yAM30eqqQ1

Jamie Nye - Only 7 challenges in the #CFL in the two weeks combined since the rule change. There were 28 challenges combined in the two weeks prior.

Canadian Football League commissioner Randy Ambrosie is a big fan of the East-West dynamic but says he would entertain discussions about a change to the league’s playoff structure.
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👁‍🗨Glad we held that tackle-breaking class just before this game. It seemed every ball carrier broke at least one tackle. It was like they had a competition on who could break more...

👁‍🗨They have it wrong. It's not location, location, location. It's possession, possession, possession. And the Bomber possessed. That happens when our O keeps their O off the field..

👁‍🗨Truly, I have never seen Harris play so well as in this game.

👁‍🗨And the groans grows louder from one province over...

👁‍🗨Couldn't  beat us, even with luck and circus catches.

👁‍🗨Brilliant game management by the Bombers. Caught them 3-4 times with too many men on the field. Awesome.

👁‍🗨I'm throwing my playbook away. I don't need it. LaPolice has got it covered. This team is spreading its wings and every player is getting involved. LaPolice is making it happen. It's really fun to watch.

👁‍🗨So nice to have Flanders as an option.

👁‍🗨Absolutely love winning a Thursday night game. With 2 points in our pocket, we can settle in and watch the other teams beat themselves up.

👁‍🗨What's not to like about over 30,554 fans screaming madly for the team they love.

Nichols wouldn't let him have the ball...

👁‍🗨I like the expression - fundamental football. Fits this game.

👁‍🗨What's up TJ? Can't be the interception leader like that..

Jim Toth - #Bombers hurry up offence is really giving #Eskimos defence headaches... #CFL

Terry Jones (Edmonton) - This game isn't even close. Other than the scoreboard.

Darrin Bauming - That's *game-manager Matt Nichols driving the field again...

👁‍🗨Bombers no-huddle-offence - "cheetah" - gotta love that...

Juicy...Arash Madani- Kenny Stafford being cut by WPG in the pre-season wasn't about talent. He was a locker room issue. They took the cap hit for a clean break.

Randy Turner - I'm beginning to think Andrew Harris just uses the first tackler to keep his balance. #Bombers

👁‍🗨To be honest, Eskimos were never reilly in this game.

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Nice crowd, perfect weather, double flyover......
Bombers take opening drive right down the Esks 6...
2nd down trick play...Adams to Nichols, ends with Adams sacked...
....far too cute, when you have meat and potatoed it, right down the field....
Heath makes perfect read....then flat out drops INT, probably for 6...
Nice run/pass balance for the Bombers so far, moving ball well.....
...but holding penalties on back to back series....stall those...
The Harris/Flanders sets, have the Moes LB's back on their heels....
Nice to have TWO backs who can get the YAC.....
Pretty intense out there.....plenty of thumping....
Speaking of that, Mike Miller really likes to thump....
Esksies get off a drive that stalls at the  Bomber 30..
FG missed....Lankford gets huge return to midfield.....
...wiped out by illegal block on Knox....who has taken a few, this year....
Blue take ball....Nichols works short zone to Thorpe, Harris, Denmark..
Harris crashes through again....down deep, but fumbles the ball
Dumb trick play, dropped  INT, penalties...and a fumble.....
....only Bomber mistakes keeping the Moes in this one.....
Eskimos struggling on O......
Tons of YAC, from  Bombers....Thorpe is like a 3rd running backs...
Harris runs over some people, Thorpe runs over some more.....
The Fever plunges in for  6....while Bomber O almost runs up into stands...
10-0 Blue.  Only.  Despite completely dominating this game...
This Perkins is a pretty good RB , for Edmonton.....
Esks run sweep on 3rd and 1 for good yardage.....
Reilly chucks it up the sidelines...for Deke Williams.....
....who makes circus catch, between Roc/Walker double team....
D gets the hold.....FG makes it 10-3 Bombers...
Nichols is sacked, Blue takes ANOTHER holding penalty....
Rielly heaves another pass down the sideline, with 35 sec. in half...
Randle has the blanket coverage.....and the interception.....
Harris rips another one.....Nichols puts up jump ball in end zone.....
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1 Nichols.  Drove the field the whole game. Team has to figure out the red zone, but if they do look out. 32/40 390 yards 1 td. 

