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City of Winnipeg Launches new Branding

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A new place brand campaign — that was two years in the making — is keeping it real to market Winnipeg to the world.

Winnipeg: Made from what’s real was unveiled Wednesday ahead of the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce State of the City luncheon at the RBC Convention Centre.


Economic Development Winnipeg launched the campaign in partnership with Travel Manitoba to market the city abroad and attract more talent, investment and visitors to Winnipeg.

“There has always been a realness and sincerity to how Winnipeggers talk about this city and whether you visit here or live here, there is a great story to tell,” said Dayna Spiring, president and CEO of Economic Development Winnipeg.



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Yeah, I was gonna say...I think I dig this. I want to know more about the song they used. I like the use of colour and graphics...outlining images in various colours was a neat idea. I know Winnipeggers are a cynical lot, but as someone who got away for awhile, I will fight for Wpg all day...


I suspected this was an indigenous group from Winnipeg, and indeed it is. I dig a lot of individual elements of the song and our indigenous history is such a huge part of Manitoba/Winnipeg that it's a nice touch to use an artist from that culture as the backbone of this advertising. 

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