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Ed Tait hits another one on this feature about Hardrick. It's hard to not to like  jumpin' Jermarcus .

Jermarcus Hardrick

“And this team… that’s my other family. I only had one kind of emotion growing up: I was mad or hating or angry. I didn’t love. Football was the first thing I loved besides my family. I love coming to work with the people I work with. They make it so much fun. And Matt Nichols… he’s a fearless quarterback. I just want to thank him every day and make him know I love him. I tell him I’m willing to do anything for him because I know he will for me. I love everything about him.



Drew Edwards reports 

-The Ticats are set to shuffle their coaching staff, including a change at defensive coordinator.

Defensive coordinator Jeff Reinebold, who has been with head coach Kent Austin for his entire four-plus seasons in Hamilton, will be replaced by linebackers coach Phillip Lolley.



Good, more confusion..



Drew Edwards

Looks like offensive tackle Tony Washington is coming to the #Ticats. #Esks announced his release an hour ago. #CFL

The Lions have a unique streak going in that they have turned their last 10 Red Zone opportunities in a row into touchdowns. They are 16-for-18 in the Red Zone in the last 4 games

Jeremiah Johnson leads the CFL with 7 TDs and is the only player to have at least one touchdown in all of his club's games in 2017. 

At B.C. Place, Lulay's W-L record is 24-9. Lulay comes into this game with the 3rd-best QUAR Rating in the CFL at 90.8.

Kevin Glenn has thrown for 1,598 yards and 11 TDs through 5 games - the most of his entire CFL career at this point. Here are his 3 best starts - 2017: 1,598 yds, 11 TDs; 2007: 1,555 yds, 7 TDs; 2010: 1,519 yds, 8 TDs.

BC brings a 6-game win streak vs the Riders into this game

Glenn will be making his 197th career start (96-99-1) and is 8-15 vs BC all-time.

Over their first 4 games, Saskatchewan was held to just 5.8 yards on 1st down and that put them into 2nd-&- long situations a CFL-worst 14 times per game. Last week, their 7.8 yard average on 1st down had them in 2nd-&-short much more and overall allowed them to convert 15-of-24 on 2nd down (63%).

Duron Carter: Caught a season-high 9 passes last week for 131 yards - that is only 25 yards less than he had in all of the Riders' first 4 games this year. It was his first 100-yard game in his last 10 appearances.

Cameron Marshall: Recorded the CFL's third 100-yard rushing game of 2017 last week with 110 yards on 18 carries. He is on pace for 1,138 rushing yards and to be the first Rider 1000-yard gainer since Kory Sheets in 2013 (1,598).

Nic Demski: Has continued to be a valuable kick returner but after 14 catches in Games #1-2, he has just one catch since then.

Lulay vs Glenn: The most frequent head-to-head QB Starter matchup in Travis' career was 11 meetings vs Henry Burris. The next two are against active QBs and that is 9 starts vs Ricky Ray, and 8 vs this week's opponent Kevin Glenn (6-2 vs Glenn).
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Better D this week?
Ottawa drives 85 yds for easy opening drive TD
Harris is 9 for 9, against the ole predictable soft coverage.
Easy 2 point convert....6 minutes of defensive futility......
Bombers first play on offense.....Nichols bombs away...
..on stop and go to Lankford, who can really move....
In this case... 78 yds with perfect pass right in there...
Finally a stop...some 2 back with Harris and Flanders
...couple of completions by Nichols...
...brings on Medlock. who puts 52 yd FG, down the pipe!
Nichols putting ball on target.....JFG getting some work...
Loffler strips Ottawa RB on short yard play....ball pops up...
Randall grabs it and runs down the sideline 30 yds for the TD.
Nichols bombs to Adams....obvious PI completely missed....|
....brings on obvious challenge....with obvious overturn.
Bomber D covering better, could of had some picks....
Offense having some struggles with 2nd down penalties...
Halftime 17-12. Seen worse .. from this team.
Bomber D starts off 2nd half with....a Powell 50 yd td run...
...as he finds no LB's in second level....and goes in untouched...
Turning into a game of field position, at this point....
Hurl and Knox are struggling again, just like last week....
Ottawa FG has it at 23-17 for Red Blacks....
JFG having productive evening.....
Flanders-Harris reappears.....Adams catches ball down deep..
Nichols misses Denmark, then gets sacked.....
Mr. Medlock makes it 23-20.
Still impressed with Jeffcoat at DE.
Back up RB QB drops snap, can't convert 3rd and short.
Nichols perfect TD pass to Adams.....but Blue tagged for holding...
Undeterred...Nichols hits Denmark inside the 10......
...but the Bombers THIRD hand to face penalty call, wipes that out.
Sir Medlock makes it 23-all.   Going to be another of THOSE finishes....
Roc gets IC penalty....Ott. convert 2nd down against soft coverage....
....RedBlacks eating up the yards and the time.....
Harris long toss to Ellington....2 Bomber DB's standing and looking at each other...
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1 MO. after a rough start the D played really well against a dangerous offense. 