2 Harris 11 carries, 105 yards. 8 catches 120 yards. Still didnt get 20 touches, but put up 225 yards.

3 Flanders. Bunch of other guys could have gotten this, but the 2 header monster of harris and flanders really crushed the esks.  6-45 and 2-26. The 2 headed monster combined for 27 touches, 296 yards. Crazy. 

hh  Darvin adams with on the TD catch, Another week another great td catch and performance by adams.

Edmonton @ Winnipeg 

No changes for the Bombers...

Travis Bond on the Bombers getting a 'reputation' for 'gritty' play  

Who'd a thunk? Bombers are ahead of Eskis in sacks 2.9-2.7 per game

6/7 cfl writers have chosen Edmonton over Winnipeg. Only Don Landry has picked the Bombers. I'd be ok with that if he also wouldn't be the only one to pick the Argos in their match.

"Definitely have to be on our Ps and Qs this week going against (Reilly). Great matchup." -  TJ Heath

"I feel like we have great confidence already."  -  Clarence Denmark

Our proud O-Linemen:


                                                                                    FOR THE W!

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Bye - Calgary 

Drew Edwards  -  #Ticats conform signing of OL Tony Washington, release REC Kevin Elliott, QB Logan Kilgore, OL Quinterrius Eatmon, DB Ethan Davis. #CFL

Timothy Flanders  -  I would like to be called by my birth name which is Timothy ! Not Tim ! Definitely not Timmy

Matt Baker BC Lions  -  Two days after announcing the return of Ricky Foley, the BC Lions are bringing back another familiar face. Non-import offensive lineman Andrew Jones has agreed to a contract with the club for the remainder of this season.

The Toronto native was selected by the Lions in round four (32nd overall) of the 2007 CFL Draft and went on to appear in 31 regular season games from 2009 to 2011.

The club also announced the release of import quarterback Jake Heaps from the practice roster

Johnny Manziel said the Canadian Football League “is definitely something I’ve looked into,” but that he still hopes to play in the NFL. He has been out of the league since the Cleveland Browns released him last year amid several off-field issues.

Craig T Smith  - (scouting)  -  Made it to Cincinnati. Bengals tomorrow. Dinner At Just Q'in with my brother JM! #gobombers… instagram.com/p/BXjR7vDjl2p/

Terri Worth  -  For the people bitching about water at new mosaic, water is $5.50 at Rogers Centre and you can't bring your own in @rodpedersen #RiderNation

Bob Irving  -  When Bo Levi Mitchell hears Jay Cutler is getting 10 million he must feel like puking.

Derek Taylor  -  I don't know much, but I know this: There's no one better than @Gelliman82 at drawing PI/Ill contact calls. Already 7 this season! #Details (That would be Greg Ellington)

3downnation   -  #Riders draft pick, Canadian tight end Antony Auclair shining in Florida heat 3downnation.com/2017/08/09/can… #TampaBay #Buccaneers #Bucs #NFL

Darren Cameron   -  Last Friday's game (Ottawa) winning field goal was Medlock's third walk-off winner in his 24 regular season games since signing as free agent.
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👁‍🗨Marks the return of Area 51's brother with BC (Ricky Foley)

Ian Hamilton- When the Roughriders fall behind, they tend to abandon the running game and opponents then can get after quarterback Kevin Glenn.

Kevin Glenn starts. Glenn had his lowest output of the regular season in that loss — he threw for 186 yards, albeit with a completion percentage of 70.4 — but he was under duress for much of the game thanks to the Lions’ defensive line.

👁‍🗨 Jonathon Jennings starts for BC

I. Hamilton- The Riders are not getting to opposing quarterbacks enough. Rookie Tobi Antigha is second to Jefferson with two sacks and Antigha and A.C. Leonard are tied for second with six pressures apiece. Saskatchewan entered Week 8 ranked seventh in the league with 11 sacks and ninth in the CFL with 31 pressures.

👁‍🗨 Dan Clark out at centre. LaBatte fills in, with T Dennis moving to guard, and Bruce (better late than never) Campbell comes off the reserve list to play tackle. This alone should be worth a look.

👁‍🗨 BC, who easily beat Sask. last week, relied on 5 FG attempts...with 4 being made.

CFL.ca Staff

By The Numbers

3 – Touchdowns for Duron Carter in the Riders past two games.

4 – Minimum catches that Riders receiver Bakari Grant has made each game. He is only one of three players (Winnipeg’s Darvin Adams and Toronto’s Anthony Coombs) that has four of more catches in every game this season.

10 – Number of rushing touchdowns that Travis Lulay and Jeremiah Johnson have combined for this season. They have five touchdowns apiece.

51 – League leading tackles for Solomon Elimimian heading into Week 8.

👁‍🗨 The Riders have played well at home so far this year (2-1). Can they prevail today? I doubt it.

71% of polled fans say Lions win.

6/7 CFL writers say Lions win.

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👁‍🗨Denny's back in town 7 catches!

👁‍🗨That Poop pop wasn't necessary, even though it was a doozy.

👁‍🗨Randle actually stripped the ball on that Collaros play when he sacked...could have been reviewed/challenged.

👁‍🗨Special teams, quick kick, Medlock pulls it off again. What's in store next week?

👁‍🗨Another innovative series that resulted in a "too many men" penalty. We caught them with the hurry up with LeFevour still taking the snap. I'd love to see that more often. 

👁‍🗨Loved the block that Nichols threw at the end to help Harris' run. And don't think the players won't notice it in film study

👁‍🗨Ho hum, Medlock against the wind, with wind, just another day, or in this case, Justin another day.

👁‍🗨Adams has the catch of the week this time...

👁‍🗨Gotta love the hustle in Hurl..he really wanted that TD..

👁‍🗨We made the Roughriders real nervous now..

👁‍🗨Take it to a credit union, cause that Banks is busted.

👁‍🗨"I’m solely focused on this game and trying to keep pace with the West opponents." - Matt Nichols.

Ed Tait - Also worth noting: #Bombers are 9-3 in last 12 road games and the club is 14-5 since @MattNichols16 replaced Drew Willy at QB

👁‍🗨Lankford's mom in the crowd..

Matty Nichols-  "don't talk about it, let's be about it." Talk is cheap.

👁‍🗨And Trent Corney has another solid game!

👁‍🗨Emerging with the punt return game...Mr Fogg

👁‍🗨12 yards for the Ticats in the 1st quarter

Drew Edwards- #Ticats are giving up 7.7 yards on second down vs. #Bombers while generating 3.4 yards.

👁‍🗨57 yard FG!

👁‍🗨Ah Moe, good to have you back making plays.

👁‍🗨"Year of the Catch" theme song continues...with Darvin Adams



👁‍🗨Brian Walker instead of Bruce Johnson? Yes

👁‍🗨Wonder who the ST player of the week will be?

👁‍🗨Andrew Harris had his first 100-yard rushing game of the season on Saturday, recording 107 yards on fourteen carries. 