2 Nichols and the whole passing attack. Missed some near big plays by a tiny bit, and got jobbed by the refs a couple times. But nichols with a chance to win the game drove the team. JFG stepped up early with a ton of catches. Lankford with the long bomb, and thorpe was making some thing happen every time he touched the ball. That guy is a real keeper.

3  Chris randle. The huge fumble recovery, catch play which was crazy. Seldom gets his due credit for just being a blanket. 

HH loffler smashing i think sinopoli with seconds to go leading to a ball in the dirt. Human truck. 
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TORONTO — Coaches will be able to challenge only one play per game under changes to the video review system approved Tuesday night by the Canadian Football League, the CFL announced Wednesday.

“We have a super game. Our elite athletes are treating us this year to incredible plays, close contests and even miracle comebacks. Scoring is up, penalties are down, and games are shorter. The last thing we want to have in place is an artificial impediment to our fans’ enjoyment of it all,” said CFL Commissioner Randy Ambrosie.

”Video review, unfortunately, has become just that. It was put in place to fix egregious and indisputable mistakes that could affect the outcome of a game. It’s not being used that way now. Too many challenges and reviews are interrupting the game. Coaches, understandably since they are under pressure to win, have been using it to try to gain an advantage. Fans have been very clear with me that they want a change. We are delivering that change.”

The change is effective immediately.

Prior to this change, each team had two challenges per game, and a third challenge was earned if a coach was successful with their first two challenges. Now they will only get one challenge for the entire game. They will still need to have a timeout to initiate a challenge. And if their challenge is not successful, they will still lose a timeout.

Ambrosie ordered an evaluation of the process after his latest visits to CFL stadiums this past weekend. The resulting proposal, to restrict coaches’ challenges to one a game, was approved last evening in a series of calls with the league’s Competition Committee, team presidents and lead Governors.

“We at the CFL want our players to know we want the focus on the field and on their amazing talents,” Ambrosie said. “We want fans to know we are in the business of doing all we can to provide the very best experience for them.”

Bombers @ Redblacks
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Bye - Ottawa

Derek Taylor  -  A CFL season-high 23 missed tackles in the Bombers-Als game Friday night. 7 alone on the Bomber's two drives to win.#Details

-2 TDs in the 4thQ were the first TDs scored by the Bombers in a 4Q this year.

Dave a Campbell CHED  -  Eskimos with 3 sacks and 11 QBP's, pressured Lulay at a rate of 57%. Lions with 1 sack and 4 QBP's, Reilly pressured only 15% of the time.

3downnation -  During the second quarter against B.C., Reilly threw a perfect pass to Vidal Hazelton who took it the rest of the way for a 108-yard touchdown. That was the longest completion of Reilly’s career and furthest in the CFL this season.

👁‍🗨 Looks to me that we signed the wrong receiver last year…Gurley over Hazelton

👁‍🗨 5th round pick Kwaku Boateng is playing pretty good these days…

Penalties Down: 15.9 penalties per game, the 2017 average, is the lowest since 2013.


👁‍🗨 Bombers are #1 in points per game! 33.8 EDIT Because Calgary scored 60 points against the Ticats…we're no longer #1

But, due to that same game we're now #2 last in points allowed per game…35.8

Drew Edwards  -  In 1956, the #Ticats lost 82-14 to #AlsMTL and that 68-point deficit is the worst in team history. They trail by 59 now. #CFL

Dave Dawson  -  For those of you thinking of it, the #CFL records for points scored in a game are 82 (1956), 70 (1990), 68 (90, 91). 2 were vs #Ticats.

Caretaker Bob Bob Young  -  Trying to come up with a funny tweet,  but humor is hard knowing how frustrated the @Ticats players and coaches are tonight.

The West 12 wins 2 losses 1 tie vs the East
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