👁‍🗨There are questions about Collaros now...
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Methodical, up-tempo opening drive, ends in Medlock FG.....
Nichols on target, good balance with run and passing.....
Another drive brings on Medlock to make it 6-0....
Blue having some breakdowns in pass pro.....
Corney with the sack, Fogg with big punt return....
But this drive also stalls, Medlock makes it 9-0
Hamilton O looking pretty inept, patrons already booing....
Denmark having a busy first half......
P. Johnson gets the Cats out of a hole, with very dumb penalty...
TiCats promptly drive down the field.....
3 man rush, backed against your end zone?   Didn't work.
Masoli sneaks  in for the 6.   Cats fail on the 2 pointer.  9-6
Blue O gets drive going...but 2nd down pass short of marker...
Well,  at least Medlock will ......get the punt blocked!
Nichols hits Lankford for 30 yd. gain.....
...but yet another 2nd pass that is way short of the marker...
Medlock makes it 12- 6.   Bombers should really be running away....
Chris Randle quietly goes about pretty good business, out there.....
Collaros sacked by Jake Thomas....Fogg busts  big punt return....
....but comes back for holding on the other side of the field.....
Some dumb penalties not  helping the Bomber cause , here...
Collaros laterals to Gable, who  loses handle....Thomas recovers...
Jake Thomas may be a rotation player.....but he does the job, every time...
Passes to Adams and Thorpe...bring it inside the Ham. 10..
JFG drags across the field, uncovered....and waltzes into endzone....
19-6.   Just a bit more killer instinct.....and this one is right in the bag..
Corney getting pretty consistent pass rush, all nite.....
The  Roc sure looks better on the corner, than at half......
Lots of pressure on Big Money Zac....Hamilton  pass  pro is pathetic ...
Medlock makes a 57 YARD FIELD GOAL!!     22-6 for the Blue....
Another drive......another dink on 2nd down......frustrating...
Just a bit more killer ins........nope, Cats block Medlock's punt.
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1 Medlock. 6/8 long of 57. 60 yard average punting. Mostly from that short drop quick punt. 

2 Harris. Pounded the ball all day. 14-107 2  catches for 21 yards. 

3 Jake thomas. 1 sack 1 fumble recovery. But tons of pressure. One of the most under rated guys in the league with one of his best games.

hh Darvin adams on the long TD pass. It was a great catch, and a foot on the throat play. 

Lots of guys could have been on the list. Nichols kept the offense rolling, though didnt cash in. Denny stepped up big early on catching every thing and filling the void from dressler. Randle with a big play and the usual blanket coverage. Trent corney had some really good pressure tnite too.
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For your perusal..

Game Day CFL Game Notes

After losing 8 of 9 meetings dating back to 2012, the Blue Bombers have won the last two games against the Ti-Cats. Matt Nichols led Winnipeg to a 38-11 win on Aug 3/16 to sweep the 2016 season series but Zach Collaros was out for both games.

Over the two games, Winnipeg created a 12-2 (+10) edge in Takeaways and won despite being outgained in each contest. Hamilton passed for 702 yards and 4 completions of 30+ yards but threw 5 interceptions in the two games, two by Maurice Leggett and one by Taylor Loffler. Andy Fantuz and Luke Tasker led Hamilton with 14 and 11 catches respectively.

Hamilton has played only one game against Eastern rivals thus far.

Nichols has now led THREE late 4th Quarter game winning drives in 2017 on top of 5 last year and so has engineered 8 in his last 15 starts. Overall in that stretch of 15 starts he has led Winnipeg to a 10-5 record.

Collaros now has a 10-game losing streak as a starter however and the most recent QB to have recorded that was Casey Printers across 2008-09. The CFL record for consecutive starts lost is 13 by Lynn Amedee 1963-64 (EDM).

The Tiger-Cats started well this year with 9 QB Sacks and 33 QB Pressures in their first 4 games. Over the last two contests however they have just one Sack and 8 Pressures on the opposing QB.

Justin Medlock reaches career game #100 this week and through the first 99 has accumulated 1,036 points (#22 all- time). His career totals cover: TOR 174 pts in 21 GP, HAM 559 pts in 54 GP, WPG 303 pts in 24 GP. Justin has averaged 12.6 points per game for Winnipeg, the highest average of any player in club history ahead of Trevor Kennard (9.8 per game).

Last week Hamilton ran the ball just 6 times at Edmonton for a season-low. Their 6 rushing plays matches the lowest by any CFL club since 2008 (Montreal at SSK on Jul 19/08, 5 rushes for 13 yards).
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The least obvious thing that happened all day.

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I've come across some debates on facebook,  read some opinions on fan and CFL blogs.. curious what we think here..
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Finally, it's Thursday...CFL Football is back!

Week 8 starts... most fans are picking Edmonton over Ottawa. Not me.


CFL.ca Staff

Thursday’s contest is the ultimate mid-season test for both squads; injury-ravaged Edmonton faces a long trek east to face a determined REDBLACKS team, while Ottawa would love nothing more than to break its losing trend by handing the Esks their first loss of 2017.

West Division teams have won nine straight games against East Division opponents.

Through seven weeks of football, a mere 36 points separate the Edmonton Eskimos (plus-28) from the Ottawa REDBLACKS (minus-8).

By The Numbers

3 – Interceptions for Edmonton linebacker Kenny Ladler.

11:2 – TD-INT ratio for Edmonton’s Mike Reilly, the best mark amongst all starting quarterbacks.

204 – Completions allowed by Ottawa’s defence, the most in the CFL.

702 – League-high receiving yards for REDBLACKS receiver Greg Ellingson.

GM Marcel Desjardins pointed to turnovers as a major cause for Ottawa’s early-season struggles; protecting the rock will be critical on Thursday against an Esks team that ranks top-two in possession (32:34), sacks allowed (10) and offensive turnovers (6). In contrast, the REDBLACKS have allowed six more sacks and sit last in turnovers (13).


Edmonton visits Ottawa on Thursday night coming off a 33-28 home win over the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. The hard-luck Redblacks lost a 33-30 home decision to the Winnipeg Blue Bombers and their five losses have been by a combined 13 points. That includes a 23-21 setback in Edmonton on July 14. Edmonton is 6-0 to start a season for the first time since 1961 and is doing it with a depleted roster. But a constant is quarterback Mike Reilly, who stands fourth overall in passing yards (1,945) and third in touchdowns (11).

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Felt this was worth its own thread, just so people can lose their minds....

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BYE - Montreal

Bomber comebacks - Ed Tait

Several Bombers fans have also chimed in with greatest-comeback candidates, among them:

    •    The 47-35 OT victory over the B.C. Lions on Oct. 11, 2010 in which the Bombers entered the fourth quarter down 32-11, but with Steven Jyles coming off the bench, rallied to tie the game on a 39-yard Jyles-to-Greg Carr TD with 57 seconds remaining before getting a TD from Yvenson Bernard, and a 72-yard interception return for a score by Deon Beasley in extra time.

    •    The crazy Troy Kopp game on Sept. 13, 1998 when the Bombers – 0-10 at the time – replaced starting QB T.J. Rubley. Kopp, a virtual unknown at the time, completed 11 of 15 passes for 171 yards and two TDs – including the game-winner to Dimitrious Stanley with 21 seconds remaining as the Bombers rallied from down 28-10 in the fourth quarter for a 36-35 win.

    •    Matt Dunigan’s first-ever start for the Bombers back on July 9, 1992 in Hamilton when he guided the club back from a 17-point fourth-quarter deficit and completed 23 of 52 passes for 398 yards and two TDs.

    •    A 46-44 victory over Hamilton on Oct. 22, 1994 in which the Bombers twice overcame 27-point deficits as Dunigan threw for 375 yards and two TDs before Troy Westwood sealed the deal with a 35-yard-field goal with 27 seconds remaining.

    •    A 51-48 double-OT win over Calgary on Aug. 23rd, 2003 in which the Bombers came back from trailing 17 points in the fourth quarter as Khari Jones hit Arland Bruce for a TD with 24 seconds left and then again in extra time.

👁‍🗨Canadian linebacker/defensive lineman Andy Mulumba has signed with the Los Angeles Rams.

CFL News  - #Argos put Cleyon Laing and Victor Butler on six-game injured list  3downnation.com/2017/07/31/arg… #CFL

👁‍🗨 Toronto returns to practice on Tuesday. Will the Argos have Johnny Sears practice 'touching down' a tackling dummy? Or is he already the designated dummy?

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